Angel Carter Having Possession Of Aaron Carter's Ashes Has Fans Emotional

It's no secret that Aaron Carter had a complicated relationship with his family. His bond with his brother Nick Carter was strained, and his connection to his twin sister Angel Carter didn't fare much better. Despite the animosity, Nick paid a poignant tribute to his late brother when Aaron tragically died in November 2022. "My heart is broken. Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded," Nick wrote on Instagram. "Now you can finally have the peace you could never find here on earth." 

Angel also penned a touching tribute for her brother. "To my twin... I loved you beyond measure. You will be missed dearly," she captioned a barrage of photos of the two uploaded to Instagram. "I know you're at peace now. I will carry you with me until the day I die and get to see you again." With that in mind, it was reported that the singer was cremated in the days following his death, and news that his sister Angel is holding her late brother's ashes has some fans feeling emotional.

Aaron Carter will be with his twin

Following Aaron Carter's untimely death, his brother Nick Carter announced that he created a mental health fund in the late singer's memory — with the hopes of helping others struggling with mental health disorders. Meanwhile, his sister Angel Carter posted a few throwback photos that absolutely broke our hearts, and now many fans are glad that Aaron's ashes will stay with his twin until a final resting place is determined

Many took to social media to praise the decision. "I still can't get used to Aaron being dead, let alone cremated. At least his ashes are with the sister he loved so much," one fan tweeted. Another echoed the sentiment, writing, "#aaroncarter was cremated, and he's with Angel, I figured that's what they'd do." While a third added, "It is sad on many levels. The one positive is Angel got them, she is the person most suited."

According to ET, the late singer's ashes will remain with his sister until his funeral, and further plans have not yet been made public. The outlet reports that Aaron's attorney advised him to draft a will, but it was "not completed in time."