The Culpo Sisters: 7 Things To Know About The New Reality TV Trio

After the huge success that came for The Kardashians with their reality TV show, many siblings-seeking-celebrity tried their luck at having their own show. However, not everyone can emulate what the Kardashian sisters have. The combination of their personalities, drama, lives, and experiences — plus a momager like Kris Jenner — led them to where they are today. Still, that hasn't stopped the Culpo sisters from trying.

In November 2022, "The Culpo Sisters" premiered on TLC, and since then they have given the internet a lot to talk about. Olivia Culpo told Fashion Weekly, "We have a wild family dynamic! Having one sister on each side is interesting because it's like having built-in best friends, although there are moments where we can't stand one another, but we equally know each other better than anyone in the world." It is that wild dynamic that will make or break the reality series.

As a quick guide to the three sisters, Aurora is the eldest of three and is into wellness. Olivia is the middle child and a model. And last but not least, Sophia is the youngest and her brand focuses a lot on nutrition. Here's what each of them brings to the show.

Olivia Culpo is a former Miss Universe

Most models know that a highlight of their career would be to participate in the Miss Universe contest — who wouldn't want to win the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world? As a model herself, Olivia Culpo worked towards that goal, and in 2012, she took home the crown in the global competition and became the eighth U.S. competitor to do so. As the ceremony was coming to an end, Culpo's shock and delight at her win were evident, with her saying, "I'm dreaming, this is a dream," as she was celebrating with the rest of the contestants.

Of course, her connection to the Miss Universe competition didn't end there. In 2020, she caught a lot of attention for the face she made when announcing who the new Miss Universe was — so much so that she became a trending topic online. However, on her Instagram Stories (via GMA Entertainment), she placated rumors that she was pulling the face because she disliked the new winner, Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza. Instead, she offered a different explanation. "I don't think I have ever concentrated so hard on reading in my life than when announcing the winner of Miss Universe this weekend," she clarified. "I was so terrified of reading the wrong country."

Olivia Culpo dated Nick Jonas

When fans found out "The Culpo Sisters" was coming to TLC, many wondered if Olivia would discuss her relationship with Nick Jonas. The couple started dating in 2013 — the same year that The Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up — and the relationship between the singer and the model was very public, causing a commotion in the media and amongst fans. After all, he wrote "Jealous" about Culpo, and that song became a humongous hit. 

On the premiere episode of "The Culpo Sisters," Olivia reflected that her relationship with Jonas was a defining one for her — though not without its challenges. While dating a famous singer may sound like the perfect fairytale to many, the model suggested otherwise. "I moved to LA with him. I had no brand, no money, and I was in love. So, that was great, right? Then when he broke up with me, I was kind of left with no sense of identity," she shared in the episode. 

In 2015, Jonas discussed the breakup with Extra, saying, "She's an amazing person. We had a great, beautiful few years together, but it's been a crazy couple [of] months and I wish the best to her for the future, but it's tough."

Olivia Culpo is now dating Christian McCaffrey

If you are wondering who won Olivia Culpo's heart after her relationship with Nick Jonas, the answer is Christian McCaffrey. The couple started out in a long-distance relationship as the athlete played for the Carolina Panthers. However, things took a turn for the best when he joined the San Francisco 49ers. "I am so happy that Christian is in San Francisco. It's going to make everything so much easier," she told Us Weekly. "I feel like when you care about somebody you have to understand the things that they're gonna have to do to reach their dreams and potential."

Before McCaffrey stole her heart, she had promised not to date any more athletes. Speaking to ET, she suggested that sports stars had a certain reputation for not being the most dependent or secure in relationships. However, her feelings changed when she met the running back. "He's just the best, I feel like he is really everything that I could ever ask for. So I never have to worry about anything," she gushed. 

Sophia Culpo is dating Braxton Berrios

Olivia Culpo isn't the only one out of her sisters to be dating an athlete, as Sophia Culpo is in a relationship with Braxton Berrios, the wide receiver for the New York Jets. Although most of her Instagram account is covered in selfies and promo photos, she has saved some room to celebrate the romance she shares with the sports star.

While she didn't know anything about football prior to the relationship, she told E! Insider that she'd soaked up a great deal of knowledge about the sport from her beau. "He's a great teacher, has a lot of patience," she said. "... I love going to his games. He taught me a lot." True to her word, if her Instagram feed is any indication then she tries not to ever miss a single match that her man is playing. 

Apparently, he hasn't just been teaching Sophia about the basics as he's also been encouraging her to get stuck into the more physical demands of the sport — not that she's always enjoyed it. In 2021, the reality star posted a couples workout session between herself and Berrios to her Instagram Stories feed (via TMZ), with the anguished caption, "Never in my life have I done calf raises and I don't plan on doing them again."

Sophia Culpo is a gut health enthusiast

Instagram bios are key for influencers because they not only describe what the person is interested in but also what they stand for. As of 2022, it appears that Sophia Culpo's passion is food and nutrition. But above everything, she's focused on gut health, as highlighted by the copious amounts of posts celebrating these interests on her Instagram profile. 

By all accounts, it seems important for the reality star to demystify gut health and how understanding it can benefit people in more ways than they may realize. In a 2021 interview with New Beauty, for instance, she suggested that gut health can be connected to more than just the stomach, as it can also impact the health of your brain and skin too. "[Irritable bowel syndrome] ... manifests into a lot of skin conditions that people don't actually know about," she explained. 

As she discussed on the podcast, "Invest Your Best," Sophia's knowledge actually comes from an expert position. Not only has she personally experienced IBS herself, but she also received a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Boston University. She explained on the episode that picking this particular major came easily since she always knew what she wanted her career path to point toward: Public health. 

Aurora Culpo was married to Mikey Bortone

The Culpo sisters have had their fair share of heartbreak and drama. Among those sad experiences was Aurora Culpo's divorce from Mikey Bortone. This Culpo sister tied the knot with the former "Survivor" contestant in 2019 at a ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. But the honeymoon phase didn't last long.

In an episode of "The Culpo Sisters," Sophia shared with her sisters, and said, "Me and Mikey, we are struggling with what marriage means I guess for both of us. We have different ideas." She went on to explain that once upon a time she'd made an agreement that her husband could enjoy a random hook-up once a year, confident that it could never change their strong relationship. However, she revealed that her feelings on that may have changed when she found out that her husband had been cheating on her.

While promoting the first season of the show, Aurora told E! News that the breakup was as difficult as it looked on TV. "What you are going to witness is basically the coming apart of a marriage, and then the hard beginnings of trying to see what a life separate would look like," she shared. The star added that she was proud of how intimately she allowed her divorce to be documented on the show, stating, "The goal [is] to show somebody else going through something similar that they're not alone and that it's something that you can come out of even stronger."

Aurora Culpo is a mother of two

As of 2022, Aurora Culpo is the only one of the three sisters who has dived into the journey of motherhood. In 2018, she welcomed her first child to the world, a son by the name of Remi Berkeley. Then two years later, his baby sister, Solei Marie, also joined the family. 

On Instagram, the wellness enthusiast often shares cute snaps of her kids along with insights into her motherhood experience. Naturally, she also promotes healthy habits on her feed. The Recipes section of her Instagram Stories highlights is absolutely stacked with wholesome, healthy recipes that can be shared with children, as well as tips on how to make it easier for kids to eat healthier food. 

Raising children takes a village and, luckily for her, Aurora's village mostly consists of her sisters who seem to be more than happy to be involved in the kids' lives. In a tribute posted to her nephew on Instagram in 2018, Olivia Culpo shared a video of herself sobbing while cradling the newborn. In the caption, she wrote, "When I met Remi for the first time and couldn't stop crying ... I have [no] idea where that came from but it wouldn't stop and it was [very] weird." Suffice it to say, Aurora's two kids make frequent guest appearances across both her sisters' social media feeds.