Why People Think These Celebs Will Die Alone

We just can't get enough of a celebrity romance. There's little we love more than seeing the ups and downs of the love lives of the rich and famous, from stars casually dating (like Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson or Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill — remember that short-lived romance?) to celebrities having a full-blown love story for the ages (like our beloved lovers Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson).

But then there are those famous faces who just don't seem to have much luck when it comes to love. Whether it be through choice or circumstance, sadly, there are a few celebrities out there who have those closest to them (and even themselves!) a little concerned that they may never find the one — or, in some cases, even have a close circle of friends during their time of need. But while having a romantic partner is certainly never the be-all and end-all (hey, being single seriously suits some people!), we're taking a look at some of those unfortunate souls who have sparked concern with their inner circles.

Jack Nicholson's reclusive lifestyle may be stopping him from falling in love

Jack Nicholson's friends are reportedly worried he may never find love again after the legendary actor started becoming increasingly reclusive. There have been years of rumors Nicholson has been cutting himself off from the outside world, with Closer Weekly reporting in 2015 that Nicholson himself was worried he would be alone for the rest of his life. "I would love that one last romance. But I'm not very realistic about it happening. What I can't deny is my yearning," he said (the actor was originally married to Sandra Knight from 1962 until they divorced in 1968). A source added at the time, "He's afraid of dying alone in that house. [His family has] been encouraging him to downsize and move into a more manageable place in Beverly Hills. But he loves his old place in the Hollywood Hills."

And it seems like little changed in the years that followed. Sources told Radar Online in January that the legendary actor's inner circle still thinks he's been spending too much time at home alone instead of socializing. "People just wish he'd come out of the house ... or at least reassure folks he's okay," an insider claimed, revealing those closest to him have seen similarities with Marlon Brando. "Brando died a virtual recluse after leading such a colorful life, and Jack's friends are drawing the comparisons. His kids will visit, but they're his only connection to the world."

Selena Gomez fears she may never find love

Selena Gomez has been very open about her love life — even to the point of admitting she sometimes worries she'll be single for the rest of her life. While speaking to Genius in 2020 about the meaning behind her hit "Rare," she admitted, "Some days when I wake up and I'm annoyed, I'm like, 'I'm going to be alone forever.'" Thankfully, though, those feelings subside. "After that 15 minutes goes away, I say to myself, 'I know that there's someone for everybody,'" she said. But that doesn't mean Gomez doesn't have a sense of humor about her Single Queen status. The star jokes about not having a partner regularly on her TikTok account, including mouthing along to a scene from "The Other Woman" in a hilarious April 2022 video posted three months before her 30th birthday.

But it's not just Gomez herself who has shared their feelings about if she'll ever find love again. Hollywood Life claimed in 2018 that the stunning "Only Murders In The Building" star's friends were supposedly encouraging her to get back on the proverbial dating horse so she doesn't have to go through life alone. "A lot of her friends want to play matchmaker for her, but Selena's still not ready. The idea of dealing with a new relationship and all the stress that comes with dating scares her right now," they claimed. Hey, we respect that because, partner or not, she's totally killing it!

Jennifer Aniston has faced plenty of eternally single allegations

If there's one person who knows exactly how it feels to have your dating life — or lack thereof — scrutinized, it's Jennifer Aniston. The ex-"Friends" star has long been subjected to speculation she'll be eternally single following her divorces from Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, so much so that former E! show "The Soup" recreated a mock magazine cover in 2009 titled "Jennifer Aniston is going to die alone" (via Vulture). Ouch. The cover was based on some real-life gossip mags, like this OK! cover that declared Aniston "pregnant and alone" — despite her not having any children.

Sources have also claimed over the years that Aniston herself is worried about being forever single, with an insider telling Radar Online in 2019, "She never thought she would be single at 50, and even though she's outwardly insisting she's fine about it, deep down she's humiliated." Even worse? Aniston even admitted to herself she won't let her friends help her when it comes to her dating life. "I just don't like being set up. I don't like it. I hate it," she told "The Howard Stern Show" in 2019 (via TooFab).

But despite all that, Aniston has slammed those discussing her personal life and feeling sorry for her. "We don't need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own 'happily ever after' for ourselves," she wrote in a 2016 piece for HuffPost. You go, girl!

Rob Kardashian's family have long been worried about his reclusive behavior

The Kardashian clan has spoken out multiple times about how worried they are for Rob Kardashian (brother to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian and half-brother to Kendall and Kylie Jenner) after he became increasingly reclusive following his split from Blac Chyna, mother of his daughter, Dream, following a whirlwind romance. "It's bad. The family is very worried," an insider told Radar Online in 2018, claiming Rob was struggling with his weight and had reportedly been experiencing depression. "They've given up trying to fix him," they added of "The Kardashians" stars.

Radar Online then claimed the following year that Rob's famous family had been encouraging him to start dating and socializing again, but whenever they would try, Rob wouldn't comply. "[He's] spending all of his time hiding at his place or Khloé's house instead," an insider shared. Rob's reclusive behavior was extra heartbreaking, as it was reported before he split with Chyna that the Kardashian clan was hopeful she could be the one for him to get him back on track with his mental and physical health. "The girls' literally thought Rob was going to die. They feel like Chyna saved him," a source told People in 2016, claiming they all put their issues with Chyna aside to be happy for the now ex-couple.

Rob is still only seen in public intermittently, with fans having to rely on "Where's Waldo?"-esque sightings on social media.

Richard Simmons' family was concerned after he stopped contacting friends

Richard Simmons' disappearance from the public eye has repeatedly had fans concerned over the years, and Entertainment Tonight claimed in 2017 that friends of the now-reclusive former fitness guru were very concerned after he began cutting people off. "He has stopped talking to many loving, longtime friends, like Gerry Sinclair, the 95-year-old that is his second mother. In fact, [Gerry] went to the house last year, and the staff told her that Richard didn't want to see her," his former massage therapist, Mauro Oliveira, revealed to the outlet. That came the year after an unnamed friend of Simmons' told Daily News, "It's not something that I want to seek publicity about, but we are very concerned ... He has missed funerals of close friends. He was the most reliable and caring person on the planet, and then to suddenly vanish? I have come to believe that something else is happening. I don't think Richard is in there of his own volition." At that point, friends of the star were claiming they hadn't seen him in around two years.

As fans grew increasingly worried, "TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons" aired in 2022, in which it was suggested by TMZ's managing editor Fabian Garcia that Simmons had become reclusive because of a birth defect. "He was born without a full set of bones in his foot, and it causes physical and emotional problems," Garcia claimed.

Kenya Moore has worried she'll never find true love after several failed relationships

Former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore has admitted she's worried she may never find the one after several failed romances. "I have never had any issues with falling in love, dating, sustaining long-term relationships, or attracting great men in my life who have loved me unconditionally. Although I have now had seven proposals of marriage, I have never accepted one," she told Bravo back in 2013. Moore explained that she felt she only dated men who were likely to reject her, astutely writing, "I acknowledge I have a pattern of falling for men who are emotionally unavailable, physically unavailable in terms of distance, or categorically unavailable with respect to time or where they are in life."

But despite being so self-aware, in 2017, Moore made it clear that she'd not exactly learned anything after acknowledging her patterns. After splitting with Matt Jordan following a tumultuous romance, Moore admitted she knew she should have done it a lot sooner but just couldn't bring herself to walk away. "If a man is capable of damaging your property, calling you out of your name, threatening you, tells you that you will die unhappy and alone — but in the same breath begs you to stay with him — RUN," she shared in her Bravo blog. That same year, Moore married Marc Daly, but she filed for divorce in 2021.

Patti Stanger doesn't think Bethenny Frankel deserves love

Now we know frenemies rarely have the nicest things to say about each other (we're looking at you, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann), but it can't be great to have one of your former friends tell the world they think you should probably die alone. But that's exactly what happened to former "The Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel when "Million Dollar Matchmaker" star Patti Stanger had some very harsh words while making it clear she would never set up her former friend. "[Bethenny] is not kind. We were really good friends ...  And what she did to Jill [Zarin] — threw her under the bus, told her to get a hobby ... it was awful," Stanger said back in 2017 during a Q&A session with Michelle Collins, per People. "When people are mean to other people, they don't deserve love. Sorry!" she added.

As "Real Housewives" fans will likely already know, Frankel hasn't had the easiest time when it comes to love. Frankel was originally married to Peter Sussman from 1996 until 1997 and then wed Jason Hoppy (dad of her daughter, Bryn) in 2010. Frankel and Hoppy then went through a seriously lengthy divorce battle that wasn't finalized until 2021 — eight years after they went their separate ways. Frankel later became engaged to Paul Bernon after meeting in 2018 but admitted to People in December 2022 she had no plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

Will Liam Neeson ever find love again?

Liam Neeson was left heartbroken when his wife, Natasha Richardson, died suddenly due to injuries sustained in a skiing accident in 2009, and sources have claimed his friends have been encouraging him to date again — to little avail. "He's tried to date, but whenever women want to take things to the next level, he retreats," a source claimed to OK! in 2021, adding, "[He] seems lost in thoughts of the past." The insider also shared that his friends would love to see him coupled up again but purported, "Liam doesn't see the point because he knows he'll never find another woman like Natasha." A source told a similar story to National Enquirer in 2014, explaining (via Radar Online), "Liam will never get over Natasha. She was his soulmate, his one and only."

Neeson himself has shared the very tough time he's had saying goodbye to his late wife, telling Inquirer.net in 2020, "I speak to her every day at her grave, which is about a mile and a half down the road. I go down there quite often, so I do speak to her as if she's here. Not that she answers me." Neeson also shared how losing Richardson and some close friends had made him think a lot more about his own mortality. "I certainly question death and life and is there an afterlife a lot more, not least because I'm now 68 years of age," he said. Heart. Breaking.