How Lori Harvey Became The Most Desirable Woman In Hollywood

Lori Harvey, model and entrepreneur, wears many hats. Daughter of comedian Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey, Lori has managed to make a name for herself independent of her parents' popularity. And while she is certainly no stranger to the spotlight, Steve revealed during a January 2023 appearance on "Today with Hoda & Jenna" that the 26-year-old struggles with fame just as most celebrities do. "She's growing up as a public figure. She doesn't get to make her mistakes like everybody else," Steve said. "Everybody else gets to make their mistakes in the cloak of darkness at your house. Hers gets publicized." 

Despite the everyday struggles, however, Lori enjoys a strong support system from Steve and Marjorie — both of whom have passed on invaluable lessons to her. "I am fortunate to have learned what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry from my dad," she told PrettyLittleThing back in 2018. As for her love for fashion, Lori credits her mom Marjorie who, in her own right, is largely considered a fashion icon.

And hardly can there be a conversation about Lori without touching on her rather impressive dating history which boasts some of the world's biggest stars. For this and many other reasons, Lori Harvey has arguably become one of the most desirable women in Hollywood. Here's a look into her journey so far.

Steve Harvey adopted her at an early age

Born January 13, 1997, Lori officially became a Harvey following her mother Marjorie Harvey's wedding to Steve Harvey in 2007. Expectedly, Steve, who has over the years gained popularity as a relationship coach, has passed on a few of his gems to his daughter. Speaking to E! in January 2023, Lori opened up about the best advice she has received from the comedian — and it's exactly what you would have guessed. "Remember that you are the prize. That's like his golden slogan for me," she revealed. "It just means not compromising my values, my happiness, my peace, and not settling for less than what I know I deserve."

And of course, with 15 years of marriage under their belt, Lori has a great role model in Marjorie and Harvey. "They're definitely my couple goals. I literally was just talking to my mom on the phone earlier and she was telling me what she got my dad for their anniversary tomorrow and I'm like, 'Wow, you guys are literally goals.' This is what I want one day," Lori once admitted in a June 2022 interview with US Weekly. Can't say we blame her though, Steve and Marjorie sure take #couplegoals to the next level. While she waits on her fairytale though, Lori can always count on her famous dad. "I'm team Lori, 1,000 percent. She's my daughter. I love her, I support her," he once said during a 2022 episode of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show."

She started professional modeling in 2015

With her father's chosen career path, it was only a matter of time before Lori Harvey developed an interest in entertainment. Though she reportedly started modeling at an early age, it was not until 2017, when Lori walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana that Lori got her big break. In the years that followed, Lori continued to work her way up to the upper echelon of the modeling industry by working with some of the world's biggest fashion brands including Michael Kors and Burberry.

Standing at 5 feet, 3 inches tall and definitely not a size zero, Lori does not fit into the conventional physique required of a model — something that apparently bothered her for a long time. "When I started modeling, I felt like I had to get super skinny because I wasn't tall. I'm naturally more curvy, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a certain size and look a certain way," she told Pop Sugar in a 2022 interview. "It took such a toll on me mentally." These days, however, Lori couldn't be more confident in her looks. Today, the 26-year-old believes she and others have paved the path for inclusivity in the newer generation of models. "I don't have to be a size 00. I can literally just be me and that's OK," she told BET in 2017(via People).

Lori Harvey almost married a Dutch footballer

As her career progressed, apparently so did her taste in men. In 2016, a young Lori Harvey started dating Dutch football player Memphis Depay whom she reportedly met the year before. It didn't take Depay long to know Lori was the one — or at least so he thought. "SHE SAID YESSS!!!!!" Depay tweeted (via People). Lori's father Steve Harvey also took to Twitter to share the exciting news with his fans. "Marjorie and I are proud to announce the engagement of our youngest daughter Lori to Memphis Depay, this young man is a good one! Congrats!" he tweeted. Sadly, Lori never got to be Mrs. Depay as the couple eventually broke up. 

A painful experience no doubt, Lori's split from Depay made her realize one thing: She still had a lot to learn about life and love. "I almost got married very young. I felt like I hadn't really experienced anything. I didn't really know myself, I didn't really know what I liked, what I didn't like. I just feel like I hadn't really experienced life," she admitted in another article for People. Moving forward, the young model decided to always prioritize herself and put her needs first. "And if it's no longer serving me, I'm going to move on," Lori added.

She dated a famous rapper

In late 2019, Lori Harvey sparked dating rumors with rapper Future after she was spotted attending his 36th birthday celebration. Shortly after, Future seemingly confirmed their romance when he posted a picture of the model captioned "Flawless"(via Daily Mail). By January 2020, the pair's relationship went Instagram official — Future shared a photo of himself snuggling up to Lori, followed by a "Life is Good," caption, according to Page Six. But if there were still any doubts that these two were having fun together, the rapper name-dropped Lori in "Accepting My Flaws," a track off his eighth studio album. "Give me glory / Give me Lori / That's victory / I wanna drop your name / Is it chemistry?" Future raps in the song. But while there was clearly a lot of love here, it was not for long.

Following their 2020 split, Future was yet again back in the studio with Lori's name on his mind — only this time, it was a diss. "Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her," he rapped in Maybach, a 2021 track by 42 Dugg. "One thing I never seen was a b***h leave/ Must've forgot to tell her daddy she begged me not to leave ... put baguettes on ya ankles damn near up to ya knees / She didn't have a choice, but to go f**k a lame after me," the lyrics read.

Lori dated the sexiest man alive

After her relationship and somewhat messy split from Future, Lori Harvey moved on to the next best thing — Michael B. Jordan. The pair first sparked relationship rumors in November 2020 when they were spotted arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, Lori's hometown, ahead of the Thanksgiving celebration. After months of keeping things under wraps, the pair made things official when they both shared photos of each other on their respective Instagram.

Jordan, who has earned a reputation for being notoriously private, later opened up about his decision to go public with Harvey. "I'm still private, and I want to protect that, but it just felt like it was a moment of just wanting to put it out there and move on. I am extremely happy," he gushed to People. In a separate interview, Lori echoed the actor's thoughts on staying private while also sharing their love story with loved ones. "We know there are people that love and support us and want to see us. So [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority of it just for us. We're trying to find a balance," she said in an interview with Bustle.

But while they might have found the perfect balance between sharing and not sharing, Jordan and Harvey struggled to remain on the same page in the relationship. In June 2022, People confirmed that the couple had broken up, noting that they both wanted different things at the time.

She has been linked to many more stars

In addition to Future and Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey has been linked with a slew of Hollywood celebrities. Prior to her high profile relationship with Future, Lori allegedly had a short lived romance with music mogul Diddy. Rumors of a relationship between the two started swirling in the summer of 2019 after they were seen sporting matching outfits while taking a walk in New York City. Though neither of them confirmed their romance, the pair was once again spotted hanging out — this time, with Lori's parents Marjorie and Steve Harvey. Things between Diddy and Lori, however, seemed to end just as quick as it started with a source confirming to E! News in October 2019 that it was only a fling.

The model also reportedly once dated Diddy's son Justin Combs — a rumor she has now put to rest. "I've seen stories about me being fully in love with somebody and we have this whole relationship and I'll see the guy and be like 'I've actually never met him before' ... I've heard I've dated a father and son before. [Which is] absolutely not true." 

Another person Lori Harvey has reportedly been with? Trey Songz. According to OK! Magazine, the singer dated Lori briefly between December 2018 and February 2019.

Lori Harvey has a lot of famous friends

What's better than dating famous men? Having famous friends! Over the years, Lori Harvey has garnered an impressive collection of friends in Hollywood and more often than not, you will find the model hanging out with her clique. For her 26th birthday celebration in January 2023, Lori had an impressive guest list boasting some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Kendall Jenner, Hailey and Justin Bieber, Offset, The Weeknd, and Daniel Kaluuya. "It was amazing to see my friends celebrating with me, and the overall genuine vibes that continued throughout the night," Lori said of the party, per W Magazine.

And when she is not hosting a star-studded celebration? Lori is busy vacationing with her BFFS. For her 23rd birthday back in 2020, the model went on a girls trip to Jamaica with some of her closest friends including Jordyn Woods, Normani, Ryan Destiny and Winnie Harlow. And while Lori has never publicly addressed her friendship with these women, it seems they enjoy a sisterhood with each other. 

Lori Harvey's relationship with Damson Idris

Following the very public split from Michael B. Jordan, it did not take too long for Lori to find herself a new man. In December 2022, the ace model left fans speculating after she was spotted with British actor Damson Idris in Los Angeles. In January 2023, the pair went public with their romance after Idris shared an adorable photo of himself planting a kiss on Lori's cheeks. "Happy Birthday Nunu," he captioned (via People). Confirming their relationship, Lori also reposted the picture, accompanying it with three heart emojis as a caption. The following months, the couple made their red carpet debut at the premiere of "Snowfall," a crime drama series featuring Idris.

And if you are wondering just how public their relationship is, Idris says they plan to keep it as protected as possible. "No, I think my advice to anyone who walks down that path is to just keep it as regular and normal as possible and really, really connect to each other and not the outside forces around," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone

Regardless of the attention he and Lori receive, Idris understands that he is not mandated to share his life with the public and said "what you do for a living is an extension of yourself, and that's your baby. And you need to protect that. You also need to protect your personal self too."

She is a successful entrepreneur

Amid her rising popularity, Lori Harvey is set to leave a legacy in the beauty industry. In October 2021, the famed socialites launched SKN by LH, a natural skincare line inspired by her own years-long struggle with Rosacea, a skin condition resulting in constant redness of the skin, according to the Mayo Clinic. "I have rosacea and would struggle to find the right products to use," Harvey explained in a 2021 interview with Vogue. "Then I got into modeling, and between shoots and backstage at runway shows you have so much makeup being put on your face. My skin was constantly going through it. So after using, like, 20 different products on my face at one time, I felt like there had to be a simpler way for me to get my skin looking the way I wanted it to."

And if there were any doubts to how successful the collection would be, it did not take Lori too long to find out with all products selling out in just 48 out hours after launch. Outside of her love for beauty, Lori also hopes to inspire millions of people with the success of SKN by LH. "When the next generation is coming up and there's that little brown girl who wants to get into skin care or start her own company, she can see me and be like, 'I can do it, too," she told PopSugar.

Lori Harvey takes her fitness seriously

If there is one thing that gets Lori Harvey attention more than her beautiful skin and interesting collection of exes, it is her physique. Between her Instagram posts, red carpet appearances, and casual run-ins with the paparazzi, Lori's toned body has been in the spotlight for a while, leaving many curious about her fitness secrets. "I usually go to Forma Pilates. That has been the hardest Pilates that I think I've ever taken in my life," she told E! News in June 2022. "That is when I saw the most change in my body. I've gotten good at it, but I still need a trainer to show me all the moves."

And rather than restricting what she can or cannot eat, Lori simply practices portion control — a trick that has helped her journey. "I love a great meal. I still like to eat great food; that's where the portion control came in," the model explained to Vogue. "I'll go to dinner and all my friends are like, 'Let's get a drink,' and I'd rather have water, but I'm definitely going to have dessert after dinner. I'd rather eat my calories than drink my calories."