Body Language Expert: Kim And Pete Can't Hide They're Still Smitten At 2023 Met Gala - Exclusive

For a woman who was supposedly in Met Gala exile, Kim Kardashian obviously had a lot to prove at 2023's event. And she definitely succeeded! The reality mogul wore a monochromatic dress, draped in luxurious pearls. According to her Instagram, Kardashian wore Schiaparelli. "Strands upon strands of pearls for Karl," read the brand's Instagram caption. "@kimkardashian in custom @schiaparelli Haute Couture by @danielroseberry." Schiaparelli's caption revealed that her dress included "over 16,000 crystals and more than 50,000 freshwater pearls." Yeah, sounds like some Kardashian-level glam. Kardashian's hair was styled in a prom-worthy updo offset by curly tendrils, a fitting choice given the recent '90s resurgence.

But what good is a killer look if your very recent ex isn't there to witness it? Fortunately, Kardashian crossed paths with Pete Davidson, who accompanied her to the 2022 Met Gala. Since their breakup, which occurred in August 2022,the exes have maintained a casual friendship. However their interaction at the Met Gala has onlookers wondering if there's any lingering feelings floating between them. To get better insight into their possible dynamic, Nicki Swift spoke with Jess Ponce III — Body Language Expert, Communication coach, and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E."

Kim and Pete's flame still burns hot

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are totally still into each other, according to Jess Ponce III — Body Language Expert and Communication coach. "Some couples, even if they part ways, have a connection that is undeniable. This is the case with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian," Ponce III exclusively shared with Nicki Swift. "We saw the couple last night at the Met Gala in an informal, friendly conversation with Usher." Ponce III continued, "Pete has this wonderful boyish and playful quality that seems to soften Kim, who otherwise is all business. You can see in her eyes, her body positioning which leans into him, and her soft, gentle movements that she is drawn to him."

Apparently, Davidson's "giddy nature" is attractive to Kardashian. "Everything about her says, he's fun and I like that," Ponce III added. "‌His boyish smile is magnetic, especially with her. He seems to have this very excited energy in her presence. What some may consider a goofiness, really is Pete being drawn to her as well. He's like a high school boy with a crush."

Ugh, just get back together already! Unfortunately, this outcome is unlikely to happen anytime soon. While Kardashian doesn't appear to be (publicly) dating anyone right now, Davidson has definitely been dating around since splitting from Kardashian. The former "SNL" star is currently in a relationship with Chase Sui Wonders, per Page Six.

Why Kim Kardashian's breakup with Pete Davidson is different from her others

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are definitely over for now, but the future is up for the taking! And given their post-split relationship, it's possible they could circle back around to one another at some point and time. No disrespect to Chase Sui Wonders, but the signs are all there! For one, the stars didn't have to endure the kind of tabloid-laden breakup that Kardashian has become known for. From Kris Humphries to Kanye "Ye" West, Kardashian's breakups have turned into total dramas

Yet, Kardashian and Davidson have yet to shade each other or speak badly about each other in any way. She even complimented Davidson in September. "He's a cutie," said the Skims founder during her risqué feature with Interview. "He's literally such a good person, they don't really make them like him anymore. I'm excited for what he has coming up." Okay, so Davidson has been burning through cash to remove his Kardashian-inspired tattoos. And yes, the beauty mogul completely removed any evidence of Davidson's existence from Season 2 of "The Kardashians." But that's standard breakup procedure. The important part is that they haven't resorted to public attacks. Plus, Kardashian hasn't deleted Davidson's pics from Instagram, which is always a promising sign. 

Have Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian already circled back?

If your happiness depends on whether or not Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are together, then here's some promising news. It's been rumored that the exes were recently in contact. According to HollywoodLife, Davidson helped support Kardashian during the public fallout from Kanye "Ye" West's antisemitic rants. "He's in the middle of shooting another movie but he's been in touch," shared a source. "He's such a sweet guy and Kim's grateful they can still be friends." They continued, "Pete has texted Kim a few times about the whole Kanye situation because he still cares about her as a person and wanted to check in to see how she was doing."'

ET made a similar claim in November. "Pete and Kim still keep in touch," shared an insider. "It wasn't a bad fallout or breakup, so things are good between them and they've remained in contact." The Sun also published a piece claiming that the exes were on speaking terms. "They do still talk a lot, they are good friends and laugh a lot — he's holding in there and tells her that he would jump on a plane at a moment's notice for her," shared a source. However, "Kim thinks life is just too messy now and she doesn't want anything serious right now — while he clearly does."