Who Is Eva Pilgrim, The New GMA Anchor Replacing Amy Robach?

Eva Pilgrim has claimed one of two anchor seats that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' messy affair left wide open. 

In January, ABC officially confirmed that Robach and Holmes would no longer hold their positions as co-anchors of "GMA3." The network's official statement read, "After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about different options, we all agreed it's best for everyone that they move on from ABC News." (via Entertainment Weekly) "We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions." The formal announcement confirmed earlier rumors that their affair, which was exposed at the end of 2022, would likely cost them their jobs

On May 11, ABC announced the two anchors who would replace Robach and Holmes for "GMA3: What You Need To Know" on social media. "Allow us to reintroduce ourselves ... " read the Instagram post. "Join us in welcoming @evapilgrim and @demarcomorgan as co-anchors of #GMA3, along with @drjashton as chief health and medical correspondent." Pilgrim's co-anchor, DeMarco Morgan, has an extensive resume. Meanwhile, Pilgrim's background is equally as impressive.

Eva Pilgrim is an ABC veteran

ABC didn't have to conduct a nationwide search to replace T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan were already on ABC's roster. But while DeMarco had been in the ABC fam for roughly a year, Pilgrim's history dates back almost a decade. According to a memo from ABC News President Kim Goodwin, Pilgrim, "joined ABC News in 2015 as a correspondent based in New York and has also served as co-anchor of "Good Morning America" Saturday and Sunday since 2018" (via Deadline). Goodwin also highlighted some of Pilgrim's best news coverage, including George Floyd's murder, Alex Murdaugh's trial, and hurricane coverage across the country. 

Pilgrim has also participated in much lighter segments, including the heartwarming segments she filmed with her mother, InSook Kim Gayle. In 2022, Gayle surprised her for a Mother's Day segment and revealed to her co-stars whether or not she was actually "a goody-two-shoes" who "followed all the rules, never got in trouble." Gayle confirmed, "She's actually very good." 

Pilgrim and Gayle have also shared their Korean heritage with viewers — like the time they teamed up to make kimchi on air. During her intro video, Pilgrim revealed the topics she hopes to continue covering in her new role. "I hope I still get to cover politics. Hopefully [I will] be out there doing election stuff ahead of the next election," Pilgrim shared. "And then following the gun debate [and] following the abortion debate."

Eva Pilgrim is a children's book author

Eva Pilgrim also has interests outside of journalism. The "GMA 3" co-anchor has also written a children's. Pilgrim's debut arrival, "Walter Does His Best: A Frenchie Adventure in Kindness and Muddy Paws," was published in 2021. The book is based on her real-life dog, Walter, who has his own Instagram account. Upon the book's release, both Pilgrim and Walter promoted the adorable project online. A post from Walter's account read: "The story of my life! Well, sort of. Mom wrote a book about me ... and all the trouble I get in."

Pilgrim, of course, offered more information in her own post. "Excited to be holding this in my hands! (No, I'm not talking about @walterunleashed ... although I love him and this book is all about him)." Pilgrim shared on Instagram. "In the middle of the pandemic, I was given a special blessing... and got to write this kids' book. Tales of my adventures with Walter... who like so many of us... is doing the best he can even if he makes a mess of it most of the time." 

Pilgrim even promoted the project on "The View." When asked why she decided to write a book about her dog's mischievous antics, she said shared that she and her husband wanted to pass kindness down to their child. She added, "You can do big things with small acts."