Who Is Martha Stewart's Ex-Husband Andrew Stewart Married To Now?

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Despite being married for nearly three decades, Martha Stewart and her ex-husband Andrew Stewart's relationship was reportedly one-sided. The two met on a blind date while Andrew was still studying law at Yale and Martha was a student at Barnard College. They tied the knot only after a year of dating, and while that makes it seem that they had a whirlwind romance, it was anything but.

To be fair, it wasn't a miserable marriage for the whole nine years. They welcomed and raised a daughter named Alexis, and for a time, they were business partners, with Andrew serving as her lawyer and agent when she started producing her famous cookbooks, per New York Magazine. Their friends, however, thought Martha was not the best wife to Andrew. "Martha would start arguments over the most trivial subjects, and they would go on and on and on," an insider told Jerry Oppenheimer, who wrote "Just Desserts," an unauthorized biography about her life, according to the Daily Mail. "Her manner with Andy became the source of much stress and anxiety and anger. She was constantly accusing him of being 'dumb' or 'stupid.'" Andrew confirmed this, telling People in 1980: "Martha is not tolerant of my negligence or my foolishness or my eccentricities."

They ended up parting ways eventually, but it was far from amicable. Andrew reportedly got a court order that prevented them from keeping in touch. "The life that I had is over," Martha said of their marriage. "And what has taken its place is better." The two also moved on to other people, with Andrew going on to marry twice more.

Andrew Stewart is currently married to Shyla Nelson Stewart

After Martha Stewart and Andrew Stewart divorced, he went on to strike up a relationship with Robyn Fairclough, a woman 21 years his junior. Interestingly, she used to work as Martha's assistant, and according to Martha's close friend Clare McClully, the media personality thought that her ex-husband and Fairclough were a perfect match. "What Robyn found sort of weird was that Martha would always say, 'You and Andy would be perfect together,'" she told writer Jerry Oppenheimer. "Martha used to push them together, laughing about it in her way, which was more of a put-down of the two of them. It was sadistic." They reportedly married in 1993 but ended up divorcing, per People.

Andrew married again in 2015, and this time it was to Shyla Nelson Stewart, the president and CEO of Fieldstone Publishing, where he also works as publisher emeritus. According to his bio on the company website, he alternates living between Pasadena, California, and Lake Champlain in Vermont with Shyla. They also have five children and two grandchildren together.

Not much is known about their marriage save for occasional posts on Shyla's Facebook page, but in 2020, she wrote him a sweet, lengthy message on their wedding anniversary, which just goes to show that they are going strong. "Happy Anniversary to Dear One, who has brought all of those gifts and so many more into my life," she penned. "My quaranteammate, publishing buddy, and partner in healing the Earth in whatever ways we can...I love you from the depths of my heart, always and in all ways."

Has Martha Stewart moved on to someone else?

Unlike her ex-husband Andrew Stewart, Martha Stewart never married again. But it doesn't mean that she doesn't have her fair share of flings and relationships.

She admitted to dating actor Anthony Hopkins in the 1990s but had to end the relationship because she had a hard time separating him from one of his famous roles. "I dated Sir Anthony Hopkins but broke up with him because I couldn't stop thinking of him as Hannibal Lecter," she said of Hopkins' character in "The Silence of the Lambs" in a "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" interview. "I have a big, scary house in Maine that's way by itself on 100 acres in a forest, and I couldn't even imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there... I couldn't because all I could think of was him eating, you know," she quipped. Martha also dated tech billionaire Charles Simonyi for 15 years, but they parted ways in 2008 for undisclosed reasons. That same year, he got hitched to Lisa Persdotter.

But Martha isn't focused on dating, anyway. After the lifestyle mogul starred on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she told Entertainment Tonight that she's "gotten a few inquiries" from potential suitors, none of which she pays any mind because her priorities lie in her work and her family, especially her grandkids. "You have to make time for certain things. My garden is very important," she said. "It's the best. I have two amazing grandchildren."