A Look At Melissa Gilbert's Real-Life Marriage To Timothy Busfield

Melissa Gilbert is currently in a blissful union. While the "Little House on the Prairie" alum has dated fellow celebrities in the past, including Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise, she went on to tie the knot with actor Bo Brinkman in 1988, per CBS News, before their 1992 divorce. She then married Bruce Boxleitner in 1995 but the two eventually ended their union in 2011. Subsequently, Gilbert started seeing a younger man and got Botox and fillers, as her life wasn't exactly easy after her divorce from the "Babylon 5" actor.

"It was like, I lost my mind," Gilbert told Page Six in 2022. It was also revealed that Gilbert and her current partner, Timothy Busfield, started to date after they encountered each other in 2012. Gilbert added, "Tim [Busfield] says it to me all the time, I wouldn't be the woman I am today if one thing had gone differently... It's kind of hard to look back and want to have changed anything." In January 2013, it was confirmed by People that Gilbert had become engaged to Busfield. A representative of Gilbert's commented on this news, saying, "They are engaged and both are incredibly happy." Today, Gilbert and Busfield lead an enjoyable life away from Hollywood.

Melissa Gilbert has what she's 'always wanted' with Timothy Busfield by her side

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield's love was meant to be. In April 2013, USA Today reported that Gilbert and Busfield had gotten married. Gilbert's representative detailed that the pair had wed "in a private ceremony at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara on April 24." In 2022, Busfield and Gilbert spoke to People about their connection. When Busfield began chatting with Gilbert at a bar, he immediately sensed that true romance was in the cards. 

"I knew she was the one," Busfield said while reflecting on meeting Gilbert. "It felt so real." He later said of himself and Gilbert, "Across the board we were just equals in everything." The spouses now live in a Catskill Mountain home and together lead "a quiet life." "This is what I've always wanted," Gilbert said. The couple chatted with The New York Times in 2022 about their residence, which they purchased in 2019 and have fixed up in the time since. "This is one of those places that most people would say, 'Are you nuts?' if you expressed interest in buying it," Gilbert said of the home. "But Tim and I are the best kind of nuts. We're hopeful visionaries. We knew this house would shelter us well and serve us well." And Gilbert and Busfield continue to show their love for one another.

Melissa Gilbert calls Timothy Busfield her 'soulmate'

Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield are spouses who share a joyful relationship. In 2019, Gilbert took to Instagram to celebrate her and Busfield's wedding anniversary while displaying a throwback photo from their big day. "Six years ago today, I married my soulmate," Gilbert said. "I have never been more content, more cherished, or happier. Every day, even the difficult ones, is filled with a joy I never could have imagined." While talking to "Good Morning America" in 2022, Gilbert explained how she and Busfield have a similar sense of humor. "We laugh all day long. We constantly crack each other up," Gilbert said. "[Busfield's] one of the funniest people I know."

Additionally, in 2022, Gilbert revealed on social media that she and Busfield had met around 20 years prior to their fateful 2012 encounter, which led to their marriage. She then noted how she quickly fell for her now-husband. "I was instantly, completely and madly besotted and remain completely and madly besotted to this day. Even more so, if that's even possible," Gilbert said. "I am grateful every day I get to wake up and spend my life with this incredibly kind, talented, compassionate, sexy, hilarious human."