The Evolution Of Jessica Simpson's Face

Jessica Simpson became an instant star thanks to the success of her 1999 single "I Wanna Love You Forever," and her debut album, "Sweet Kisses." Since then, Simpson has embarked on a reality TV career with the show "Newlyweds," turned her hand to acting in films like "The Dukes of Hazzard," and developed a global fashion and beauty brand called The Jessica Simpson Collection. But throughout it all, and much like other women in the entertainment industry, Simpson has also faced harsh critiques of her face and body. 

Arguably one of the reasons that Simpson has been so successful is because she's always embraced the way she looks, no matter what is happening in her life. In fact, the "Entourage" guest star utilized her beauty and fashion knowledge to design products she knew other people would enjoy. Speaking to InStyle, the singer explained, "I love the fact that people feel comfortable in my brand and confident to go into a meeting and tackle the day or to go in it with confidence." She continued, "I know people love flats, and we do have a ton, but I'm sorry, a heel makes a world of difference. However, I do understand buying a great shoe that's comfortable."

From her early days as a pop superstar to becoming an actor and entrepreneur, join us as we explore the evolution of Jessica Simpson's face.

2006: Jessica Simpson tried lip fillers, but it 'looked fake'

As a multi-hyphenate superstar, Jessica Simpson has found herself at the center of mass media attention, not all of which has been positive. However, the "Irresistible" singer has always been open about how she achieves her stunning looks, even if that includes trying fillers. Back in 2006, Simpson was asked by Glamour if she'd had any collagen injected into her lips, after the tabloids suggested she'd had some work done. "I had that Restylane [dermal filler] stuff," Simpson told Glamour. "But it fades — it went away in like four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!" Simpson seemingly wasn't a huge fan of the experience, telling the publication, "It looked fake to me. I didn't like that."

Glamour also asked the singer and actor whether she'd undergone any cosmetic surgery, to which Simpson replied, "The only thing I've ever wanted is a boob reduction! I have to wear two sport bras when I jog. I create a 'uniboob.'" In true Simpson fashion, the "Newlyweds" star managed to turn a potentially awkward conversation into a hilarious moment, proving that she's not remotely embarrassed when it comes to talking about cosmetic procedures.

2011: Jessica Simpson says she's an 'eye cream fanatic'

Flash forward to 2011, and Jessica Simpson had developed some new habits when it came to keeping her face in great condition. During an interview with PopSugar Beauty, the singer explained, "I've used eye cream since I got in the business, so I was about seventeen years old." She continued, "I just like the way it makes me feel. And I don't want crows feet." Clearly, Simpson has had her priorities right from the very start of her career, and is committed to using beauty treatments that make her feel good.

In a 2019 blog post on her official website, Simpson sang the praises of Epicuren Discovery Bio Peptide Serum, a product aimed at reducing lines and wrinkles, while plumping up the skin. "This product is like gold for my skin," the singer wrote. "This serum plumps up the skin to make it look more youthful and corrects and prevents visible signs of aging. And even with two kids and one on the way, I haven't gotten wrinkles yet, so I think it must be working!" Clearly, the "Employee of the Month" star has a lot of tools at her disposal when it comes to caring for her skin, and using great eye creams and serums seems to be the key to her success.

2020: She chose red light therapy over Botox

Having not been a huge fan of using Restylane dermal filler, Jessica Simpson also decided to eschew Botox, instead opting for the much less invasive red light therapy. During an interview with InStyle in 2020, the "Open Book" author explained, "I got really into red light therapy. I went down a rabbit hole on this amazing facialist and I was like, 'Okay, I need something to tighten my skin, I just turned 40. I don't want to get Botox, I like my expressions. That's what makes me who I am.'" While red light therapy uses wavelengths of red light in low levels to treat a person's skin, Botox involves injecting a toxin under the skin to freeze the muscles and smooth out wrinkles for a period of time.

Simpson also revealed that using red light therapy is therapeutic for her, and has become a crucial part of her self-care process. "If I'm laying there with the red light on my face, it does put me into a meditative state of mind and I can just play music or a podcast or just get centered, but also know that I'm Benjamin Buttoning myself," she told InStyle. Basically, Simpson seems to have found a treatment that works for her, which also makes her feel relaxed.

2020: Developing a face mask routine

The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for everyone, especially as most people found themselves spending an inordinate amount of time at home with their family members while sheltering in place. Luckily, Jessica Simpson found many positives in spending extra time with her children, and even developed a special skincare routine with her eldest daughter, Maxwell. In an interview with Refinery29 in August 2020, Simpson revealed, "My oldest daughter and I do face masks together at night before bed." She continued, "Hers are for hydration, and mine are for firming." Not only has Simpson committed to a nightly skincare routine, but she also found a way to spend more quality time with her daughter, which is so important.

In the same interview, Simpson opened up about what it was like isolating with her husband, Eric Johnson, and their three children — Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie — during the early days of the pandemic. "Yes, sometimes I do want to pull my hair out," she told Refinery29, "but they've been teaching me so much more than I could ever imagine during this time."

2020: Her 100lb weight loss dramatically changed her look

As a woman in the entertainment industry, Jessica Simpson has regularly found her body critiqued by strangers, with people dissecting everything from her hairstyle to her body shape. Following the birth of her third child, daughter Birdie, in March 2019, Simpson embarked on a new fitness and healthy eating regime, which resulted in a major 100 pound weight loss. Some fans were shocked by Simpson's body transformation, but the "Blonde Ambition" star made sure she lost weight in a healthy way, telling Extra in September 2022, "I went to a nutritionist, and I needed to get my eating habits right." She added, "I feel like my old self before I had children and all the hormones going wild. I feel younger, actually."

Understandably, being on the receiving end of vicious criticism about her weight was far from easy to deal with, as Simpson told Extra, "I've been criticized, and it hurts, but I've been every weight and I've been proud of it." In fact, facing so much criticism for her changing body shape actually inspired Simpson to start her clothing brand, The Jessica Simpson Collection. "I decided, 'Okay, everybody is going to talk about my weight all the time, I might as well make money off of it and turn it into a business of selling clothes and acceptance,'" she told Extra.

2021: Fans questioned her 'no makeup' selfie

In May 2021, Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share a glowing selfie, which she captioned, "Sunny kinda mornin'." However, not everyone was receptive of the sleek snap, with some fans seemingly questioning whether Simpson had undergone Botox or some other cosmetic procedure. While some commenters erred on the negative side, others jumped to Simpson's defense, with one Instagram user writing, "I can't deal with the hateful comments. If you have never dyed your hair, worn makeup, shaved, tanned your skin, plucked your eye brows or altered the way you look in any sort of way ... then you can talk."

While Simpson's visage continues to polarize her fans, it seems as though the "Major Movie Star" actor has a very grounded perspective when it comes to the way she looks. "I'm very into embracing my natural beauty," she told Refinery29. "I'm embracing all of it." In spite of the often horrible comments written about her on social media, Simpson has found a way to rise above the noise and love herself, and the rest of us should do the same.

2021: Jessica Simpson lives with eczema

Just as Jessica Simpson has been open about the cosmetic procedures she has tried, the singer has also revealed that she's lived with eczema for most of her life. Having dealt with eczema throughout school, Simpson noticed the skin condition returning after she gave birth to her third child, Birdie, in March 2019. While speaking with InStyle, Simpson revealed that her husband, Eric Johnson, was taking photos of her holding their newborn daughter, but she started feeling self-conscious as she had eczema on her arms. "I was truly so embarrassed and I didn't feel good about myself," she told InStyle. "When you have a baby you want to show her off, especially in your arms. I was completely covering up. And I wouldn't send any of the pictures to even my best friends."

After consulting her doctors, and being prescribed the topical treatment Eucrisa, Simpson realized that she could manage the condition, and that she'd be able to clear up any flares she might have in the future. As she told Refinery29, "I encourage everyone to be open and honest about their flaws, whether it's eczema or something you're going through emotionally." She continued, "Whatever it is, say it out loud, and when you end up on the other side of fear, it'll be so worth it."

2022: Jessica Simpson tried a non-surgical 'facelift'

After swearing off of Botox, Jessica Simpson decided to try something a little different on her face. In October 2022, Simpson shared a video on Instagram of herself undergoing the Emface procedure, writing, "Getting kissed by @emface and can't wait to see my results!" She posted again in December 2022, revealing on Instagram that she'd undergone the Emface procedure again, captioning her video, "Thank you @Emface for these camera ready results!" 

Emface separates itself from cosmetic procedures like Botox as no needles are required in the process. Instead, Emface uses high-intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES) and radiofrequency technology, both of which apparently help to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin, and improve muscle density in the face. Simpson's decision to use a non-invasive cosmetic treatment, over something needle-based like Botox, shows that she's committed to enhancing her natural beauty in a way that works for her, which is really inspiring.

2022: Morpheus 8 and Evolve X combo treatment

As well as embracing the Emface treatment, Jessica Simpson also underwent a combination of the Morpheus 8 and Evolve X treatments. Evolve X is described as a body contouring method that apparently helps tone a person's muscles and tighten any loose skin, while also reducing fat. Much like the Emface procedure, Evolve X also utilizes radiofrequencies to reportedly stimulate elastin and collagen in the skin. Morpheus 8, meanwhile, combines microneedling with radiofrequency to tighten skin, reducing scarring, and resurface the skin by using small needles. 

Simpson shared a video of herself undergoing the treatments, and wrote on Instagram, "I love going to the @Blushbeverlyhills office to get treated by the very best @DrLeifRogers for a Morpheus 8 and Evolve X combo treatment from @inmodeaesthetics. The Evolve X is perfect for tightening the skin or before an event/vacay to feel toned and confident!" She continued, "After my 3rd baby, Morpheus 8 was my saving grace to tighten up my skin. I feel great and ready some fun in the sun." Simpson's endorsement is sure to have encouraged many more people to try the new beauty treatments.

2023: She celebrates 43 with a 'makeup free' selfie

On July 10, 2023, Jessica Simpson shared a jaw-dropping selfie in honor of her 43rd birthday. "43 makeup free (kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes)," she wrote on Instagram, while smiling for the camera. As per usual, Simpson faced a slew of both negative and positive comments for sharing the selfie, proving that she can't win whatever she does. Despite looking fresh-faced and truly happy, some commenters were quick to point out that Simpson appeared to be wearing mascara, lip gloss, and concealer in the supposedly "makeup-free" picture. Luckily, many of the singer's fans were ready to stand up against online trolls.

One fan jumped to Simpson's defense, commenting, "Could everyone stop picking on the poor girl. She did say make up free and in brackets said kinda ... so she was honest so leave her alone and she could've had wet eyelashes not necessarily mascara, but either way she's done well for [her]self." The singer and actor's decision to embrace her natural beauty, and not undergo invasive facial procedures, proves that she's found a sense of confidence in who she is, which is incredibly powerful.