The Untold Truth Of Camille Grammer

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer led a seemingly perfect life for years. The former model was married to Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, and the two enjoyed a lavish life together with their two kids, Mason and Jude. But in 2010, Camille's carefully constructed world fell apart when she discovered Kelsey was reportedly cheating on her with former British flight attendant named Kayte Walsh. 

Sadly for Camille, her romantic life didn't improve when she met her now ex-boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos. Camille alleged Charalambopoulos attacked her just days after she received treatment for endometrial cancer. Yikes. The good news? Camille is back on track with husband, David C. Meyer, whom she married in October 2018, and we can't wait to fill you in on his interesting background.

As for Camille's professional life, it's just as complicated as her personal one. We're talking feuds with her RHOBH co-stars and her role as momager to daughter Mason. Intrigued yet? We thought so. And without further ado, here's the untold truth of Camille Grammer.

Camille Grammer's doorman spilled the beans on Kelsey's cheating

Imagine finding out about your partner's infidelity via your doorman. Well, Camille Grammer once experienced that very unfortunate scenario. During a visit to New York City — where Kelsey Grammer was starring in a Broadway play at the time — she stopped by their shared apartment. But before Camille could step one foot inside the building, a doorman stopped her from entering, as noted by Us Weekly. When Camille stated that she was "Mrs. Grammer," the doorman shot back, "You're not Mrs. Grammer." Uh-oh.

So, what happened? The doorman thought Kelsey's now-wife, Kayte Walsh (pictured, left), was the real Mrs. Grammer because she frequently visited the apartment. Translation: Kelsey was secretly seeing Walsh, a British flight attendant, all throughout his time in NYC. "It was so humiliating," Camille said, noting that she had to show her ID to obtain entry into the building. 

Making matters worse? Kelsey ended their marriage through a phone call. "I had texted him several times and I called him and said, 'Please call me back,'" Camille said about the moment she confronted Kelsey, as reported by CBS News. "And finally, three hours later, he called me and he said, 'I've been thinking about it, and I don't want to be married anymore.'" Dang.

Kelsey Grammer has gone MIA

Although Camille and Kelsey's divorce was one big mess, you'd think they'd try to keep things civil for the sake of their two kids. But the truth is the celebs still don't get along, even though they've been divorced for years. 

Camille Grammer confessed to a fan on Twitter in June 2018 that the actor acts like she "never existed," writing, "I don't begrudge him his happiness. What's unnerving is that fact I was there to help him get through some of his hardships and supported his career and his sobriety. I was right by his side and he acts like I never existed that's disappointing. We were together through his success."

She continued, noting that she was there for him when his TV show Back to You was canceled and after he had a heart attack. "I read him poetry and helped washed his hair. Now I don't exist," she lamented.

Kelsey, however, claimed their issues are much deeper than Camille would like people to believe. "Some threats were made," Kelsey told Oprah Winfrey about their problems. "Some extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend that we can be civil."

The deal with Camille Grammer's new husband

After a tumultuous divorce, Camille Grammer was lucky enough to find love again with David C. Meyer, a lawyer she wed on Oct. 20, 2018. Although Meyer prefers to keep a low profile (refreshing, isn't it?), we've dug up a bit of info on the guy so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Like Grammer, Meyer has two kids (he has two boys), and he went through a bitter split with his ex. Meyer's ex-wife, Wendy, claims she left the legal consultant in 2014 after he allegedly gave her a concussion, according to Page Six. Wendy also accused her ex of frivolous spending while missing child support payments, writing in court docs obtained by Radar Online, "Since we separated Respondent bought a new car, a Dodge Hellcat, is leasing a home in the most exclusive area of Malibu, is frequently dining at expensive restaurants including Mastro's and Nobu and is throwing parties at his beach house." 

Well, it sounds like Grammer and Meyer share a taste for luxury. As for Meyer's professional life? His former law firm, Venable, was sued in 2013 for malpractice regarding the case of Hollywood con artist Troy Stratos (via Page Six). Meyer represented Stratos, who was sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison in 2016 for stealing $43 million from clients, including Eddie Murphy's ex-wife. Although it's not exactly clear what went down in the malpractice case, it was ultimately settled in 2017. 

The drama with Grammer's ex-boyfriend

Before Camille Grammer found love with Meyer, she was in a tumultuous relationship with Dimitri Charalambopoulos, someone she billed as a "regular guy." Although everything seemed great on the surface, Grammer filed a domestic violence protective order against Charalambopoulos in 2013, alleging that he physically attacked her after she underwent surgery to treat endometrial cancer.

Grammer claimed Charalambopoulos slammed her head and face into furniture at the hotel they were staying at in Houston, Texas, and that she feared for her life during the altercation. In court docs obtained by Radar Online, Grammer said, "[Charalambopoulos] squeezed my nose between his fingers and pushed upward forcefully, meanwhile covering my mouth in an attempt to silence me and to prevent me from breathing." Scary.

A judge granted Grammer her order of protection, a development Charalambopoulos responded to in June 2014 via his own lawsuit for defamation. Charalambopoulos alleged that Grammer made up the entire assault after accusing him of cheating, even going so far as to claim she staged the scene. 

Unfortunately for Charalambopoulos, a judge didn't buy most of his claims, and he was ordered to pay Grammer's $121,000 in attorney fees (via The Blast). The judge then put the exes' case on hold until Charalambopoulos coughed up the dough, a requirement he was finally able to fulfill in September 2018.

What really happened with Camille Grammer's psychic friend

Any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aficionado probably remembers an episode aptly titled, "Dinner Party from Hell." The get-together was organized by Camille Grammer, who invited famed psychic Allison Dubois (the inspiration behind Medium, pictured, left) to meet her fellow cast members. Needless to say, the combination of alcohol, supposed paranormal activity, and dramatic women didn't mix well. 

Dubois didn't click with the RHOBH ladies, even going so far as to tell Kyle Richards that she would "never" be emotionally fulfilled by her husband. Oh, and did we mention Dubois was downing cocktails and puffing away on an electronic cigarette while issuing her dark proclamations? Yep, Dubois didn't walk away from this party in a positive light.

What fans might not know about the wild evening, however, is that it led to the demise of Dubois and Grammer's friendship. "She hates me. She thinks it's all my fault," Grammer told Bravo's Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. "She thinks that I set her up, but I didn't put the words in her mouth. She came on and said the things she said."

Cancer strengthened Grammer's bond with her mom

In an incredible display of strength, Camille Grammer beat cancer twice. The reality star has opened up about her harrowing ordeal multiple times throughout the years, especially where it concerns prevention. "Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn't seem right go for a checkup," she said after she was diagnosed with skin cancer in December 2017. "Don't put it off. Annual check ups are important." 

If you're wondering where Grammer draws her will to fight from, look no further than her mom. Most fans don't know that Grammer and her beloved mother battled cancer at the same time. "My mom is fighting her third cancer and she's an inspiration to me, she's so strong," Grammer confided to Us Weekly shortly after getting treated for skin cancer. "I think I get my strength from her and my knowledge of knowing how to handle and deal with cancer. We're both there for each other."

Grammer's mom is still fighting cancer as of August 2019, which Grammer addressed via Twitter. "My mom is visiting and as some may know she has been battling cancer for years now," she wrote. "She started dialysis and is adjusting to her new normal. She told me to see and do everything that I love. Life is too short. Bless her heart."

Aww. We're glad the two are able to be there for one another.

About that cameo on Frasier

Long before Camille Grammer's divorce from Kelsey Grammer, she enjoyed a brief cameo on the famed comedy sitcom Frasier. Camille had an in at the show because Kelsey played Frasier — the series' main character — from 1993 to 2004. 

As for the episode Camille appeared on? Look no further than Frasier's 1997 Halloween episode, which centered around a party thrown by Frasier's brother, Niles. Although the spooky bash was attended by a ton of guests, it was hard to miss Camille's iconic Garden of Eden costume in the crowd. "I played Eve. I had a lot more hair — I had a ton of hair on me," Camille shared with The Daily Dish. "I look like some furry monster, instead of Eve."

Camille, however, downplayed the fact that her costume was nothing more than a flesh-colored bodysuit paired with a blonde wig. Talk about racy. Despite Camille's costume woes, she has fond memories of the acting stint. "But it was fun," she added. "It was an excellent episode. I love the cast of that show."

Camille Grammer's odd feud with Dorit Kemsley

It's no secret the ladies of RHOBH love to feud, especially when they're angling for a permanent position on the show. Camille Grammer is no exception to this phenomenon, as she has engaged in plenty of fights with her wealthy co-stars. 

Although a lot of Grammer's fights make sense, we can't help but scratch our heads concerning her off-camera beef with Dorit Kemsley (pictured, left). Not many fans know that Grammer took a dig at Kemsley on Twitter when a fan complimented the mom of two for her resilience during season 1 of the Bravo series. "@TheRealCamilleG had the toughest 1st season... New franchise and very first season of RHOBH @TheRealCamilleG survived massive attacks, a divorce with all that come along, massive group of haters...and to now she's one of peoples favorites," they wrote.

Grammer replied, "Thanks!! Brandi and Dorit did not have tough seasons. Omg they were spared a lot of ridiculous things they said and did." She added, "[They] weren't aired. #spared." We don't now about you guys, but it's clear to us that Grammer is well-versed in the art of low-key shade.

When Kemsley asked Grammer to elaborate on her tweet, she replied, "You were spared some of the comments you made at The Project Angel Food event. Omg.. if some of those comments were aired even Kyle was concerned 4 you."

Kemsley ended the fight by telling Grammer to get a hobby, a tame dig by RHOBH standards. 

Her daughter is a successful model

Yolanda Hadid isn't the only RHOBH star who worked tirelessly to land modeling careers for her kids. Case in point: Camille Grammer helped her daughter, Mason Grammersnag a coveted modeling contract with DT Model Management agency in February 2018. 

And Camille is happy to see Mason giving modeling a shot because she believes it will help her self-esteem. "My daughter's enjoying it and having fun," Camille told The Daily Dish in March 2017. "She's still in school and all about soccer, but this is really building her self-confidence." Camille continued, "We did NY and LA fashion week," adding, "She's only 15 but usually by 16 they can do a little work. I'm always there, so she is always protected. ... She's a good girl and we are going to keep it that way."

But if you think Mason is about to give up everything for modeling, think again. "I definitely want to go to college. I want to study film," Mason said. "I want to become a director, so we'll see how that works out cause that's my true passion. But I enjoy doing this [modeling] right now; it's really fun."

Do you hear that? That's the sound of Hadid breathing a sigh of relief. 

Camille Grammer's fiery accusation against ex Kelsey

Camille Grammer launched an explosive accusation against her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, following the devastating California wildfires in November 2018. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live the following July, the Real Housewives alum claimed that her ex failed to check in on her well-being, despite the fact that she'd lost her Malibu home in the fires. We can't say for certain whether the former Frasier star actually did reach out or not, but his rep claimed as much in a statement to Fox News: "Kelsey does not comment on statements made by his former wife. FYI, he did reach out to his daughter. His son was staying with him at the time."

Honestly, we can't say we're surprised by this disagreement. Kelsey and Camille Grammer have been on bad terms since their 2010 split, and they both seem intent on keeping the bad blood going. But what's truly important here? Both Camille and daughter Mason survived the fire with their lives.

Did she make a racially charged statement at a Real Housewives reunion?

It's no secret Denise Richards and Camille Grammer butted heads at the Season 9 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. But their feud goes deeper than some fans might realize, as Richards accused Grammer of making "offensive" remarks that didn't make the final cut. "@TheRealCamilleG needs to thank her lucky stars that bravo didn't air some of her comments during the season and at the reunion," she tweeted in August 2019. "My youngest daughter's biological father is African American I found some of her comments quite offensive."

We're not sure what Grammer allegedly said, but a source did turn to Us Weekly to provide some supposed insight. "She said, 'Do you want me to be sorry because I'm a white woman?'" the insider claimed. "The other women were like, 'Camille, do you know what you are saying? That's not OK.'"

As for Grammer's response? She cleared the air via Twitter, writing: "I am not a racist and I did not make a racist comment. I am disgusted by this narrative and so is my family. I wasn't raised that way. My parents are disgusted by these innuendos."

Did Kyle Richards get Camille Grammer fired from RHOBH?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer have always had a complicated relationship with many ups and downs. Their friendship hit a high point in October 2018, when Richards was a bridesmaid at Grammer's Hawaii wedding. The good will didn't last for long, however, as Grammer appeared to accuse Richards of getting her fired from RHOBH in late August 2019. "I wasn't asked back. It's fine," she wrote in response to a fan's question in a since-deleted tweet (via People). "I did my time on the show. And it's Kyle's show." Grammer continued: "It was was [sic] up to Kyle. I'm really fine. After the reunion, I didn't want to come back. It was an awful experience." Eek. Shots fired, right? 

As of this writing, Richards hasn't responded to Grammer's allegation, but she did previously speak out about her former friend's behavior. "The only thing l have said about Camille up until now, is that she plays both sides of the fence and is a people pleaser," she tweeted in July 2019. "Both things that she admits to herself."

Ah, another classic case of she said, she said.