Celebs Who Will Break Up In 2019

No one really goes into any relationship — and certainly not a marriage — anticipating that it's going to end. And while this may not be the most romantic concept in the world, it's important — especially when you have millions of dollars on the line — to at least be prepared for a split, whether that means a prenuptial agreement or even just an understanding of who gets to keep which friends after a breakup or a divorce.

These couples were all publicly hot and heavy in 2018: Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, who co-starred in E! reality series Ashlee + Evan; Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, who tied the knot and took social media PDA to new levels; and Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick, who went out of their way to convince the world that they're the real deal.

Unfortunately for these over-the-top couples, whether it's due to lifestyle changes, cheating allegations, or simply their romance running its course, we think the chances are high that they're going to flame out spectacularly or quietly fizzle out before 2019 comes to a close.

Katharine McPhee and David Foster's shady beginnings may cloud their commitment

David Foster is more than twice Katharine McPhee's age, and he only just finalized his divorce from Yolanda Hadid in 2017. Less than a year later, he proposed to McPhee. Should they make it down the aisle, this will be Foster's fifth marriage and McPhee's second ... and People reported that Foster was actually a guest at McPhee's first wedding.

What's more, if you'll recall, McPhee's first marriage ended when E! News reported that she was busted making out with her married Smash director Michael Morris in 2013.

Add to that the rumors that Foster may have cheated on then-wife Hadid with McPhee (and his 2017 confession to Vanity Fair that he has a tendency "to go from marriage to marriage — leaving one wife for another"), and, well, that's not exactly a recipe for a long-lasting relationship, let alone an actual til death (or, let's be real, a newer model) do us part marriage.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber don't seem stable

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are legally married as of September 2018, but that doesn't mean they're built to last.

Just five months earlier, sources told People that Bieber was still in love with his on-again-off-again first love Selena Gomez, and that he wanted her back. That may be haunting Baldwin, who seems insecure and reportedly has a history of lurking around the former Disney starlet's social media: Us Weekly reported in November 2018 that Baldwin was busted "accidentally" following a Gomez fan account on Instagram. On top of that, Bieber hasn't seemed like he's in a good place since he and Gomez split in March 2018. He's been photographed looking incredibly unhappy, and People reported that he put his work on the back burner in favor of spending time with his seemingly insecure new wife.

"Hailey actually seems more ready to work than he does. They have had a few conflicts about it," a source told People, adding that Bieber "feels something is missing from his life ... Justin likes to just hang out, watch movies and chill. Hailey has a lot of energy and projects that she wants to do."

Of course, perhaps as an effort to mark her territory on the singer, as soon as reports of conflict emerged, The Blast reported that she changed her Instagram handle to @haileybieber and started wearing his name on a jacket. We're confident she's not overcompensating or anything.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin may consciously uncouple

Since consciously uncoupling from ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin hasn't kept the same lady around for too long.

His first famous rebound was Jennifer Lawrence, who People reported he dated for about a year until they split in August 2015, with sources blaming Martin for being "non committal." He moved on almost immediately with actress Annabelle Wallis, Us Weekly reported, and they dated for about two years until they split in 2017.

In December 2017, Martin began dating Dakota Johnson, Us Weekly reported, with sources saying Johnson was "very much his type." Martin is 12 years older than Johnson, and they've been together for about a year, as of this writing. (She previously had an on-again-off-again romance with musician Matthew Hitt for two years.)

Their respective track records aside, there's also the claim from sources speaking with Radar Online that Paltrow doesn't quite approve of Johnson. Martin and Johnson also got matching tattoos, which is typically a kiss of doom for couples. Add all of that up, and we're not counting on this one lasting beyond 2019.

This love triangle is already exhausting to keep up with

When a relationship is as much of a rollercoaster ride as Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons' romance is, chances are they need to call it quits for good. In May 2018, Page Six reported that the NBA star may have cheated on his then-girlfriend, singer Tinashe, with the supermodel. It didn't last long: In June 2018, TMZ caught Jenner, then 22, making out with Anwar Hadid, who was 18 years old at the time. Classy!

And yet, about two weeks later, sources told TMZ that Jenner and Simmons were back on, but in September 2018, the New York Post reported that Simmons was flirting with model Ashley Moore. Not to be outdone, in October 2018, sources told People that Jenner and Hadid seemed "very much together" after getting close at a party. Yet a month later, however, Page Six reported that Jenner and Simmons had been spotted together once more. Something tells us this bizarre triangle won't make it to 2020 — that is, if anyone involved develops any self-respect within the next 365 days.

Camila Morrone will age out of Leonardo DiCaprio's demographic

He gets older and they stay the same age.

Leonardo DiCaprio is dating his umpteenth model, this time 21-year-old Camila Morrone, with whom he was first linked in January 2018. A source told Us Weekly of the couple, "They're very in love and serious. They've talked about getting engaged." Insiders also insisted that DiCaprio and Morrone want to have kids together, but that she wants to get married first because she's "traditional that way."

Here's why we doubt that: He's dated more than a dozen models in their 20s over the years, at least four for more than the length of time he's been with Morrone (Toni Garrn, Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen, and Kelly Rohrbach), and he's never proposed to a single one of them. In fact, he's broken up with most of them within a year or two. Add to that their aforementioned age difference — for reference, she was born the year Titanic (1997) came out — and we don't see these two necessarily going the distance.

​Khloé Kardashian can't control Tristan Thompson forever

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been severely on the rocks ever since he was busted for allegedly cheating on her in April 2018 just before the birth of their daughter, True.

"Khloé and Tristan continue to have a very, very fractured relationship. Khloé does seem to be doing her own thing and just isn't happy in Cleveland," a source told Us Weekly. "She has no support system there, family or friends. With basketball season underway, Tristan is gone a lot, so it's natural for Khloé to spend time in Los Angeles." However, another source dished, "She's not leaving him. She doesn't want to be alone. She's scared to raise True by herself. Being a single parent can be so lonely."

Other sources told People that Kardashian only refers to Thompson as "True's dad," and that she seems to mostly spend time with Thompson as a means of raising their daughter together because she still doesn't trust him in a romantic capacity. Insiders also told the magazine that the rest of the Kardashians don't approve of or trust Thompson, so chances are, these two will be on the outs for good sooner rather than later.

Demi Lovato and Henry Levy aren't likely to last

As of this writing, there's been no official confirmation of a romantic relationship between Demi Lovato and clothing designer Henry Levy, however, the pair was spotted holding hands since the "Sober" singer left rehab in fall 2018. But even if this romance blooms, don't expect this to be a long-term match.

"He is someone she met years ago," a friend told People. "Henry has been helping Demi stay on the right path ... Demi has known Henry for years and wore his clothes in the past. He has a bit of a troubled past as well, but is doing well now. He will be great at supporting Demi's sobriety. He is kind of an eccentric guy, but sweet. Demi won't be bored with him. He is very creative and passionate about life."

Sources told Entertainment Tonight that Levy helped Lovato stay sober and that they'd met in rehab in the past but lost touch after she relapsed in summer 2018. However, insiders told Radar Online that Levy is still an active drug user and therefore an extremely dangerous influence on Lovato, who is still recovering following her nearly fatal overdose in July 2018.

Further complicating matters is Lovato's closeness with ex Wilmer Valderrama; a source told Page Six that Lovato and Valderrama are still in regular contact with each other. She's previously said Valderrama was the love of her life and that she's unsure if she'd ever get over him.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean may be keeping a split quiet

It looks like lovebirds and one-time collaborators Jhene Aiko and Big Sean may have already called it quits, but neither party has confirmed a split yet, as of this writing. Still, the signs are all there: Aiko covered up her tattoo of Big Sean on her arm, and both the singer and the "Bounce Back" rapper apparently unfollowed each other's respective social media accounts.

When asked in comments why she and Sean don't follow one another on Instagram anymore, Aiko replied (via E! News), "Sometimes you don't want to follow ur boyfriend/girlfriend on social media.. if it weren't for u crazy blogs and ur speculation I would follow and unfollow him twice a day, everyday... [it's] not that serious... I see him enough in real life and on my arm."

When later asked why she covered her tricep tat of her beau, she replied, "Don't let this distract you from the fact that i also covered my buddha and Bible verse... but still love and respect Buddha AND Jesus lol. have a good day, kids."

Right. We'll know for sure what's up if they ever collaborate on another TWENTY88 record, unless their 2016 duet "Out Of Love" was eerily prophetic.

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are trying really hard

Aaron Rodgers has been so vocal about dating retired NASCAR racer Danica Patrick that we can't help but scratch our heads and wonder if he's trying really hard to prove he's dating her ... maybe too hard.

"We're just two people who enjoy being around each other and love each other. We're really into each other," he told Artful Living in October 2018, adding, "So there are going to be posts with each other because we enjoy each other's company a lot. We're really attracted to each other." Who talks like this?

The pair may not be in great place in terms of their careers, either: Patrick crashed and burned in her final NASCAR race in May 2018 and bombed when she hosted the 2018 ESPYs. Regarding the state of Rogers' career, the Green Bay Packers have been in-fighting and Rodgers tempted fate when he played with an injury in September 2018 — he got lucky, but that likely won't be the case forever. Add to that the fact that Patrick is a professed Chicago Bears fan, and things may get complicated.

In more serious matters, The New York Post reported that Patrick's father didn't see eye to eye with Rodgers in regards to kneeling during the national anthem, which could make future Thanksgiving dinners a bit awkward for everybody.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross may succumb to the reality show couple curse

Jessica Simpson memorably fell victim to the reality show couple curse, and now it looks like her little sis, Ashlee Simpson, could be headed down the same path. Her own E! show with husband Evan Ross, Ashlee + Evan, even documented some of their issues. Not only that, but a source told Radar Online that doing the show in the first place has been a source of contention for the couple. Evan apparently "didn't want to do the show," whereas Ashlee thought it "would be a hit" and "convinced [Evan's Motown legend mom] Diana Ross to be on it."

Except the ratings haven't been great, and now it's on the verge of cancellation unless Diana agrees to be on every episode, the source revealed to the tab, further alleging that and Simpson isn't taking well. "She's having breakdowns and it has gotten so bad that she's turned to Jessica for comfort," the source claimed. 

It sounds like Ross and Simpson may join the likes of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, Hulk and Linda Hogan, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown ... Need we go on?