Celebs Who Can't Stand Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a name that's become synonymous with debauchery and depravity, thanks to his well-documented dalliances with porn stars and sex workers, various arrests, scandalous divorces, and the occasional court-ordered stint in rehab. 

Yet that wasn't always the case. There was a time when Sheen had scaled to the top of the Hollywood ladder, starring in blockbusters such as "Platoon," "Wall Street," and the "Major League" movies. When his film career began drying up, he shifted to television, first taking over for Michael J. Fox on "Spin City," then hitting even greater heights with the mega-hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men." In fact, Sheen was several years into that series when it all came crashing down in what remains one of the most notorious showbiz implosions in Hollywood history. 

Along the way, Sheen's outrageous, bombastic behavior has rubbed some people the wrong way, and there have been those who haven't been shy about sharing their feelings. For a rundown, read on for a look at some celebs who can't stand Charlie Sheen. 

Sean Young hasn't forgotten the actor's crude prank while filming Wall Street

Sean Young worked with Charlie Sheen on the 1987 financial thriller "Wall Street," in which he was the star and she had a small role, as wife of financial wizard Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas. For Young, working with Sheen proved to be highly memorable, albeit not in a good way.

Young shared her recollections in an interview with the The Daily Beast. "Michael Douglas was wonderful but ['Wall Street' director] Oliver [Stone[ and Charlie were awful," she said. According to Young, Sheen had been indulging in copious amounts of cocaine during the shoot, which she believes to be at least partially responsible for his decision to affix a strip of tape to her back, without her noticing. On the tape, Sheen had written a word that starts with the letter C and rhymes with "punt." "And then Michael tore it off without me knowing what it said. I said, 'What was that?' and he said, 'Forget it.'"

Somebody else on the set had witnessed Sheen's ill-conceived attempt at humor, and informed Young what he'd done. "I spoke with Charlie the next day and said, 'Your dad was a pro,'" she recalled, referencing Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, who portrayed his character's father in the film. "'Writing 'c***' on a piece of tape and sticking it to my back? Not pro. It's just stupid. What are you doing?'"

Adult film star Brittany Ashland sued over alleged abuse

In 1997, Charlie Sheen was dating adult film star Brittany Ashland, star of such films as "Cheeks 5: Cop a Feel" and "More Dirty Debutantes 9." Their breakup was far from amicable, judging from a lawsuit she filed, alleging Sheen knocked her unconscious by smashing her head into the marble floor of his mansion. Her lip, she claimed, was split open, and required seven stitches. She also accused Sheen of forcing her to remove her bloodied clothes and throw them in the trash, threatening to murder her if she told anyone about what he'd done.

At the time Ashland filed her suit, Sheen's rep slammed it as "a cheesy attempt at extortion," adding, "It's the typical price you pay for being a celebrity in today's age." Prosecutors, however, weren't buying it (particularly because Ashland photographed her battered face following the assault), and launched an investigation that led Sheen to be hit with criminal charges. He initially pleaded not guilty, but subsequently changed his plea to no contest. Sheen received a one-year suspended sentence and was ordered to pay a small fine, perform community service, and undergo counselling. "I feel this is very fair, and I'm grateful," Sheen told the judge after his sentencing, reported the Los Angeles Times (via CBS News), adding, "You will not see me back in this courtroom."

Ashland's attorney, legal legend Gloria Allred, negotiated a settlement that paid Ashland an undisclosed sum.

Chuck Lorre eventually buried the hatchet with Charlie Sheen

In May 2010, Charlie Sheen signed a two-season deal that made him the TV's highest-paid actor, reportedly paying him in the range of $1.8 million per episode of sitcom "Two and a Half Men." 

Less than a year later, Sheen walked off the show due to a feud with "Men" creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen didn't exactly hide his feelings toward Lorre when, in February of 2011, he told TMZ, "I violently hate Chaim Levine [Lorre's birth name]. He's a stupid, stupid little man and a p***y punk that I'd never want to be like. That's me being polite." Sheen made more incendiary comments during an interview with Alex Jones, calling Lorre a "clown" and a "charlatan." Lorre jokingly made his feelings about Sheen public in a wry vanity card at the end of a "Two and a Half Men" episode in which he detailed his health and fitness regimen, noting that he doesn't drink, smoke, or take drugs. "I don't have crazy, reckless sex with strangers," Lorre wrote, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed." Sheen was subsequently fired, with Ashton Kutcher hired as his replacement.

It took more than a decade, but Lorre and Sheen somehow repaired their deeply damaged relationship. In April 2023, it was reported that Lorre had hired Sheen to co-star in his new sitcom, "How to Be a Bookie."

Co-star Selma Blair was fired in a profanity-laced text

After his firing from "Two and a Half Men,"Charlie Sheen was hired for another sitcom, "Anger Management." Loosely based on the 2003 movie, Sheen played a therapist specializing in helping people cope with their anger. Selma Blair was cast as the therapist of Sheen's character. In the midst of the series' run in 2013, it was reported that Blair had complained to producers about Sheen's lack of punctuality and poor work ethic. Two days later, Blair was fired. Reportedly, Sheen threatened to quit if she wasn't axed, and then fired her personally via an expletive-laced text message, allegedly using that rhymes-with-punt word.

A few months later, Sheen attempted to spin the situation during an appearance on "The Tonight Show." According to Sheen, Blair's character was written off the show because she made his character boring by keeping him on an even keel. "So, um, that is not the case anymore," Sheen said, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. "Her character leaves, and I start circling the drain. So it's really fun to watch and hella fun to play."

By 2017, Sheen still hadn't gotten over his anger at Blair. Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live," he was asked to identify his least favorite co-stars, claiming that Blair and Jenny McCarthy were the worst. "I'd like to mash those two together ... and just kick them to the curb," he said. "They deserve each other."

The actor battled ex-wife Denise Richards in court

Charlie Sheen has been married three times: for four months during 1995 and 1996 to Donna Peele; to future Real Housewife Denise Richards, from 2002 until 2006; and to Brooke Mueller from 2008 until 2011. His uncoupling from Richards was ugly from the start, and grew far uglier. Richards fired the first shot in her 2005 divorce filing, accusing Sheen of violence (she alleged that he'd physically attacked her and threatened to end her life) and viewing X-rated websites featuring underage participants. Days later, Richards — who was six months pregnant with their second child — was awarded a restraining order. "Obviously, what has taken place is vile, is unconscionable, is without merit, is a transparent and immature smear campaign," Sheen responded, reported CNN. "She's claiming certain things. It's baseless."

More than a decade later, in 2021 a source told Page Six that Richards claimed to have been caught by surprise when Sheen won a court ruling declaring he no longer had to pay child support for their two daughters. "She was blindsided," the source said. 

"The behind-the-scenes stuff was way worse than what was out there," Richards said of her marriage to Sheen during a 2022 appearance on the "Divorced Not Dead" podcast, as reported by ET. "It was really bad." She decided to pull the trigger on divorce, she recalled, when she asked herself a simple question: "Would I want my daughters to be married to this man?"

His marriage to Brooke Mueller ended amid an arrest

In 2008, Charlie Sheen married real estate agent Brooke Mueller. At first, everything appeared copacetic, with Sheen seemingly sliding into calm domesticity after the couple welcomed twin boys in 2009. That fell by the wayside later that year in Aspen, when Sheen was arrested and tossed in jail, charged with second-degree assault and menacing — both felonies. As CNN reported, the police report offered some shocking details, including Mueller's claim Sheen held a knife to her throat and told her, "You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you."

Sheen cut a deal, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge. He was sentenced to 30 days in rehab, 30 days probation, and then 36 hours of anger management counselling. Just under a year later, Sheen filed for divorce, with the matter settled in February 2011.

In between Sheen's arrest and his divorce filing, Mueller had more to share about him. In a court filing obtained by People, she claimed Sheen had once thrown her to the floor, causing her to hit her head and fall unconscious. She also claimed Sheen told her, after their Aspen dustup, "I should have killed you when I had the chance." She also offered her theory to explain Sheen's behavior. "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue, rather than simply a reaction to substance abuse," she stated.

He sued paid escort Capri Anderson for extortion

If one moment can be singled out that sparked Charlie Sheen's well-documented public implosion, it was the early morning hours of October 26, 2010. That's when he'd destroyed his room in New York's Plaza Hotel, causing about $7,000 in damage while frantically searching for his wallet and phone after an allegedly cocaine- and booze-fueled evening with a rented companion. The evening ended when police broke into the room and discovered said companion – adult film star Capri Anderson – hiding in the bathroom, naked.

Anderson laid out some salacious allegations during a subsequent interview with "Good Morning America." According to Anderson, she was paid $3,500 to have dinner with Sheen, before retiring to his hotel room, where she claimed that he began drinking heavily. "He definitely was growing more intense as the night grew and went on," Anderson recalled. After it was all over, she claims Sheen sent her a text message offering $20,000 in exchange for her silence. She then filed a criminal complaint against Sheen.

Sheen fired back with a lawsuit, accusing Anderson of attempted extortion to the tune of $1 million, in addition to ripping off his $165,000 watch. Sheen later dropped his suit. Things took a bonkers turn in 2013, when it was reported Sheen and Anderson were living together. "Charlie doesn't really hold grudges and lives in the moment, which explains why he's moved Capri in with him," a source told RadarOnline.

CBS prez Les Moonves openly mocked Charlie Sheen

Shortly after he was fired from "Two and a Half Men," Charlie Sheen appeared on his recently launched web series, "Sheen's Korner," where he unleashed a vicious tirade against those whom he believed had wronged him. Among them was then-CBS president and CEO Les Moonves (who wound up getting fired himself a few years later due to sexual harassment accusations of multiple women). 

In Sheen's online tirade, he railed against his firing and saved some choice words for Moonves — or, as he referred to him, "Less Than Goonves." "Part scoundrel, part my hair to side. Screw Les, I proclaimed, or better yet — screw more. You gave me your word but in turn gave me nothing," Sheen intoned poetically, as recounted by The Hollywood Reporter

It was likely no coincidence that Sheen's rant came a few days after Moonves made a joke at Sheen's expense. Moonves, clearly not pleased to see the star of one of the network's highest-rated shows go off the rails in such a public fashion, joked about the situation while speaking at a media conference. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moonves referenced the numerous media appearances that Sheen had booked since he was axed from the show. "I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy," Moonves quipped.

He picked a fight with Rihanna

In 2014, Charlie Sheen was out to dinner with then-fiancée Scottine Sheen (her new name, changed from her original moniker, Brett Rossi). As fate would have it, dining at the same restaurant was pop goddess Rihanna. In a lengthy tweet, Sheen detailed how he'd sent someone to her table, requesting that he pop over and introduce his fiancée — a huge Rihanna fan — to the singer, adding, "(personally I couldn't pick her out of a line-up at gunpoint)." Rihanna refused the request, insisting there were too many paparazzi lurking outside. While Sheen claimed to be relieved — "it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and 'please kill me now' that I'd never get back" — he was nonetheless irked. "Sorry, we're not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess. (or in this case the Village idiot)," Sheen added.

Rihanna responded to his missive in a pair of succinct tweets. "Goooorrrrrrlllllll......" she wrote in the first, then added, "If that old queen don't get ha diapers out of a bunch ..."

A few years later, during a 2017 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," Sheen was asked about his Twitter spat with the "Umbrella" singer. "Oh, that b****," he quipped, adding, "She abandoned common courtesy and common sense, you know." Perhaps recognizing he'd erred, Sheen later issued an apologetic tweet, tagging Rihanna and writing, "pardon my inane self indulgence. let's have a drink someday (on me) ..."

Sandra Bernhard deemed Charlie Sheen to be 'hopeless'

Comedian Sandra Bernhard is best known for her roles in Martin Scorsese's "The King of Comedy" and the TV sitcom "Roseanne," and she is decidedly not a fan of Charlie Sheen.

She made that loud and clear during a 2015 appearance on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live." During the episode, she and fellow guest Lorraine Bracco were tasked with playing a game called "Psychia Tweet," in which Cohen read a tweet and they had to guess which one of the three celebrities he listed was responsible for writing it, and then offer a diagnosis. After reading the tweets of a few celebs, Cohen then read this one: "Yeah, you really don't know how lonely till you've gone to town on five chicks at once. Still winning." The three celebrities from which they could choose were Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Hefner, and, of course, Sheen. The women, however, didn't even need to hear those other names, and immediately correctly guessed that particular gem was issued by Sheen. 

Asked to provide a diagnosis, Bernard simply said, "Hopeless." Bracco, seated next to Bernhard, turned her head to face her and said, "Whoa, you're tough!"

Ashton Kutcher told him to 'shut the f*** up'

After Charlie Sheen was fired from "Two and a Half Men," Ashton Kutcher was hired to replace him. Sheen was not happy about it and made numerous disparaging remarks about the "That '70s Show" alum. Sheen, in fact, continued to hold a grudge, judging by his 2014 tweet praising former co-star Jon Cryer, and then asking, "who's your lame side-kik?" In a follow-up tweet, Sheen jokingly apologized to Kutcher, adding, "now quit barfing on my old brilliant show."

Kutcher responded to Sheen's comments during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "Dude, shut the f*** up!" Kutcher proclaimed. "Seriously, like, enough already. Like, it's, like, three years later and you're still blowing me up on Twitter. Like, come on dude, really?" Sheen then tweeted an apology, which was actually a setup for another slam: "but news flash Dood, you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I'll put you on a hospital food diet for a year," he wrote.

During a 2017 interview with Australia's "Kyle & Jackie O Show," Sheen admitted that he'd been out of line. "I was stupidly mean to him because I overlooked the reality and difficulty of taking over a show," he said, as reported by People. "He was tasked with such an uphill struggle and I was more into my own ego than I was aware of his own battle," he added. "And for that I am regretful."

Bree Olson was furious at him for not disclosing his HIV

In 2015, Charlie Sheen appeared on "The Today Show," where he shared the shocking news that he was HIV positive and had been diagnosed four years earlier. This proved to be particularly disturbing to Bree Olson, who'd been one of Sheen's "goddesses" back in 2011. 

Olson spoke out during a subsequent appearance on "The Howard Stern Show." While Sheen claimed he'd informed all of his past sexual partners about his diagnosis, Olson claimed she'd only learned the news three days earlier. "I am so upset," Olson admitted. "He doesn't even value my life." According to Olson, Sheen didn't use rubber condoms but favored those made from lambskin — which don't offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Asked if she felt that Sheen owed her a phone call, Olson declared, "I don't want it. I'd say 'f*** you' and hang up the phone." Olson had even harsher words for Sheen when she appeared on "Inside Edition." "He's a monster," she said. She also took to social media to fire back at claims that it was she who'd infected Sheen. "I DO NOT HAVE HIV. I AM HIV NEGATIVE," she tweeted.

Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, responded to Olson's allegations in a statement to E! News, insisting that Sheen had tested negative for HIV at the time he and Olson were together. "He didn't tell her because he wasn't HIV positive at the time," Burg said.

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