The Shady Side Of Victoria's Secret Models

This feature discusses racism, fatphobia, and addiction.

Founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, Victoria's Secret is one of the biggest retailers in intimate fashion. From loungewear to sports apparel and of course, lingerie, the brand's vision focuses on women's sensuality — as demonstrated through its ultra-feminine designs and picture-perfect models. With the introduction of their glamorous "Angels" in 1997, the brand gained cultural respect and relevance that would influence the masses for years to come. But the skimpy brand also faced continual criticism of its annual fashion show, which did little to support body or gender inclusivity. In 2021, Victoria's Secret copped to the fact that its marketing had become dated and clipped the wings of its infamous angels, in the process. In their place was an attempt at more inclusive marketing, tailored to reflect diverse body types. 

But during its supermodel prime, Victoria's Secret launched several unknown beauties into international superstardom. Models like Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Adrianna Lima, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became the most recognizable faces of Victoria's Secret, and proudly strutted millions of dollars worth of lingerie down the runway in the process. But behind the scenes, some of these models were accused of behavior as messy and complicated as an ill-fitting crotchless string thong. 

And while the company may have taken steps toward progress, these Victoria's Secret models of past and present have all done or been accused of some seriously shady behavior. Behold, the truly ugly and not-at-all angelic side of Victoria's Secret models.

Kelly Gale was hungry for attention

In December 2018, Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale was accused of fat-shaming when she filmed herself jumping rope right outside of an In-N-Out Burger restaurant. In one clip, Gale quips, "We're at ... In-N-Out? ... so I guess I'm having my pear!" She followed that up with another video of herself setting up her exercise equipment on a table outside of the fast food eatery, asking her followers, "Who else works out at In-N-Out?" She then did a series of exercises, including leg lifts and more jumping rope. In another video, a friend brought Gale a bunch of fruit and vegetables while she was still outside of the burger joint. "Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys, 'cause I don't," she said in another clip.

At best, Gale was acting desperate for attention, and, at worst, she was not-so-subtly shaming people who enjoy fast food. One follower snapped on Twitter, "Who the hell does [Kelly Gale] think she is? How dare you fat-shame others? [In-N-Out] is the best and you can eat whatever you want Ms. Gale but please don't be so pathetic and unkind to others. Entitlement is not cute." The ill-advised videos were apparently part of a marketing exercise for the fashion retailer, Revolve. Per the Daily Mail, neither Gale nor the company in question responded to a request to comment on the controversy. 

Kendall Jenner can't get any peace

Renowned model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner is no stranger to controversy. In 2017, she starred in a widely criticized Pepsi commercial where she was depicted diffusing tensions at a "peace protest" by offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer.  The commercial was immediately accused of appropriating elements of the Black Lives Matter movement and of trivializing its message in doing so. Pepsi pulled the ad after only a few days, with a spokesperson telling The New York Times, "We did not intend to make light of any serious issue." Meanwhile, Jenner got emotional while addressing the controversy in an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," (via Insider) stating, "I feel really bad that this was taken such a wrong way and I genuinely feel like s***."

Just a year later, Jenner caught more heat after she made some privileged comments about being selective with her modeling career during an interview with Love Magazine. "I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f*** those girls do," she proclaimed. "More power to 'em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else." The comment was immediately met with fury from fellow models, who emphasized how crucial it is to book as many runways shows as possible for the sake of their livelihoods. On Twitter, Jenner suggested her comments had been taken out of context, stating, "It was intended to be entirely complimentary."

Karlie Kloss was accused of cultural appropriation

At the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Karlie Kloss strutted the runway in a Native American-inspired headdress as part of a Thanksgiving-themed look. In Native American culture, headdresses are ceremonial and representative of respect — they are something to be earned. As a result, many were offended by the way it was used during the show, with Navajo Nation spokesman Erny Zah telling AP (via Time), "We have gone through the atrocities to survive and ensure our way of life continues. Any mockery, whether it's Halloween, Victoria's Secret — they are spitting on us. They are spitting on our culture, and it's upsetting." Victoria's Secret quickly apologized, tweeting that the offensive look would be removed from the broadcast. Kloss also tweeted her response, stating, "I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone."

In 2015, after a two-year stint as an Angel, the model left the company altogether. At the time it appeared the decision was due to her busy schedule. However, four years later, and following some feminist theory studies at NYU, Kloss suggested to British Vogue that she had other concerns. "I didn't feel it was an image that was truly reflective of who I am and the kind of message I want to send to young women around the world about what it means to be beautiful," she explained. "I think that was a pivotal moment in me stepping into my power as a feminist, being able to make my own choices and my own narrative."

Gigi Hadid was accused of racial insensitivity

In 2017, many fans noticed that Gigi Hadid was absent from the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That's likely because the show was held in Shanghai, China, and, before it was filmed, the model found herself in hot water after a video in which she imitated a Buddha cookie by squinting her eyes hit the internet. The clip sparked significant backlash, prompting Hadid to issue a public apology in both English and Mandarin on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo (via "It hurts me to hurt anyone, and I want you all to know that it was never my intent to offend anyone through my actions," she wrote. "... I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt or felt let down by me"  However, the apology seemingly fell flat — potentially because she only issued it on Weibo and not on Twitter or Instagram.

Two years earlier, Hadid was also scrutinized for appearing on a Vogue Italia cover dressed in a turquoise afro while sporting a super-dark tan. The photograph received significant backlash online, but that didn't stop the publication from repeating the mistake in 2018.  In an extensive note posted on Instagram and Twitter, Hadid apologized and suggested the publication had edited the image to make her skin appear darker than it was in person. "Although I understand what Vogue Italia's intentions were, it was not executed correctly, and the concerns that have been brought up are valid," she wrote. 

Bella Hadid has a seriously sketchy past

While Bella and Gigi Hadid have long been two of fashion's biggest IT girls, their rise to fame has not been without controversy and both have been accused of racial insensitivity. In 2018, Bella was accused of using a racial slur while singing along to Lil Wayne's "Rich As F***" at Coachella. This led netizens to dredge up old tweets from the supermodel in which she'd also used the same word and others where she'd stated stereotypes against people of color.

A year later, the model accidentally offended her followers by posting a photo of her shoe facing a Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates aircraft — which in Middle Eastern countries can symbolize that whatever it's facing is beneath you. The star issued a lengthy apology for the pic on Twitter, where she wrote, "I would never want my posts or platform to be used for hate against anyone especially those of my own beautiful and powerful heritage ... I love and care so much about the Muslim and Arab side of my family."

Back in 2014, when Bella was 17, she made different headlines when she was arrested for underage drinking and driving under the influence (she pleaded no contest to the charges), per TMZ. After the incident, Blind Gossip published an email allegedly sent from Yolanda Hadid to her youngest daughter. The purported correspondence begged Bella to clean up her act as well as her car, which was reportedly strewn with prescription drugs, beer cans, vodka bottles, rolling papers, and dirty underwear. 

Miranda Kerr's love life landed her in hot water

In 2012, Miranda Kerr found herself in the middle of some major "Jelena" drama when her love life got entangled with that of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Brazilian model allegedly met Bieber at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where the pop star performed a few hits on stage. At the time, Kerr was married to Orlando Bloom and Bieber was dating Gomez. In October 2013, Bloom and Kerr announced their breakup — but this was just the start of the drama. 

Five months after the split, Bloom was spotted with Gomez. However, they both claimed their relationship was platonic. Then, in July 2014, Bloom was spotted fighting with Bieber in Ibiza. While it's unclear who started the altercation — in video footage obtained by TMZ, Bieber can be seen saying something before Bloom throws a punch at him — rumors swirled that it was over Kerr. A month later, a source claimed to E! News that the "Baby" singer had continued flirting with Kerr via text message following the 2012 VS Fashion Show. However, she denied that they'd slept together in a statement supplied by her lawyer to TMZ. Messy!

Per The Wall Street Journal, Kerr's love life drama continued in 2017 when she happily complied with a request to hand over $8.1 million worth of jewelry to the U.S. Department of Justice. The items had been gifted to her by Malaysian financier Jho Low, who was accused of embezzling around $4.5 billion from Malaysia's 1MDB sovereign wealth fund, per Insider. Low denied any wrongdoing in an interview with Singapore's Straits Times (via Reuters). 

Tyra Banks' Next Top Models weren't happy

In the 90s and early 2000s, Tyra Banks ruled fashion. From the catwalk to our television screens, the model was inescapable and hugely influential. In 2003, Banks created the successful reality competition show, "America's Next Top Model," which lasted for 24 cycles and 315 episodes. Though still seen as a cult classic, in recent years, "ANTM" has received its fair share of criticism.

Many former contestants such as Kahlen Rondot, Shandi Sullivan, and Lisa D'Amato have alleged that they experienced humiliation and trauma during their time as contestants on the show. In a since-deleted blog post, Cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry even claimed that she was never given her prizes after the show had completed — a contract with Revlon cosmetics and representation by Wilhelmina Models (a spokesperson for Banks declined to comment on Curry's accusations, but told Entertainment Weekly that some aspects of production were beyond her control).

But this only touches the surface of the accusations. Several contestants, such as Angelea Preston, have accused the show of starving contestants and dehydrating them for the sake of drama. "When the cameras stopped rolling, it was like [Banks] was a stranger," Preston told Insider. "I used to admire her so much. I wanted to be like her. When I met her, I was very disappointed." Speaking to "Chicks in the Office" in 2020 about the show's many on-screen missteps — but not necessarily its alleged behind-the-scenes issues — Banks noted, "I've apologized for it and we're going to apologize again and keep apologizing because it was wrong."

Jessica Hart dissed Taylor Swift multiple times

Ex-Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart and Taylor Swift have had deep-rooted beef for several years. In 2013, both stars participated in their first-ever Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Swift's performance immediately won over viewers and the VSFS crew, and she was invited to return the following year. However, Hart was not so lucky, with an insider claiming to Daily News that the model was removed from the show as a contractual request from Swift's team.

Rumors had it that Swift might've been salty after Hart's Women's Wear Daily interview. When asked if the singer was VS model material, the Victoria's Secret angel responded, "No ... God bless her heart. I think she's great. But, I don't know, to me, she didn't fit." Ouch. A week later, the star suggested her comments had been misinterpreted and she tried to backpedal her comment, telling US Weekly, "I adore Taylor Swift ... She is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night." Unfortunately, it was too late. 

Hart didn't acknowledge the rumored feud until 2018 when she posted an Instagram photo of herself sporting a cropped pink sweatshirt with the phrase, "FOUR LETTER BAD WORD TAYLOR SWIFT" — we'll allow your imaginations to conclude what that mysterious four-letter word could possibly be. Hart proudly sported the sweatshirt in three different photos, consequently reigniting feud rumors five years later. However, she seemingly deleted the posts after a flurry of backlash from angry Swifties. 

Cara Delevingne faced online critics

In the 2010s, Cara Delevingne was unstoppable and everywhere — from the big screen to Tumblr dashboards and designer campaigns. Thanks to her bold brows and piercing smize, the British bombshell snagged contacts with Fendi, Burberry, Chanel, and of course, Victoria's Secret, where she walked the annual fashion show for two years in a row. 

Despite her success, Delevingne has weathered her fair share of controversy. In 2022, for instance, the model was accused of fetishizing Black women after she exhibited erratic behavior around Megan Thee Stallion at the BBMA's. The star was seen following the musician around, sticking her tongue at her, and appearing to interrupt her conversations, which many felt stole the limelight from the award winner. During an appearance on "The Tonight Show" (via E! News), Delevingne told Jimmy Fallon that she was simply being Megan's hype woman. "I was living my best life, but people found it a bit odd," she said. "But that's me. No shame."

At a Halloween party a year earlier, the model was filmed interrupting Azalea Banks mid-performance by invading the stage, grabbing the mic, and talking over the opening bars of "212" before licking the rapper's legs. Amidst the controversy, Banks defended her pal in a lengthy Twitter thread where she dismissed criticisms of her behavior. 

By the end of 2022, Delevingne attracted even bigger scrutiny due to her increasingly erratic behavior. Speaking to Vogue a year later, she described these headlines as a wake-up call to fully address her substance misuse issues and get sober. 

If you or anyone you know needs help with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Erin Heatherton kept getting sued

Erin Heatherton is an American model known for her striking beauty and captivating presence on the Victoria's Secret runway. The blonde bombshell became an Angel in 2010 and has since graced the covers of notable publications like Vogue, Elle, and GQ. While her modeling career has brought her fame and success, Heatherton has also found herself caught up in some shady accusations throughout her career as she seemingly just can't stop getting sued.

In 2015, she was sued by her former business partner and stylist Clare Byrne over her failed sportswear line, RetroActive. Per The Blast, the line never launched with Byrne accusing the model of abandoning the project. The stylist consequently sued Heatherton for $10 million, citing a breach of contract.  Heatherton then counter-sued Byrne after accusing the stylist of ruining the line. Rather than dealing with her legal troubles, Heatherton reportedly proceeded to go on a Safari vacation, with The Blast reporting that the model had blown off paying her legal bills and was planning on filing for bankruptcy. 

In another notable lawsuit, Heatherton was sued by her neighbors for allegedly keeping them up at night with her wild parties. According to Toronto Sun, the residents' board of Heatherton's Manhattan building filed a civil suit against the model after previously sending seven written warnings about noise disturbances. The board additionally alleged that the model had unpaid charges totaling up to $16,000. Heatherton eventually moved out of the apartment altogether, per WWD.

Devon Windsor didn't understand white privilege

In 2013, Devon Windsor walked her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This led to her becoming a regular on the VS runway, and she eventually earned her wings as an Angel. With her classic all-American look, Windsor truly embodied the allure associated with the brand, but it also left her at a disadvantage: this model doesn't have a clue about white privilege. 

When a discussion about diversity in fashion happened during an episode of E!'s "Model Squad," many models of color spoke about the adversities they had faced in the predominantly-white industry. When Windsor joined the discussion by sharing that she found it hard to live in a different city every month where she didn't speak the language, her fellow models pointed out that these difficulties weren't quite on the same level. Windsor retaliated by joking, "Do you know how hard it is to be blonde? I have to get a highlight every month." It didn't go down too well with her fellow models or the show's viewers.

On Twitter, Windsor acknowledged the struggles of her fellow models and apologized for her insensitive statements. "I made a comment in jest to infuse levity and I feel terrible that I have hurt others. I'm even more disappointed that my comments could lead anyone to believe that I have a prejudicial bias," she said. "... I hope that I can continue to learn from others. I am always trying to be a better version of myself!"

The Angels dropped a racial slur

Throughout the years, Victoria's Secret has faced a number of controversies and allegations of racist behavior involving some of its models. One of their earliest scandals was in 2010 when the brand sent Black models down the runway in animal print looks, with fashion and body paint inspired by those of indigenous cultures. The title of that segment? "Wild Things."

Since then, a couple of VS models have been accused of casual racism. But in 2017, a behind-the-scenes video at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show accidentally exposed a few of the bombshells as having casually used a racial slur. The now-deleted video shows a group of models happily rapping along to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" and failing to skip over a racial pejorative used in the track. The only person in the clear was Devon Windsor, who was facing the camera and skipped the entire line of the song. Jezebel theorized that the surviving video might have been taken from Karlie Kloss' personal blog.  However, following the backlash, the model consequently edited the controversial line out before taking the video down altogether. As of this writing, none of the models featured in the video have seemingly ever commented on it. 

Gisele Bündchen's smug comments about breastfeeding

Gisele Bündchen first joined Victoria's Secret in 2006 and has since built a long and fruitful legacy, becoming one of the richest models in the world with an estimated net worth of $400 million, as of 2022. Still, she is not immune to making ignorant comments. On several occasions, Bündchen found herself at the center of controversy due to her comments about breastfeeding. 

In a 2010 interview with Harper's Bazaar, (via Daily Mail) Bündchen expressed that it should be a worldwide law for mothers to breastfeed for at least six months. The comments came seven months after the birth of her son, and she was already back to modeling bikinis. "'I think breastfeeding really helped," she said. "Some people here think they don't have to breastfeed, and I think, 'Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?'"

From what the model describes, her first experience with motherhood was somewhat of a fairytale, and many were infuriated at Bündchen's ignorance and privilege. She eventually backed down. "It's unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white. I am sure if I would just be sitting talking about my experiences with other mothers, we would just be sharing opinions," she wrote in a since-deleted blog post. "I understand that everyone has their own experience and opinions and I am not here to judge." 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's on-set drama

Finally, we have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The British model began her career at 16, appearing in campaigns for Levi's, Abercrombie & Fitch, and DKNY before being signed to Victoria's Secret at 19. A few years later, she became an official Angel, taking part in the annual runway show for five consecutive years. Known for her full lips and double-barrelled name, Huntington-Whiteley quickly became one of the most recognizable faces of the brand. 

However, she soon developed an interest in acting and would ruffle some feathers along the way. In 2010, tabloids pitted the model against actor Megan Fox after she was cast to replace the actor in the third "Transformers" movie. Unaware of the drama between Fox and franchise director Michael Bay at the time, Huntington-Whiteley auditioned for the female lead role and won it. However, in an interview with Next Movie (via Digital Spy), Fox refused to be baited and had nothing but nice things to say about the model who replaced her — take that, media-fabricated feud! 

In 2012, a source told Page Six that the model-turned-actor caused drama on the set of "Project Runway: All Stars" when she allegedly pulled out of the hosting gig at the last minute for her role in "Mad Max: Fury Road." The source told the outlet, "Literally days before filming, the show suddenly had no host. Rosie had been pushing really hard for the job. She'd charmed everyone." The insider also suggested that the Weinstein Company threatened to sue the model, despite claims that she never signed a contract.

Naomi Campbell has a violent history

Naomi Campbell is one of the biggest supermodels in the universe, rising to fame as a teen by first starring in a Bob Marley music video. She quickly made a name for herself in the fashion world, and by 1996 she was walking down the Victoria's Secret runway. But despite her modeling success, Campbell found herself in the midst of many a controversy... namely eight different assault allegations, per The Independent.

In 1998, Campbell came under fire for assaulting her assistant, Georgina Galanis, who accused Campbell of grabbing her throat and hitting her in the head with a telephone while the model was filming a movie in Toronto, Canada. Campbell ended up pleading guilty in Canadian court in 2000, according to the BBC, but did not receive jail time. A few years later, the supermodel found herself in a similar situation — this time being accused of assaulting her housekeeper, Ana Scolavino, with a Blackberry smartphone that left her requiring four stitches, according to Reuters. A sentencing of a third-degree assault charge followed, which included five days of community service, a $363 fine, and an order to attend anger management classes. Over the years, even more employees raised abuse allegations, and she even faced two counts of assaulting an officer in 2008 while being removed from a British Airways flight. Most recently, Campbell was found guilty of assaulting a paparazzi in Sicily in 2015 following a 2009 altercation, per ET Online

Doutzen Kroes was accused of spreading misinformation

Doutzen Kroes first joined the ranks of the esteemed Victoria's Secret models in 2008, and continued with the brand for seven years before parting ways in 2015. More recently, Kroes found herself in the headlines for a surprising reason. In July 2020, as hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic reached a fever pitch, the model took to Instagram to raise some questions around the mainstream narrative. "Do they want us to be healthy? Why is boosting our immune systems with vitamins and food rich in nutrients not part as a measure against Covid?" Kroes's lengthy caption read in part. 

This line of thinking led Kroes to later raise questions surrounding the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines the following year. She once again took to Instagram in September 2021, writing in part, "I will not be forced to take the shot. I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society. I will not accept exclusion of people based on their medical status. Freedom of speech is a right worth fighting for but we can only solve this united in peace and love!" Her post left her labeled an "anti-vaxxer" by mainstream media, including Vogue, but she had one supporter in her comments section — former co-worker Gisele Bundchen, who wrote, "It saddens me to see all the judgment and the lack of empathy in so many people's hearts. Hate is not the answer."

Heidi Klum is accused of cultural appropriation

Heidi Klum landed one of the biggest jobs in her modeling career in 1997 when she first walked the Victoria's Secret runway. The gig would continue on for 13 years, and during 11 of those Klum was one of the revered Victoria's Secret Angels. But her notoriety would also land her in the spotlight for some less-than-flattering reasons, like being accused of cultural appropriation over a Halloween costume back in 2008.  After her Victoria's Secret status, Klum was also incredibly well known for her over-the-top Halloween parties, which included her arriving in incredibly outlandish costumes over the years. But in 2008 as the supermodel arrived in blue face paint and an elaborate golden crown and black wig as the Hindu goddess Kali, many Hindi leaders took issue with the getup, per British Vogue, with Hindu Janajagruti Samiti member Bhavna Shinde calling it "denigrating."

According to the outlet, the model earned the Best Costume of the night award, with many praising her for the creative selection. She told reporters of the inspiration, "It was actually my assistant's idea. My husband and I were in India last year, so she said, 'Why don't you do an Indian goddess? Like a scary Indian goddess?' And I said 'OK!'" And on Instagram, she elaborated, writing, "In 2008, after an inspiring trip to India (one of my favorite places I've ever traveled to), with the intention of the utmost of respect, I wanted to pay homage to a part of their vibrant culture by dressing as the goddess Kali for #HeidiHalloween!" 

Behati Prinsloo defended the fashion show's lack of diversity

Victoria's Secret fans first met Behati Prinsloo in 2008, when she started modeling for Pink. Just one year later she walked her first runway, and would go on to walk nine more times through 2018 (with a few absences while welcoming children with husband Adam Levine over the years). Perhaps that's why she developed such an allegiance to Victoria's Secret's chief marketing officer, Ed Razek... to the point where she defended his controversial comments in 2018. Razek spoke to Vogue that year about the brand's diversity issues, explaining, "If you're asking if we've considered putting a transgender model in the show or looked at putting a plus-size model in the show, we have. We invented the plus-size model show in what was our sister division, Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant still sells plus-size lingerie, but it sells a specific range, just like every specialty retailer in the world sells a range of clothing. As do we. We market to who we sell to, and we don't market to the whole world." 

The comments incited rage online, resulting in an apology from the brand, but Prinsloo came to the defense of Razek. The model told Elle that December, "There's a lot of talk about everything but I think people need to also understand that it's a show. It's not saying negative or positive about any body type, it's 'this is who they are.'" She added, "People also need to understand that it's just a show."

Jourdan Dunn had a pregnancy controversy in her teens

Model Jourdan Dunn was already a high-fashion darling long before making her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show debut in 2012. Her run with the brand would be short lived — by 2015 she was vocally speaking out against Victoria's Secret. That November Dunn tweeted (via Teen Vogue), "Feeling so much better about not doing BS ... sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn't doing it also." Calling her old employer "BS" didn't sit well with fans, and she quickly deleted her post. It wouldn't be her first time in negative spotlight, just a few years later she found herself in hot water for a controversial magazine cover.

Back in 2009, Dunn landed the cover of Teen Vogue at just 19 years old. And while that doesn't sound controversial, she also happened to be pregnant at the time. Her baby bump isn't pictured in the cover photo, but the accompanying article revealed that the pregnancy was not planned and the model struggled with how to share the news, sharing, "all I could think about was what my mom was going to say, my agency, my boyfriend." As for her mom's reaction, Dunn revealed, "When I told my mom, she started crying and blaming herself. She got pregnant with me at the same age, and she said, 'I don't want you to have to go through what I did." Many organizations were unhappy with the glamorization of teen pregnancy in the wake of the cover, with the executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association, Valerie Huber, stating, "Teen parenting isn't glamorous, even if you are a teen model" (per PennLive).