Jurnivah Désir

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New York City
Boston University
Music, TV, Pop Culture
  • Jurnivah has had a passion for all things media and writing from a young age. A fangirl at heart, she's written everything from fanfiction to newspaper articles to social media posts.
  • She has previously written for music entertainment websites and small college publications, such as Sparky.wtf, Charcoal Magazine, and The BU Buzz.
  • Jurnivah loves pop culture and has also previously worked as an art teacher and social media manager. Ultimately, Jurnivah hopes to write a children's book.


Jurnivah has written her entire life but began writing professionally after college. From a young age, she enjoyed writing short stories and journaling, and this passion later transferred to writing in her high school's newspaper and contributing to multiple publications at her university. Jurnivah went on to write for Dynamic Television as a production and development associate, and as a music journalist for Sparky.wtf. She also used her leadership and language skills to teach art classes at a bilingual elementary school. Jurnivah joined Static Media in 2022 and has been putting her love of TV, music, and pop culture into features for Nicki Swift.


Jurnivah graduated from Boston University with Bachelor's of Science in Communications, a concentration in Film and Television, and a minor in Sociology.
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