Taylor Swift's Nod To Travis Kelce At Her Concert Is A Next-Level Swiftie Hint

It's starting to look like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may be each other's endgame. While it seems like yesterday that the superstar and the superathlete were kickstarting their romance, recent gestures from the two have fans believing that their relationship is evolving into something more serious.

Swift and Kelce's love story started innocent, with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end making the first move by publicly declaring that he had the hots for the "Cruel Summer" singer. He shared on the podcast he co-hosts with his brother Jason that he went to Swift's "The Eras" tour hoping to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it, only to be shot down by her incredibly tight security. But he hoped they would eventually cross paths, and even tried shooting his shot again by inviting her to attend one of his games. The athlete must have thanked his lucky stars then, as Swift graced his games with her presence not just once, but four separate times!

Kelce, of course, returned the favor by showing up to a "The Eras" tour stop in Buenos Aires, no less. That prompted Swift to pull a stunt that made thousands of fans swoon: she changed the lyrics to her song "Karma" to reference her newfound love (Travis, duh!). "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me," she sang, and as captured on camera by fans, Kelce appeared both dumbfounded and lovestruck by the grand romantic statement. And in true Swift fashion, she dropped more Easter eggs in the subsequent shows, all directed at Kelce, of course, keeping fans on their toes about how their love story would unfold.

The light-up bracelets on The Eras Tour changed to the Chiefs' colors

Travis, look what you made her do! Taylor Swift can't seem to stop dropping clues that she's head over heels in love for that guy on the Chiefs. Aside from making a surprise lyric change and sprinting to Travis Kelce's embrace and kissing him the minute her set ended (yes,it happened, and it was glorious), the "Blank Space" crooner gave another covert tribute to her new flame by deliberately changing fans' light-up bracelets to the Chiefs' official colors. As many observed, the bracelets of thousands of people in the audience switched from blue to red and gold precisely when Swift was performing the song "Endgame." Coincidence? We think not!

Swifties couldn't help but gush over the not-so-subtle gesture, with many taking the hint that the light change was indeed a nod to the footballer. "Our girl is so in love! He better never break her heart," one commented. "She's a mastermind, after all. The whole show was like a huge love letter to Travis," another remarked. Some fans also challenged Kelce to reciprocate with equally grand public displays of affection. "This boy better be making grand gestures soon. Ma'am set a standard!" one wrote.

Swift's efforts did not go unnoticed, of course! Kelce dished on the "New Heights" podcast that he had a grand time in Argentina and admitted to being taken aback by everything, but most especially the unexpected lyric change. "When I heard it come out of her mouth, still shocked me," he said. "I was like, 'Oh shh! She really said that!'"

What's next for Travis and Taylor?

Regardless of any skepticism about their schtick being a mere publicity stunt, it's hard not to root for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as they continue to be open about how they admire one another. Some would say that everything's happening too fast, but even the people in their close circle believe that love is already in the air. "They're really happy. They're not saying they're in love yet. But it's obvious to her friends they're heading in that direction," an insider told Us Weekly. "Friends think they're in love."

But with the two having demanding schedules, many can't help but wonder if this will all end in heartbreak. Swift has a couple more international legs on her tour to complete, while Kelce has to dominate the field nearly every week on the NFL. The good news is they have both reportedly devised ways to maintain what they have — whatever it is. We've already seen a glimpse of it when Kelce hopped on a private plane to and from Argentina, and Swift doing the same to attend games in Kansas City.

"Travis and Taylor are a very real couple, they actually spend a lot of one-on-one time together and have developed a very real connection," another source told the outlet. "They have very detailed plans coming up on how to stay together while she's on tour and he has games." We love to see it!