The Biggest Celebrity Confessions Of 2023

The following article contains mentions of sexual abuse, drug addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

In the age of social media, most things aren't private, especially for a celebrity. The rich and famous are often bombarded by paparazzi cameras and questions about their personal lives to get the inside scoop: who are they dating, who are they hating, what's next, etc. Fans and haters alike post their theories about why a singer gained weight or overanalyze a selfie to determine if that celebrity got work done. The age of privacy is almost dead. Fortunately, entertainers and influential people manage to deny the public certain parts of themselves until they are ready to come forward about them on their terms.

Dozens of celebrity confessions have already shaken up the world. Rolling Stones member Keith Richards inhaled his dad's ashes, Grammy-winner Harry Styles has four nipples, and "All About That Bass" singer Megan Trainor has side-by-side toilets for her and her husband. Some admissions have been much more tragic. Child actress Jeanette McCurdy disclosed her extremely abusive relationship with her late mother in her memoir "I'm Glad My Mom Died," Demi Lovato had a crippling heroin addiction, and Amanda Seyfried suffered from severe panic attacks caused by her life in the limelight. Throughout the years, celebrity confessions continue to run the gamut, and 2023 was no exception.

Britney Spears had an abortion

In her 2023 tell-all "The Woman in Me," pop icon Britney Spears confessed to having an abortion. This twenty-year-old secret was a shock to fans everywhere. In recent years, fans have learned that Spears's life has been much darker than she (was allowed to) let on. Even when she was part of the quintessential early 2000s It couple with NSYNC member Justin Timberlake, life was not sunshine and rainbows, especially after then 19-year-old Spears had to make the difficult decision to terminate their unexpected pregnancy. 

She shares in her memoir, "I loved Justin so much. I always expected us to have a family together one day ... But Justin definitely wasn't happy about the pregnancy. He said we weren't ready to have a baby in our lives, that we were way too young" (via People). Because her pregnancy and abortion were a secret, she did not tell her family about it, and the procedure was performed at home. Spears recalls crying during the whole procedure and describes the decision as one of the most agonizing in her life. If this wasn't enough, Spears confirmed after years of fan speculation that she knew JT was cheating on her, "I was so infatuated and so in love, I let it go," she shared.

Although painful, the "Womanizer" singer shared that the book brought her closure, and she hopes it can help people who feel "misunderstood" (via Instagram).

Will and Jada have been separated for years

The Smith family has maintained an ambiguous public image for years. Fans lived in disbelief that actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were happily and healthily married. Maybe they were for a time, but in her new memoir "Worthy," Pinkett Smith offered a deep dive into their relationship, including the shocking revelation that the two have been separated since 2016.

In 2016, the couple was separated, during which Pinkett Smith dated singer August Alsina. They reunited for a "Red Table Talk," publicly patched things up, and got back together. But behind the scenes, the two were still split. In October 2023, Pinkett Smith sat down for a Today exclusive interview with Hoda Kotb, where she confirmed that, although not legally divorced, the Hollywood power couple decided to live completely separate lives. When asked why they didn't share their marital status with the public, the actress explained that they weren't ready to bring it to the public since they were still figuring it out.

Pinkett Smith disclosed that by 2016, the couple was tired of trying to keep up their fantasy romance. Some may recall that Smith shared a similar sentiment in his 2021 memoir but did not reveal their separation. And yet, they still are not divorced, "We just got deep love for each other," she told People, "And we are going to figure out what that looks like for us." Smith has yet to comment on his wife's memoir.

Megan Fox suffered a miscarriage

"Jennifer's Body" actress Megan Fox debuted a new side of herself in her first poetry collection, "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous." The book of poems chronicles the vulnerable and painful history of Fox's toxic relationships and concludes with two poems about a tragic miscarriage she endured with fiancé Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly. 

In 2022, Baker dedicated one of his performances to his and Fox's unborn child, a dedication many assumed to be about future children rather than a child lost. But Fox's collection offers new heartbreaking information. She writes about the pain and grief of losing her and Baker's 10-week-old baby girl, "I will pay any price/Tell me please/What is the ransom/For her soul?" (via People). The mother of three elaborated on her experience with Good Morning America, "[I]t sent [Colson and me] on a very wild journey together and separately ... 'What does this mean?' and 'Why did this happen?'" Baker, father of one, and Fox were briefly split earlier in 2023. But the two reconciled, and Baker even encouraged his twin flame to write the collection. 

Although deeply personal, Fox does not consider the book a memoir, an exposé, or a dig at all men, "[The book] gives an elegant place for your pain to live," she told GMA, "To put it into art makes it useful to other people." She posted on Instagram that she needed to excise these stories so she could finally be free.

Kylie Jenner regrets her plastic surgery

The KarJenners have always been coy about their cosmetic procedures, something that Kylie Jenner, the youngest and arguably most successful daughter, has been regretful of. Now, Jenner is speaking openly about her alterations and even came clean about wishing she'd never gotten some of them done at all.

In the Season 3 finale of their latest reality show venture, "The Kardashians" (via Us Weekly), the makeup mogul sat on the couch with her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, and admitted to getting her breasts augmented only a year before having her first child. She was only 19 and still healing from the surgery while pregnant with her and Travis Scott's daughter Stormi. While she confessed, Jenner swooned over her natural breasts and shared regret over their modification. Not only did this confession confirm fan suspicions of breast enhancement surgery, but it also showed a refreshing side of the Instagram star: her maternal side, "I would be heartbroken if [Stormi] wanted to get her body done at 19," Jenner shared with Karanikolaou, "She's the most beautiful thing ever ... I wish I could be her, do it all differently. I wouldn't touch anything."

King Kylie isn't the first sister to express grievances over her cosmetic decisions. The eldest, Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, admitted in 2011 to regretting her breast implants. Hopefully, a healthier dialogue about cosmetic surgery will ensue.

Blac Chyna is reversing her plastic surgery

A Kardashian by proxy, Rob Kardashian's ex-partner Blac Chyna, now going by her legal name Angela White, is also opening up about her plastic surgery. Only this time, she's candidly discussing her mission to reverse it.

White made a career off of her extremely voluptuous shape, similar to her former (basically) sisters-in-law. But she went to dangerous lengths to achieve such a look. "My rear end would get like inflamed, and it would get really, really hard and really, really hot," White told Access Hollywood regarding the illegal butt injections she got when she was 19; "It was really scary." She got the silicone removed and has been documenting all of her cosmetic reversals on Instagram. She's had her facial fillers dissolved, a tattoo removed, and her cheek piercings and breast implants taken out, all things she got out of pressure she felt by certain desired aesthetics, which she now feels do not reflect who she is inside. 

White's transformation has also been an internal one. In 2022, the TV personality went sober, was baptized, and stopped producing content for OnlyFans. "I'm more calm, I'm way more calm. I feel like my spirit is way more sensitive," White shared with Entertainment Tonight. Her Instagram is a home for educational videos about cosmetic reversals, fitness content, promotion for the non-profit Caterina's Club, and living a radiant, healthy lifestyle. And she looks gorgeous doing it.

Cobra reveals Megan Thee Stallion's struggle with depression

Rap music has always been a mix of sexy glamorization and raw vulnerability. Megan Pete, known better by her accurate stage name Megan Thee Stallion, has gained fame from the prior but has been slowly getting more into the painful and personal. But her single "Cobra" is the deepest dive into her emotional struggles yet.

"Cobra" is Pete's first self-produced single since legal battles with record label 1501 Certified Entertainment, just one of the many trials the Hot Girl endured in recent years. On the track, Pete spat bars about her rock bottom, explicitly detailing depression, alcoholism, self-harm, and a cheating boyfriend, all while being the breadwinner people rely on, "I'm sittin' in a dark room thinkin'/Probably why I always end up drinkin'/Yes, I'm very depressed/How can somebody so blessed wanna slit they wrist?" This track marks the first time Pete has publicly shared suicidal thoughts. In her August 2023 Elle spread, Pete said her depression started after the backlash she faced about the Tory Lanez shooting. She thought no one cared about her anymore and spent a lot of time crying, but she bounced back like a true hot girl. 

Pete explained the song's title as a metaphor. She posted on Instagram, "They gracefully shed their skins in hopes to heal from their past and during the process are very vulnerable. We, too, can gracefully let go of the past and focus on being the baddest hotties we can be."

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat at

Prince Harry bore all in his memoir

2023 was the year of the celebrity memoir. Kicking the year off was Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex's book "Spare," a revealing tell-all giving an inside look into his historical and highly televised life.

The son of Princess Diana and King Charles III has had a life of tragedy. He recalls feeling emotionally abandoned by his father after his mother's untimely death but eventually found ways of coping by speaking with a medium and driving through the tunnel where she died. Prince Harry was also up close to death when he served in the British army and reported in his book to have killed 25 people when stationed in Afghanistan, "It was not something that filled me with satisfaction, but I was not ashamed either," he wrote (via Harper's Bazaar).

On the more intimate side of things, Prince Harry detailed the awkward tale of losing his virginity to an unnamed older woman, "I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my [butt] and held me back ..." Their hookup happened in an open field behind a pub where the prince believes someone definitely saw them. But as an adult, Prince Harry found his better half in American actress Meghan Marke, a romance that shook up not only the world but his family, leading to a physical fight between the two brothers. Prince William allegedly insulted his brother's bride, charged at him, and knocked him down.

Ariana Grande admits to getting work done

Actress and singer Ariana Grande has been quite vocal about beauty and beauty standards as of late. When she started filming for the movie adaptation of the hit musical "Wicked," she changed her hair and brow color, forgoing the classic winged eyeliner she used to rock every day, and noticeably lost weight. Followers criticized these changes, especially her weight loss. On TikTok, she addressed criticism by recommending everyone stop talking about other people's bodies. She said the people believing she was healthier before she lost the weight were mistaken and she is now at a more appropriate weight for herself.

Her candidness continued in her September 2023 beauty routine video for Vogue, where the "positions" singer went down a surprisingly emotional road while sharing her makeup tips and tricks, "I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise," she shared, "... more and more and more hair, more and more [eyeliner]." Although she still has love for her staple style, she no longer wants hiding to be the intention of wearing makeup. Her confession led to a revealing beauty secret, one that cannot be purchased at Ulta, "[I've] had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox. I stopped in 2018," While choking up, Grande said she wasn't opposed to maybe getting work done in the future, but for now she wants to see her natural aging progress. 

About her honesty, she said, "If we're sitting here talking about beauty secrets, f*** it." 

SZA blasted her ex and confirmed plastic surgery

After the long-awaited release of her second studio album, "SOS" singer-songwriter SZA, born Solána Imani Rowe, returned to global touring, thrilling her fans. Audiences expected and received live performances of her hit songs like "Kill Bill" and "Kiss Me More," but they did not expect the 33-year-old to put one of her ex-boyfriends on blast. At her London concert, Rowe disclosed to the crowd that London was, unfortunately, a sore city for her. A fan-recorded video captured the admission, "I never told anybody, but, like, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before... I was really sad to come here, but you guys made it so much better." At her show in Portland, Oregon, she put another ex on blast (or maybe the same one) for blocking her on social media. This time, the ex-boyfriend's father confronted her via text about her words, which Rowe dismissed and countered with her qualms with her ex (via Elle).

On her intro track for "SOS," Rowe finally confirmed fan suspicions that she had gone under the knife with a cheeky lyric about her butt being fake. She expanded on the decision for her Elle cover story, "I didn't succumb to industry pressure. I succumbed to my own eyes in the mirror and being like, No, I need some more [butt]." Rowe has yet to discuss whether or not she changed her nose, but another piece of the plastic surgery puzzle has been solved.

Bhad Bhabie opened up about sexual abuse

At 13, Danielle Bregoli got her fame after appearing on "Dr. Phil" as her mother's out-of-control child. After stealing a "Dr. Phil" crew member's car and being laughed at by the audience, she threatened the crowd, in an infamously iconic way, with, "Cash [sic] me outside, how 'bout that?" Thus was born her rap persona Bhad Bhabie and a life in the spotlight. Since then, Bhad Bhabie has become a highly criticized character, but Bregoli's painful history might explain it. She came out publicly about a dangerous camp for troubled teens that Dr. Phil and her mother sent her to, was having her money stolen by her mother, went to rehab, and experienced sexual abuse.

Six days after her 18th birthday, Bregoli opened an OnlyFans. Her account made $1 million in the first six hours, "It's creepy," she told model and podcast host Emily Ratajkowski about her subscribers, which led to the startling confession, "I was sexually abused as a child ... from when I was three to six and then from when I was thirteen to sixteen." She went on to compare her subscribers, specifically the ones who joined her account the minute she opened it, to pedophiles, but has not expressed regret over starting the page, "Do I think it's a billion percent okay? No. But ... if they ain't gonna find it here, they're gonna find it somewhere." As of this writing, Bregoli has not shared any further details.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Bad Bunny gets personal in new album

Benito Ocasio is the man behind Bad Bunny, the world's #1 non-English-speaking recording artist. Known lately for his reggaeton and cumbia style, listeners were shocked when he dropped his latest album "Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana" ("Nobody Knows What Is Going to Happen Tomorrow"). Not only did he change back to his trap and experimental styles, but he refocused his lyrics to be about a much more personal and hurting side of him. Now one of the most famous people in the world, the "King of Latin Trap" rapped on the album's first track about his suffering. In English, his lyrics are, "Feeling alone with a hundred thousand people in front of you/That everyone talks about you without knowing s*** ... And they even wish you dead."

The 22-song album is chock-full of emotional admissions. He addressed his sexual fluidity — something he has spoken candidly about before — in the song "Baticano" by denouncing sexual hypocrisy for God, "No man on earth has the right to judge in the name of Christ ... once again I sinned ... but I didn't invent sex or marijuana." The rest of the album addresses therapy, his fans, frustrations about the music industry, and more. Such raw and unfiltered emotion was not anticipated since Ocasio announced he was taking time to rest in 2023. Lo and behold, he released the new project and signed the cover art as Bad Bunny/Benito, symbolizing the human behind the artist.

Wayne Brady identifies as pansexual

On August 07, 2023, "Let's Make a Deal" host Wayne Brady posted a jovial and well-choreographed TikTok. Accompanied by "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," the video starts with Brady washing dishes and suddenly becomes a grand performance decorated with the rainbow and well-choreographed theatrics and fun that only a true showman would think of. Although highly entertaining, it came with an important message Brady shared in the caption, "As someone who gets to bring joy to others daily on TV, it's been ironic that I don't experience it as much as I'd like ... I've come to see a few truths ... this truth makes me [pansexual] and part of the LGBTQ+ family."

The 51-year-old entertainer told People that he's been attracted to men and non-binary people throughout his life and felt great shame for never pursuing those feelings or being out about them. Brady credited the death of Robin Williams to the beginning of his path to self-discovery, where he started speaking out on mental health issues and exploring his identity. After soul-searching and working in therapy, he came out to his ex-wife Mandie Taketa and their daughter Maile, both of whom support him and his coming out, "I knew coming out would make him happier," Taketa shared. He and his supportive family are set to have a new reality series come out in 2024.

The "Whose Line Is It Anyway" resident singer looks forward to dating but, as of this writing, is focusing on himself.

Doja Cat said her music was a cash grab

After five years of dropping Billboard Top 100 charting albums, rapper Amala Dlamini didn't get involved in a feud with another rapper, but her very own supporters.

Back in May, Dlamini posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, and made a startling confession about her two biggest-selling albums, "Planet Her" and "Hot Pink." She wrote, "[Those] were cash-grabs and y'all fell for it. Now I can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while y'all weep for mediocre pop" (via HipHopDX). On Threads, she went back and forth with her upset followers, told them to deactivate their fan accounts, and insulted their devotion to her. Dlamini's combative behavior resulted in 500,000 unfollows on Instagram, something she publicly reveled in. During this time, Dlamini was also under fire for her romantic sightings with alleged sexual and emotional abuser musician J. Cyrus. She responded with an all-caps comment, making it clear to her fans that she didn't care what they thought about her personal life. 

Dlamini's career started from internet trolling. Her first big hit, "Mooo!" was a single dropped as a joke, and the consequent international fame it gained her was completely unintended. But, with her shaved head, the "demonic" music videos, and departure from the pretty pop she is known for, she seems to be moving in a direction that pleases her. If she ticks off fans along the way, so be it.

Billie Eilish has a complex relationship with womanhood

One of the youngest Grammy winners in the game, Billie Eilish is a worldwide force to be reckoned with. As the world watches her grow up, she's gone through several iterations of herself, from baggy clothes and a creepy album cover to her angelic blonde cover for her sophomore album. Womanhood is something Eilish has been opening up about more. When she started revealing more of her figure, she released a poem, "Not My Responsibility," to tell the world to leave her and her body alone. On her ever-evolving look, she told Variety, "I've never felt like a woman ... I've never felt desirable ... I have to convince myself that I'm, like, a pretty girl." That same publication is honoring Eilish for their Power of Women issue.

There has been buzz about the "Bad Guy" singer's sexuality for years. When she was 17, Eilish was criticized for her song "I Wish You Were Gay." Listeners thought she was queerbaiting, aka pretending to be queer for attention. She denied those claims. In her 2021 music video for "Lost Cause," Eilish is accompanied by girls for a fun and flirty sleepover and captioned the photos on Instagram with "I love girls." Rabid speculation of her bisexuality flooded the internet. Years later, the 21-year-old singer has come out about having an attraction to women. She confesses to Variety about her adoration for women but finds them intimidating because of their presence and beauty. Hey, talk about relatable.

The Chainsmokers have had threesomes with fans

Made up of Alexander Pall and Andrew Taggart, The Chainsmokers is an EDM-Pop duo once ranked the world's highest-paid DJs. Although Taggart was not one of the founding members, he and Pall have become close friends with millions of fans, some of whom they also become quite close with. During their appearance on Alexandra Cooper's podcast "Call Her Daddy," the two discussed toxic exes, adultery, and the occasional threesome they have with their fans, "I don't think we've ever hooked up with a diehard fan," Taggart clarified, "No one wearing merch or anything."

They also enjoyed a few ménage à trois with non-listeners, an experience that was always unplanned and surprising to both of them. When Cooper asked if the two ever looked at each other differently, Pall answered, "I think we were just like, what the f*** just happened?" They confessed those times were weird but didn't express regret. It's something they comfortably joked about on the podcast. Pall also specified that these encounters happened years ago back when they had to share hotel rooms during the European legs of their tours, a country where their two twin beds were always pushed together. Cooper inquired if either of the "Closer" producers ever hooked up with someone the other was interested in outside of their threesomes. They said not to their knowledge but also appeared comfortable with the possibility. 

Psychedelics negatively impacted Post Malone

Austin Post's rap persona, Post Malone, became well-known for drinking Bud Lights, smoking weed, and living the rockstar lifestyle. But since the "Beerbongs and Bentleys" rapper became a father, his attitude about recreational drug and alcohol use has changed. During his appearance on "The Joe Rogan Experience," Post disclosed his upset over people equating his newfound happiness with being high, "I had my baby, and I'm in a great f***ing spot," he said, "[but] the first thing that happens is [people say] 'Oh, he's on f***ing drugs." The 28-year-old has also lost a considerable amount of weight, which some people attributed to a potential addiction to methamphetamines. Post recognized that some of these assumptions came from people who were genuinely concerned, but others were from people who were choosing to be mean to the new father. On Instagram, Post accredited his weight loss to achieving a healthier lifestyle and finding happiness as a dad (via Stereogum).

Post has also been open about his departure from smoking marijuana despite that being a major identifier in his early career. He told Rogan, "I smoked one bad joint ... ever since then ... I've been, like, watching my life happen." Rogan compared this dissociation to a schizophrenic episode, which Post did not refute. Post said his friends identify this sensation as depersonalization, which could have been caused by smoking regular THC or a joint laced with a narcotic. Either way, the experience inspired a split from marijuana and all hard drugs.

If you or anyone you know needs help with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Mo'Nique came out of the closet

At 55 years old, comedian and actress Mo'Nique came out of the closet. In her comedy special "My Name is Mo'Nique," the Oscar-winner detailed the story of her grandmother's complicated relationship with one of her children, known as Uncle Tina. She explained that her grandmother only loved Uncle Tina in private because of her religious beliefs. After witnessing this dynamic, Mo'Nique struggled to express her identity to her family, "I couldn't tell my grandmother my secret thoughts and my fantasies," she confessed through tears, "... Because had I told her my secret thoughts, she would have left thinking she had failed." The homophobic ideals of the churches she grew up in also influenced her choice to stay silent, and she applauds every person who feels they can live freely as their authentic selves.

Throughout her life, "The Parkers" star knew she had an attraction to women but repressed the desire by being with as many men as possible. In the past, she and her husband, Sidney Hicks, dabbled in having an open relationship, but the couple nixed that arrangement. Details about if that included both men and women are unclear. Hicks was the first person Mo'Nique confided in about her interest in women. She told him, "'I want to be with another woman sexually,'... and [he] said, 'B****, me too.'" Mo'Nique did not directly declare herself bisexual, but she did clarify she is interested in both men and women. Congratulations to her for coming out!