What The Cast Of Twilight Looks Like Today

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Love it or hate it, there's no denying that the Twilight saga was an absolute worldwide juggernaut. The books were so popular that the author of the series, Stephenie Meyer, was the second-highest-paid author in the world in 2010. While teenage girls across the globe were becoming total Twihards, the naysayers started cropping up as well. Legendary horror writer Stephen King even weighed in, telling USA Weekend (via The Guardian), "Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." Ouch.

Nevertheless, the series got monetized into a five-film-monster, raking in over $2.5 billion at the global box office. Almost overnight, the stars of the franchise were catapulted into fame, becoming household names instantaneously. So popular was the series, that the top three cast members, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, all made a whopping $25 million apiece for the final two films. Jealous yet?

It looks like the Twilight pandemonium still hasn't been put to bed, as Meyer published a companion book, Midnight Sun, in August 2020. Per CNN, "this time, it's sparkly vampire Edward Cullen's story." With interest in the franchise suddenly returning, have you wondered what the cast of the flicks has been up to? Let's take a look at what they look like today.

Kristen Stewart now has royal shoes to fill

There was once a time that Kristen Stewart was absolutely despised by critics, with people clambering up to declare she was a one-dimensional actor — all thanks to the Twilight saga.

Well, the star had the last laugh, as she hasn't stopped working since the franchise ended. Riding the coattails of her success as Bella Swan, Stewart went on to star as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012. Her personal life then took a hit when she was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. In a move that shattered the hearts of Twihards everywhere, K-Stew suddenly found herself gravitating towards indie roles, and out of the limelight of Hollywood. She was the first American to win the coveted French César Award for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria – the equivalent to an American Oscar. As she gushed to The Hollywood Reporter, "I really, really couldn't believe that they gave it to me, because those people rigidly dole out praise, especially to Americans."

It looks like Stewart shows no signs of slowing down, and in 2020, she impressively landed the role of Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín's drama, Spencer. As Leslie Carroll, a royal family expert, told Fox News, "Ms. Stewart has a built-in fan base from her Twilight movies, so the producers may be counting on her name recognition to draw viewers."

Bye Edward Cullen, hello Bruce Wayne!

Much like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson had some trouble shaking off his Twilight image, even as he set his sights on indie projects that would give him some reputable cred. David Michôd, director of 2014 Aussie dystopian drama, The Rover, ended up casting RPatz in a major role for the film, but even he, admittedly, didn't know what to expect. In a behind-the-scenes featurette, Michôd explained, "I thought he was going to be some kind of teen-heartthrob franchise guy."

Pattinson's next successful venture? 2017's Good Time, directed by the Safdie brothers. The indie flick fared so well, it even got some famous names gushing about it. Appearing on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to promote his own movie, Pete Davidson refused to stop raving about RPatz's crime-thriller. So, did the Twilight alum manage to get rid of his brooding vampire image? As Benny Safdie told The Guardian of Pattinson, "He wanted people to look at him in the movie as if he had been street cast. He wanted to disappear."

While Pattinson certainly didn't disappear, he's instead become an even bigger star, and has stepped into Bruce Wayne's shoes for 2022's The Batman. When GQ asked why he took on the role, the actor quipped, "What are the reasons not to do it?" More seriously, he explained he sees the part as a "puzzle" that's been filled by various actors. "And the puzzle of it becomes quite satisfying, to think: Where's my opening?"

This wolf became a witty comedian

It would have mades sense for Taylor Lautner to have the same fate as his two Twilight co-stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The heartthrob once famously committed to gaining 30 pounds of muscle to reprise his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, with teen girls everywhere wanting a piece of the buff werewolf. As it turns out, the Twi-hunk didn't have the same luck with the characters he chose. His immediate follow-up role to the blockbuster franchise was 2011's Abduction, and it turned out to be a total bust. After that, things in Tinseltown turned a bit sour. As one producer told The Hollywood Reporter, "[Lautner's] first movie just wasn't very good, and it didn't justify what he was asking for at the time."

What Lautner did next was unthinkable: he ditched his ever-declining Hollywood wolfpack and swam across the pond — into the dry land of English humor. Taking over for Andy Samberg in the BBC Three comedy series, Cuckoo, the world finally found out that Lautner is, in fact, a pretty funny guy. As British-run newspaper The Telegraph reported, fans wondered how the Twilight alum would fare. "The answer is: brilliantly." After sticking around on the show from 2014 until the end of 2018, Lautner finally left the series, although admitting in a statement (per TV Wise), "Not all goodbyes are forever."

Peter Facinelli definitely found his fanbase

The Cullen clan patriarch, Carlisle, played by Peter Facinelli, saw steady work as an actor after the Twilight saga ended. In fact, he made a fantastic discovery that boded fab for his career — taking on a guest role on Fox's musical comedy show, Glee. The actor revealed to Hollywood Life that the fanbase was pretty similar to that of the vampire series. "Now I have a connection with Glee fans — it's like a crossover for Glee and Twilight fans." Facinelli added that he even bonded with co-star Lea Michele, as he worked almost strictly with the star.

Learning how to appeal to his younger fanbase both with Twilight and Glee, Facinelli braved forward in 2015, finding work on CW's Supergirl. Only remaining on the show for a year, perhaps the celeb finally had enough of all the otherworldly vampires and superheroes. His next move? Stepping behind the camera for 2018's Breaking & Exiting. The actor-turned-director admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that the experience was "nerve-wracking." He went on, "When you're an actor and you go to a screening ... you think, 'Wow, I hope people like my performance' ... with this movie ... everything falls on me."

Pivoting yet again during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facinelli turned his sights to a new hobby: hypnotherapy. Speaking to E! about his new "skill," he revealed, "I'm actually certified now in hypnotherapy. I'm not going to be doing it professionally, but I wanted to do it more for myself." Whatever fulfills you, dude. 

Elizabeth Reaser can't shake off the macabre

Ever since her time playing vampire Esme Cullen in Twilight, Elizabeth Reaser refuses to give up all things spooky and grim. The brunette star appeared in 2017's Discovery Channel miniseries, Manhunt: Unabomber, based on the disturbing true story of convicted domestic terrorist, Ted Kaczynski. Speaking to Moviefone, the actor gushed about her love of darker projects, admitting, "Well, the true crime stuff, I confess to being obsessed with! Any of those kinds of shows I get really sort of sucked into." Reaser also admitted to perhaps being slightly typecast for darker roles — because of her face. "It seems sad or serious or something ... people just don't see me, unless they know me, they don't see me as a funny person."

Lucky for the Twilight alum her brooding face books her gigs. In 2018 she joined Netflix's creepy hit The Haunting of Hill House, playing mortician, Shirley Crain. Reaser called her character "unapologetically angry" in an interview with Syfy. "It was really fun to play. I just loved that about her." As it turns out, the macabre just works for her, and in 2019, Reaser appeared in The Handmaid's Tale for three episodes as Olivia Winslow — yet again a brooding character who lost her husband.

This star totally had a Twilight-esque wedding

Much like Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene traversed across the pond for some UK-based fun away from Hollywood. The actor landed a lead role alongside Scott Adkins in the English action-crime flick Accident Man, based on a character from the '90s UK comic, Toxic!.

With her brief British stint under her belt, Greene returned to America to join the cast of the YouTube web series, Step Up: High Water. Her role in the show is definitely a far cry from the sweet and loveable Alice Cullen in Twilight. Speaking to Access Hollywood about her character, Nine, she revealed, "I get to basically just be catty and sassy ... She's not evil, but I think she definitely knows what she wants and goes after it."

As for her personal life? It looks like the star still has a bit of spooky Twilight nostalgia in her. The brunette beauty took some time away from acting to get married in 2018 to hubby Paul Khoury — in a romantic grove of redwood trees. Harking back to the woodsy forest setting in which the Twilight saga was shot, her wedding day looked absolutely magical! So, any tots on the way for the happy couple? "We're not having kids in the near-near future," Greene told Us Weekly in 2020. "Before we have children, I just want to kind of get certain things set and implement certain things into our lifestyle now."

This actor has Twilight to thank for his career

Jackson Rathbone dabbled in many different ventures since playing Jasper Hale in his Twilight days, but he has no delusions about where all of that good career fortune is rooted. Opening up to Newsweek, the actor said, "I get to be selective now because I have a fairly good career after Twilight ... Twilight really brought me into worldwide recognition." While some of his co-stars (we're looking at you, Pattinson) have openly expressed their dislike of the flicks, Rathbone has no hard feelings. "I'm quite partial to the original just because I think Catherine [Hardwicke] did an incredible job setting the franchise and the tone," he told Newsweek

Since the saga, Rathbone has definitely picked meaningful roles, such as starring in 2017's true story, Heart, Baby. The actor played songwriter Doc and fellow prisoner to George Lee Martin, a boxer who is offered the opportunity at freedom in exchange for fighting at the 1984 Olympic Games. Along with admitting that the role truly taught him the meaning of forgiveness, Rathbone must have jumped at the opportunity to play a musician — considering that's another medium in which he's had success.

Heartwarmingly enough, As the actor revealed to The Post, he's stayed in touch with some of his Twilight castmates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "We all have had a big text chain recently ... you know, seeing if we can kind of pull together and help out in some way." Aww!

Watch your back, Matt Damon

After playing the most intimidating member of the Cullen clan, Emmett Cullen, Kellan Lutz landed even more burly Hollywood roles, and really, are we surprised? 2013 first saw him flexing his cartoon muscles in a 3D rendition of Tarzan, with the actor revealing that he still had to be in peak physical form for the role. In one of the bonus features about the making of the flick (via USA Today) the hunk revealed that for the motion-capture to work for the role, it involved "a lot of jumping, climbing, fighting and other physical work wearing a skintight suit."

After hanging up his animated loincloth, Lutz took on another heroic character. This time, the titular role in The Legend of Hercules in 2014. Although the typecasting is clearly evident, the hunky star doesn't mind. Speaking to Reuters, Lutz explained, "If everyone saw me as an action guy and gave me action movie after action movie, I'd be fine with it, it's one of those great genres that you always have fun doing." The actor also mentioned, however, that he'd love to have a career like Matt Damon, who's done action roles, along with both drama and comedies.

As of this writing, it looks like Lutz will have to flex his muscles for another major role off-camera: carrying a newborn. In an Instagram post, the actor revealed that he and his wife, Brittany Gonzales, welcomed a baby girl, Ashtyn Lilly Lutz, on Feb. 22, 2021. Congrats, you two! 

Nikki Reed found success doing what?

Not all of the Twilight alums continued with a streak of successful Hollywood flicks. Nikki Reed, the alluring Rosalie Hale of the Cullen clan, unfortunately, found herself in a string of flops, causing her to get crafty with her success. The solution? Recycling computer motherboards. Wait, what?

Per People, the actor-turned-designer started her own sustainable lifestyle brand, Bayou with Love, where she has collaborated with Dell to "extract gold and precious materials from computer motherboards and recycle them into jewelry." According to Reed, "there's 800 times more gold in a ton of computer motherboards than in a ton of ore from the ground, and over 60 million dollars of gold and silver is thrown away on landfill every year unknowingly. So why not use it?" We gotta say, the girl has a point.

Besides making trash look fab, the star also became an ambassador for the plant-based baby food delivery service, Raised Real. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reed was inspired to work with the brand thanks to her and actor hubby Ian Somerhalder's baby daughter, Bodhi. So how does the star try to unwind when she's this busy? "I have quiet time with a cup or two of tea every morning," Reed revealed to C in 2020. "I try to take that time to set up my day, get organized and stay grateful. I have been going on nature walks with my little one every day, which always brings so much joy."

Billy Burke returned to his villainous roots

Actor Billy Burke continued tackling moody projects since playing Bella Swan's dad, Charlie Swan, in the Twilight flicks. He had a recurring role in CBS action-thriller, Zoo, where he played a scientist, and in 2016, he starred in the horror film, Lights Out, which was met to relatively good reviews.

But it's his role in the 2018 crime-drama Breaking In, alongside Gabrielle Union, that has us buzzing, considering he plays an absolutely terrifying villain. Surprisingly enough, the actor revealed in an interview with KTLA 5 Morning News that it wasn't his first time playing a bad guy. That's right, folks, Bella Swan's soft-spoken dad actually has a mean streak. "I hadn't done it in a while. I spent the first good portion of my career I think getting gigs because of my ability to grow facial hair and sneer. It was nice to return to that."

At the time of this writing, as Deadline announced, Burke is set to star in Netflix's "dramedy series," Maid, due to come out sometime in 2021. For the role, it looks like he may finally be bridging both of his good guy and bad guy worlds as "a contractor whose life and career was hard hit by alcoholism and the recession," but after "becoming deeply religious and sobering up ... he denies any of the darkness in his past." 

Cam Gigandet and The O.C. didn't mix well

Cam Gigandet shot to fame playing the guy everyone loved to hate both in the Twilight series, and teen hit, The O.C. Hanging up his villainous cape in 2014, the actor then starred in short-lived CBS legal drama Reckless, playing a divorced father-of-two attorney. Although we're used to seeing the blonde actor scowl on camera, he revealed in an interview with Collider that he likes "having that balance" between playing both bad guys and good. After Reckless got canceled, Gigandet took on a role in the AT&T Original Series Ice, which lasted from 2016 to 2018 and was met to, unfortunately, lackluster reviews. Hmm, perhaps he should stick to what he does best?

More of a reserved dude in real life, it turns out, Gigandet isn't really in touch with most people he's acted with in the past. Although the celeb has kept mum about his Twilight castmates, he didn't have the most amicable things to say about some other former A-listers. Opening up to Elle, the actor dished about his not-so-great time on The O.C. "Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me," Gigandet said, adding, "I hadn't done anything at that point and he was a little bit of an a**. But I love him." As for Mischa Barton? "I didn't really ... Was she there? I don't even have memories of her," he said. Harsh!

In 2020, he had a chance to star alongside another teen icon, Riverdale's Camila Mendes, for the Netflix thriller, Dangerous Lies.

Twilight was a lifetime ago for Anna Kendrick

In terms of who has seen the most success since the Twilight days, Anna Kendrick is right up there with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. She's done so well for herself that she even tweeted she forgot she was ever in the series — Okay fine, the girl's got jokes. But the bubbly star has certainly kept busy since the franchise, landing a slew of films credits, most notably the Pitch Perfect flicks and Into the Woods.

Although Kendrick had what some would call a traditional role as Cinderella in Disney's Into The Woods, the star stands behind the fact that it's a feminist interpretation of a classic tale. As she explained to Vulture, "What's interesting about this version ... is that not only does Cinderella leave her prince, but she leaves with forgiveness and respect and compassion for the prince ... There is something extremely relevant and modern about the idea of civility in separation."

In 2020, the star took Vanity Fair down memory lane, and when it came to chatting Twilight, Kendrick recalled that she felt "so cold and miserable" filming in Oregon. Musing about her co-stars, she added, "it was also kind of bonding. There was, like, something about it, like you go through some trauma event, like, you imagine people who survive, like, a hostage situation and you're kind of bonded for life." We're not sure if comparing Twilight to surviving a hostage situation is exactly accurate, but to each their own.

Mackenzie Foy has become a horse-obsessed A-lister

In Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, fans witnessed what was probably one of the most terrifying childbirth scenes in cinema. By the time Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was released, viewers finally got a better glimpse of Renesmee Cullen — Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's daughter. Thankfully, we weren't graced with the genuinely abhorrent animatronic doll that almost made the flick's final cut (only a slightly creepy CGI baby), and we're lucky that vamps age fast, as actor Mackenzie Foy quickly filled the role of Renesmee.

Although she was still a tween when Breaking Dawn – Part 2 came out, Foy has since grown into a proper A-list star. As well as landing roles both in 2013's The Conjuring and 2014's Interstellar, the celeb also snagged the lead role in the Disney+ 2020 adaptation of Black Beauty. "I'm a massive fan of the original book and I was just really, really excited," Foy gushed to Pop Culturalist, adding, "After I read [the script], I was just sobbing because of how perfect it was."

It turns out, the star gained a newfound hobby after her stint playing a teenage horseback rider. "I'm obsessed now," she told Flaunt. "I've been riding every week." So, besides horseback riding and starring in blockbuster flicks, what else does Foy have planned on the horizon? "I hope to keep doing film," she mused. "Hopefully to one day start directing would be amazing."

Dakota Fanning discovered she has royal blood

Dakota Fanning has grown up in front of the camera. Who can forget her as the little girl in 2001's heartwarming I Am Sam, or alongside the late Brittany Murphy in 2003's Uptown Girls? Surprisingly enough, Fanning managed to bypass the turbulent years many former Hollywood child stars experience as they grow older and has maintained steady employment well into her adult life. In Twilight: New Moon, Fanning portrayed Jane, a powerful vampire of the Volturi, reprising her role both in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

In 2019, the blonde star landed a role in Quentin Tarantino's highly-acclaimed Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood. "A huge dream of mine was to work with Quentin Tarantino," Fanning revealed to Collider in 2020. "I wanted that since I saw Kill Bill for the first time ... Having that sort of come true was like a moment of this weird, like, relief ... it was just one of those moments that was so exciting."

Besides becoming a Tinseltown heavyweight, it looks like the War of the Worlds actor has a few other prestigious distinctions. According to Ancestory.com historians (via People), Dakota and her younger sister, Elle Fanning, are both descendants of "King Edward III, who ruled England for nearly 50 years from 1330 to 1376." Granted, that's not at all uncommon due to Edward III's vast lineage, which is now estimated to encompass nearly all Britons and many millions of U.S.-born British descendants. But that's not all. The famous Fanning sisters also distant cousins of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Step aside, J.Lo, Christian Serratos has filled Selena's shoes

Christian Serratos had a massive Hollywood glow-up since portraying the timid Angela Weber in the Twilight saga. Upon completing Breaking Dawn – Part 2 flick in 2012, Serratos only waited a few years before taking on the role of the plucky Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead.

As it turns out, playing Rosita for over 100 episodes on the hit AMC series served as a fantastic base for Serratos' next mega-project: portraying the iconic Selena Quintanilla in Netflix's Selena: The Series. Speaking to Complex, the actor dished about her "valuable" experience on The Walking Dead, saying that "being there for so long and paying attention to [her] surroundings was helpful for [her] going into Selena." Giving credit where credit is due, Serratos added, "Being a part of that ensemble cast is incredible ... I learned some great habits there to take into my next job."

Of course, stepping into the shoes of the late Queen of Tejano music made Serratos a pinch nervous. "I've been listening to her since I was way below single digits," the star told People. "It was really intimidating to audition and to play her, but I felt prepared in life to accomplish what I think we did on this show. I gave it everything I could." Serratos ended up impressing the biggest critics of all — Quintanilla's family. "I think that Christian did an outstanding job," praised A.B. Quintanilla, Selena's brother, to TMZ.

Bryce Dallas Howard and her 'agonizing' Baby Yoda experience

Bryce Dallas Howard made her Twilight debut in 2010's Eclipse as Victoria, replacing actor Rachelle Lefevre. Already a part of Hollywood royalty thanks to her dad, prominent director Ron Howard, Bryce previously made her own waves in the industry, starring in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village in 2004.

Since starring in the vampy teen franchise, Bryce was a part of quite a few big-name projects, yet she ultimately decided to follow in her father's footsteps and try her hand at directing. Anything worthwhile mentioning, you ask? Well, there's The Mandalorian, for starters. As of this writing, Bryce has impressively directed two episodes of the ultra-popular Disney+ series. "One of the reasons why I was hired for The Mandalorian was because [series creator] Jon [Favreau] himself is an actor," the star explained to Free the Work. "The transition from writing to directing can be very challenging ... Jon knew that I had been exposed to many different versions of how to approach problem solving and running a set."

As for the biggest challenge Bryce had to face being a part of such a cult TV show? Getting her young children to keep mum on Baby Yoda. Calling the experience "agonizing" to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryce joked, "When the kids went back to school, every single day I would say, 'So, what are you not gonna talk about today?' And they would say, 'Baby!'" Well done, Howard family, well done.

Michael Sheen has kept busy both on screen and off

Michael Sheen — not a brother of Charlie or Martin — has crafted his own impressive career without being related to the famous Hollywood clan. Heck, the star was even honored with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth herself in 2009 for his work portraying Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2006's The Queen (via People). Although, as he told Owen Jones of The Guardian, he returned the OBE years later due to his Welsh heritage, it's still a pretty awesome feat to achieve.

In the Twilight saga, Sheen plays Aro, the dangerous leader of the Volturi. As Uproxx gushed, "He over-enunciated, he exaggerated Aro's mercurial nature with rapid eye movement, twitchy physicality, and shrieking giggle fits." Simply put: Aro was a memorable character — albeit one that fits into the star's array of bizarre performances that span decades. Although Sheen has maintained a steady workflow since playing the crazed vampire, it's not his only passion, and he's not just seen in front of the camera anymore. "The truth of it ... is that I'm trying to find a different kind of balance in my life between acting and the non-acting side of things, so working around social issues," he explained to The Guardian in 2019.

In 2020, Sheen got creative yet again and took part in Staged, a "Zoom-based lockdown comedy" which NME writes has "revolutionized post-COVID telly."

Booboo Stewart still had 'to put in the work'

Taylor Lautner wasn't the only shapeshifting heartthrob in the Twilight franchise; there was also Booboo Stewart, better known to Twihards as Seth Clearwater. Stewart's popularity didn't end after the teen flicks, either, as his Instagram boasts over a whopping two million followers. "If people like something, they kinda like it forever," the actor explained to TooFab. "That movie came out a long time ago ... 10 years since I was in it and I was in the 3rd film, but I'm so thankful."

That said, his experience didn't exactly solidify his status as an A-lister how it did with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. As Stewart told VMan, "In your head, you think, 'Oh, I'm in Twilight, everything's going to change automatically,' but that really didn't happen." He added, "you still have to audition and you still have to put in the work."

Nevertheless, it looks like Stewart's hard work definitely paid off. He landed the role of Jay in Disney's Descendants, reprising it for both the sequel and third installment. He followed that with 2020's Let Him Go, starring opposite Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, and even amid a global pandemic, Stewart has still kept busy. An artist as well, the actor told Boys by Girls, "While everybody else is sitting around ... The way I dealt with frustrations was by creating. I love making things. That's what I like to do, so I went back to that."

Justin Chon has 'the need to create'

Justin Chon may have just played the dorky Eric Yorkie in the Twilight franchise, but the actor seriously hit his stride after the popular saga came to a close. He starred in 21 & Over with Miles Teller and formed BgA (Boys Generally Asian), a parody K-pop band founded by YouTuber Ryan Higa. Per RojakDaily, in 2017, one of the comedy group's singles even eclipsed actual k-pop supergroup BTS when "it shot straight to number one on the iTunes K-pop chart."

Chon's work off-camera is even more impressive, as he's also a writer and director. In 2017, he wrote and directed his first feature film, in which he also stars, and raised $56,272 on Kickstarter to get it made. The movie, which has a title we won't repeat here, ultimately earned him various awards. The gritty drama has "a title some viewers can't bring themselves to say," per Vulture, but is an achievement for Chon, as it rejects Hollywood's stereotype of Asian men. Twilight was actually as step towards breaking that stereotype, albeit a small and "sad" one, as Chon told the outlet that part of his reason for taking the role was that his character "didn't have an accent" and "didn't have to be, like, such a loser or a super-nerd."

In a 2020 interview with Forbes, it appears that Chon is still busy blending all of his talents."I just feel the need to create," he dished. "All aspects are incredibly fulfilling."

Gil Birmingham formed a 'bromance' with The Dude

You probably recognize Gil Birmingham as Jacob Black's father in the Twilight series, Billy, or, as USA Today puts it, he's "that guy you've seen in everything." Truth be told, you probably have seen Birmingham quite a bit — especially since gaining such praise for his role as Billy. He's made recurring appearances on House of Cards, tried his hand at comedy on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and even developed a "bromance with Jeff Bridges" in the Oscar-nominated Hell or High Water. As it turns out, Bridges was one of his favorite aspects of being involved in the flick, and as he told USA Today, the pair had an "old married-couple dynamic."

But Bridges wasn't the only praise he had for the critically acclaimed project, either. Speaking to Cowboys & Indians, Birmingham called the film a "big turning point" in his career, adding, "If you're lucky enough to get any kind of success in this business, it's an incredible blessing, because the majority of people never get it." That being said, he also counts Twilight as a huge factor that helped him, too.

"I had a higher profile in a movie saga called Twilight than I did in a critically acclaimed film like Hell or High Water," he told the mag. "And not to take away from Twilight, but it didn't speak to my heart the way the projects I've done more recently have. Projects with great writing and really interesting character studies."

Jamie Campbell Bower landed an even higher-profile gig

British actor Jamie Campbell Bower tends to dominate the supernatural universe. He made his first appearance in the Twilight saga with New Moon as Caius, a Volturi member, reprising his role in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. Not only mixing with vamps, he's also dabbled in the wizarding world as the young Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and appearing as the same young character in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

We would be remiss, however, if we also didn't mention the heartthrob's once-high-profile relationship with Lily Collins. According to Elite Daily, the A-list pair met in 2012 while shooting the fantasy flick The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones together and became a couple shortly thereafter. On-and-off for a few years, the duo "went on to become two of Hollywood's biggest names at the time and a good-looking couple for Gen Z shippers to fawn over." They ultimately broke up in 2018, with the Emily in Paris star moving on to her current beau, Charlie McDowell.

As for Campbell Bower, it looks like the actor has kept busy since his breakup and is even making more of a mainstream breakthrough. According to Deadline, as of this writing, the star is set to appear in the fourth season of Stranger Things, alongside horror legend Robert Englund, a.k.a. Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Julia Jones collaborated yet again with a Twilight co-star

Julia Jones played Leah Clearwater in the Twilight series, and she has a familiar face that you've probably seen since, appearing in big-name shows such as Westworld, Goliath, and The Mandalorian.

Interestingly enough, Jones reconnected with her Twilight: Eclipse co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard, for the Star Wars universe hit. According to Funtastic Life, "she had no idea going into Mandalorian how big it would be but from the moment she had a Zoom session with Bryce Dallas Howard she knew it was special." In a sweet gesture after filming was complete, Jones gave a shout out to the director, tweeting, "Working with @BryceDHoward again, as she directed Chapter Four of @themandalorian, was an experience I will cherish forever."

Miraculously enough, even during a global pandemic, it looks like Jones lucked out when it came to her career. "It's been a complete and total shift for me, at least with work, and the industry, because, you know, nothing's filming," the actor explained to Whisky + Sunshine. "But I, fortunately ... now have been working on something that is in development." So, what's the project? Per Deadline, Jones has found herself in yet another cult series, landing a role in the 2021 Dexter revival.

Edi Gathegi is overflowing with work since Twilight

Edi Gathegi appeared in three Twilight flicks as the spooky Laurent, a vampire on the hunt for Bella Swan. Surprisingly enough, he almost didn't get a chance to play the terrifying antagonist. As the first film's director, Catherine Hardwick revealed to Daily Beast, she spoke to author Stephenie Meyer about "[wanting] a lot more of the cast to be diverse." She noted that Meyer "had not really written it that way," adding that "she knew who each character was representing in a way, a personal friend or a relative or something." Ultimately pushing for Gathegi to land the role of a vamp, Hardwick explained, "The only reason that came through was he was described as having olive skin. And I said, there are black olives out there!"

Thankfully, it looks like Gathegi hasn't run into similar issues landing gigs in Tinseltown since. Superhero buffs may recognize him as Darwin from X-Men: First Class. He's also landed a recurring role as Matias Solomon in both The Blacklist and The Blacklist: Redemption. The actor has been so busy, in fact, that he's had to balance playing different characters on different shows simultaneously. "It does sometimes become a bit of a challenge," he explained to Celebrity Page. "Sometimes [one character] will bleed into the other one, and I have to pull back and remember who I'm playing." Hey, that's certainly not a bad problem to have.

Michael Welch said goodbye to Bella Swan, and started his own family

Can you imagine a world where Robert Pattinson didn't play Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga? Well, neither can we, but that's the role Michael Welch was after before he landed the part of the popular teen crushing on Bella Swan, Mike Newton. "As much as I appreciate my representatives thinking that I could pull off hauntingly beautiful — the most gorgeous creature you will ever see on the planet," he quipped to MTV, "It's not quite me."

Welch wasn't exactly a newcomer when he came on for the teen franchise. In fact, as he explained to ScreenSlam, he's been "acting professionally since [he] was ten years old," with his first credit being an episode on the cult '90s sitcom, Frasier. "Once that was on my resume ... then I started doing other sitcoms and other dramas."

Since then, the actor's resume has been impressively consistent, yet he's also made time to start a family, proposing to his now-wife, Samantha Maggio, in 2015. As of this writing, the duo share two girls, and the Welch clan can adorably be seen coordinating outfits for the holidays — be it Halloween or Christmas.