Why We're Convinced Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Are Dating

Since rumors started swirling that Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper were dating, the pair has kept everyone on their toes. After all, a superstar and a supermodel coming together? That's almost unheard of. Their being in love seems too good to be true, but that didn't stop fans from playing detective to figure out the true nature of their relationship.

The "Maestro" star and the Victoria's Secret model reportedly got close in October 2023, shortly after Hadid called it quits with Leonardo DiCaprio. Interestingly, their common connection is none other than Irina Shayk, Cooper's ex and the mother of his daughter, Lea. "Gigi was introduced to Bradley through Irina and their mutual friends in the industry," a source told The Messenger at the time. "Gigi and Irina have been close over the years while working together, and Gigi and Bradley have hung out before, but it has always been friendly in social settings." Apparently, Cooper made the first move, and Hadid was in for the ride. "He pursued her and she was definitely interested and excited," the insider added.

In the beginning, though, Hadid reportedly played it cool and insisted that she wasn't looking for anything too serious, but their public interactions say otherwise. While the two have never confirmed that there was something between the two, and Cooper did bring his mother as a date to the Oscars instead of hard-launching their relationship, their outings still suggest that they are more than just a fling.

They've been spotted getting cozy multiple times

While Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have yet to confirm their romance, it's not like they are hiding their relationship, either. They've not exactly been making their date nights a secret, and they are often photographed canoodling and exchanging kisses here and there. That doesn't exactly scream BFFs, does it?

The pair have been documented having dates all over New York and London, and during the awards season, they were seen attending afterparties together — though they've notably avoided making joint appearances on the red carpet as a couple. When they're not spending time with each other, Cooper is seen sporting items from Hadid's brand, Guest in Residence. We don't know about you, but that's not so different from Taylor Swift sporting Travis Kelce's jersey!

In December 2023, there were even speculations that Cooper and Hadid might be taking their relationship to the next level by moving in together, especially after reports surfaced that Cooper had purchased a home near the farm of Yolanda Hadid, where the model sometimes resides. But an insider clarified that it was not at all deliberate. "Things are going great with Bradley and Gigi and they're really enjoying spending time together," they shared with Us Weekly. "However, Bradley buying a home in New Hope is just a coincidence that it's near Yolanda's Pennsylvania farm." Still, the pair continued to be seen in public together, with the two not shying away from public displays of affection. Yep, they're totally dating!

Their friends say they are more than just a situationship

Until Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid decide to go public, their friends and so-called sources would be the ones to function as their defacto spokespeople regarding their burgeoning romance. According to one insider, things between the two have been developing faster than anticipated, and despite their busy schedules, they make it a point to spend quality time together. "Their relationship is on steroids. It's getting serious very quickly. They are together everyday," they told Page Six. Another dished to Us Weekly that although they have a 20-year age gap, it's a total non-issue for both parties. "They have a lot in common," they divulged. "They're both single parents to a young daughter, and they share a similar sense of humor."

Speaking of being parents, how did their exes and co-parents react to all this? While there were initial reports that Zayn Malik was "not happy" that his ex found a new flame, a source assured fans that things are fine between the two. The same apparently goes for Cooper and Irina Shayk. "Gigi, Bradley, Irina, and Zayn are all in a place where they want each person to be happy and healthy," they told ET. "Zayn's priority is to have a good co-parenting relationship with Gigi."