The Cosmetic Procedures Sarah Ferguson Admits To Getting

When it comes to the royal family, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to speak about cosmetic procedures. However, Sarah Ferguson has always been a fairly open book. As such, it's not exactly surprising that back in 2019, she revealed she'd had several tweaks over the years. 

That the Duchess of York has had work done may come as a surprise to some. After all, even though it was widely speculated that Ferguson had a makeover in 2021, her face certainly looks very natural. However, when she and her go-to aesthetic doctor, Dr. Gabriela Mercik, spoke to Daily Mail, they shared that that was by design. Ferguson explained that she preferred to look animated, yet fresh. Mercik, meanwhile, pointed out that she wasn't a fan of seeing unnaturally taut faces. It's worth noting that Mercik has a reputation for more natural-looking work. In fact, Tatler's profile on the doctor mentions that she's known to dissuade patients from going under the knife by offering effective alternatives. 

In light of that, it only makes sense that where Ferguson has had some tweaks, they've been non-surgical. And, as she and Mercik revealed to Daily Mail, many of the more intense procedures she's done have been replaced by more natural, less-invasive options as they've become available. 

Fergie's gone under the needle a few times

While many celebrities have been known to deny going under the needle, Sarah Ferguson is not one of them. Far from it, speaking to the Daily Mail, she revealed that early on in her aesthetics journey, she'd had Botox. However, she wasn't a massive fan of it. For starters, she explained that she felt it left her unable to move her face much — a big no-no for the duchess, who has always been known for her vivaciousness. For that reason, when another option came up, she and Dr. Gabriela Mercik jumped at the chance. 

Said alternative was mesotherapy. Though mesotherapy can be used for various cosmetic purposes (the National Library of Medicine notes that it's typically used to break down fat), in Ferguson's case, Mercik used it to reverse sun damage she'd acquired in her early years. As she told Daily Mail, the sun had wrought havoc on her skin during her childhood.  

In addition to the Botox and mesotherapy, Ferguson has also had what Daily Mail referred to as organic dermal filler. Neither Mercik nor Ferguson went into much detail, there. It does bear mentioning that another UK-based aesthetic practice, Viva Skin Clinics, has said on their website that they don't offer organic fillers, as they're not FDA-approved. However, it's not shocking that the duchess chose the treatment regardless. As she'd told Daily Mail of her time with Mercik, "I've been [Mercik's] guinea pig with new treatments." 

The duchess has also had non-surgical facelifts

On top of the Botox, fillers, and mesotherapy, Sarah Ferguson has also had two facelifts. However, that's not to say she's gone under the knife. As she told Daily Mail, she opted for two non-invasive alternatives. 

The first was a thread lift with additional nano peptides, which, in keeping with her preference for keeping things as natural as possible, the duchess described with a gardening analogy. "It's like garden trellising for [sweet] peas. You insert the threads under the skin with a fine needle and they hold everything up," she explained. As for the duchess' second lift, that was done with laser, a decision Dr. Gabriela Mercik attributed to it being even less invasive. 

Other than the cosmetic work she's had done, Ferguson has also been very open about procedures she's undergone, in general — and sadly, some have revolved around pain or illness. Speaking to Daily Mail, she revealed that she'd had stem cell therapy on her feet to correct the toes that had been damaged through horse riding, which had caused severe pain in certain types of shoes. More recently, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a single mastectomy. While not cosmetic by any means, the duchess has joked about her reconstructed breast, nicknamed Derick, being perkier than the other — something she used on "Loose Women" to segue into a reminder for viewers to go for regular screenings.