What Tyler Hynes Said About Rumors He's Leaving Hallmark For GAC

Since 2018, Tyler Hynes has appeared in over 16 Hallmark movies. While such a demanding schedule might put the average actor on the path to burnout, Hynes doesn't plan on deserting Hallmark for its competitor, Great American Family, like Cameron Mathison, Danica McKellar, or many of his other peers have. During a 2023 interview with Vulture, Hynes revealed the only conditions that would make him leave, and they're not related to personal beliefs or religion like some other stars. "If I start showing up on set and I start to feel like this is no longer immersive or interesting. If it ever gets pretty unpleasant, I'd be out," he said. Likewise, "If the vibes go toxic, I would leave."

Fortunately, Hynes seems to be one of several Hallmark stalwarts who are immensely satisfied with the network's catalog. "I love the romance genre," the actor confessed to Culturess in 2022 when asked what keeps him consistently working with Hallmark. "'Notting Hill' was an incredible movie and I think Hugh Grant is an incredible romantic actor. I loved that whole era when we used to have that kind of genre and it's something that was loved and they became blockbuster movies." 

Hynes also expressed his appreciation for how Hallmark took a chance on romance films when they weren't really in style, paving the way for others to do the same. The actor argued, "I think Hallmark picked up the baton that no one else was and ran with it." Essentially, it's fair to say that the "Falling for You" star doesn't plan on jumping ship for GAC anytime soon.

Tyler Hynes genuinely loves the people he works with

The focus on romantic content isn't the only thing keeping Tyler Hynes from fleeing Hallmark in pursuit of rival network Great American Family. The actor also treasures the real-life bonds he's formed with the people there. While speaking with Us Weekly in 2023, Hynes shared one of his favorite aspects of working for Hallmark. "Very simply [it] is just the individuals, the individuals that are part of the camp as far as executives and directors and producers and actors," he enthused. "Everybody is absolutely lovely. And it seems like comparatively perhaps to other places, I think it's as close as you can come to feeling like a family that is supportive." 

Proving that first impressions aren't always accurate, the "It Was Always You" star once admitted that he wasn't initially sold on Hallmark's whole "family" dynamic, which Hynes had been told about long before joining the network. "There was a commercial I did, and that person wanted me to do a Hallmark movie," Hynes revealed to Vulture. "I had a meeting and it was super strange. They were saying things like, 'Once you do one, you're in the family.' And I was like, I don't know about all that." Fortunately, the actor's feelings have obviously changed in the intervening time and he now sees this approach as a boon rather than a reason to stay away.

Tyler Hynes is too busy thinking about his Hallmark future

Suffice it to say that Tyler Hynes' interviews confirm that he's wholly dedicated to his work with Hallmark. For example, during a 2024 chat with Us Weekly Hynes agreed that going head to head with his friend, fellow actor, and "Three Wise Men and a Baby" co-star Andrew Walker in a future Hallmark project would be a positive thing. "I mean, [being] rivals is a great pitch," he opined. "I think that's a great idea. I hadn't thought of being rivals, but that would be a blast." Hynes continued, "We'd have to really go after each other in all fun, but just really, really take the p**s. You know what I mean?" 

During the same interview, Hynes also expressed enthusiasm over possibly making sequels to some of his previous work for Hallmark. Plus, the "Winter in Vail" star has put a ton of thought into his ideal script — even if he was coy when sharing the information with reporters. "If I told you, I might be giving something away," Hynes teased Entertainment Tonight in 2022 when they asked who he'd ideally like to work with, and on what kind of movie. The actor added, "That will be something that will be to speak to diversity to what you're saying, to speak to this sort of [Hallmark Cinematic Universe] that we have." 

Tantalizingly, Hynes noted that he was currently in the early stages of something exciting "that will be in the wheelhouse of what you're talking about." Whatever that is, sign us up!