We Didn't See Barron Trump's Snarky Sense Of Humor Coming

Barron Trump's 18th birthday has coincided with a wave of new information about the usually low-key teenager. For example, Barron's voice sounds so much deeper than anyone initially imagined. Barron may also have to miss out on having his father, Donald Trump, attend his high school graduation come May, although that's not yet set in stone. It's also very possible that he has plans to attend the same university that his father and most of his siblings attended, according to the former president's interview with Megyn Kelly. "He's doing really well, he's in school," said Donald. As for whether he wants Barron to go to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, "We're thinking about that right now," said Donald.

And though most had piqued Barron as reserved and/or camera-shy, he apparently has a very snarky sense of humor. Yeah, we're surprised too! During an April 8 episode of the "PBD" podcast, Patrick Bet-David recalled a recent outing when he spent time with Barron after the youngest Trump child invited him to dinner. "We get there and Barron comes out and we go sit down and have dinner with Barron," said Bet-David. "You got to realize, I'm so curious who this kid is. He just turned 18 on March 20 ... I've never seen [cohost] Tom [Ellsworth] laugh this hard for an hour and a half." He continued, "Tom didn't say a single word ... and we just watched Barron just run dinner with stories, entertainment and everything."

Barron poked fun at Donald Trump

Barron Trump left quite an impression on the "PBD" podcasts hosts, who were pleasantly surprised by his humor and wit. Fellow host Vincent Oshana described Barron as "Witty, smart, hilarious, polished." He continued, "He was smart in politics. He was like, 'You know everyone's always going to fight. There's left. There's right.'" Oshana also detailed the moment when Barron complained about Donald Trump's DJing skills during their dinner. "I think one of the hardest things I laughed, is when he goes ... 'My frickin dad's the DJ.'" Barron also apparently revealed that his father plays music too loudly.

Patrick Bet-David also shared Barron's nonchalant response to former NBCUniversal exec Mike Sington's since-deleted tweet where he claimed that the teenager was "fair game" since he'd turned 18. "Barron Trump turns 18 today. He's fair game now," wrote Sington (via Fox News). And while Sington was criticized by a wide variety of public figures who claimed that the teenager still deserved to maintain his privacy, Bet-David said Barron wasn't fazed by the tweet. ”You know they said the other day, it's officially fair game to come after me," Barron reportedly said, "I don't care. Good. Do it. I get it. They've gone and done it to every kid. What's the difference?"

Barron Trump took up a serious stance at school dance

It sounds as if Barron Trump is shaping up to be a well-rounded person, as the "PBD" hosts' recollection of him varies greatly from a new article about him. According to The U.S. Sun, Barron recently attended the Monte Carlo-themed prom at his school, Oxbridge Academy. And while Barron was captured in only one shot posted by the school's social media account, he'd regulated himself to the back of the group shot and reportedly looked very serious about the otherwise leisurely affair. Why Barron looked so glum during such a huge milestone is unknown. Interestingly, Barron also looked quite serious in The U.S. Sun's photo of himself posing in the middle of the "PBD" hosts.

Anyway, this isn't the first time that someone in Barron's circle has shared details about his personality. According to The Mirror, two of Barron's former female classmates took to TikTok to share their experiences with him. One student claimed that Barron was "very nice" underneath a video about the president's youngest son. Meanwhile, another girl claimed to have had a romantic relationship with Barron when they were both children. "I went to school with Barron Trump, and he was my first 'bf'", a girl named Maddie said. "When Trump was elected he brought the entire class to the White House."