Justin Bieber's Nearly Unrecognizable Look In New Photo Has Us Doing A Double Take

Justin Bieber's Coachella weekend look has us doing a double take. 

Bieber may have not have sung with Usher during the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show, but he found time to travel to Indio, California to grace to Coachella crowd with his excellence over the weekend. Although Bieber didn't totally indulge fans by performing a full set of his hits, he did manage to jump on stage with singer Tems to perform her 2020 hit, "Essence," which he previously remixed. If you've seen the viral performance, then you know Bieber wowed the crowds by singing the second verse of the chart-topping hit and briefly dancing with Tems and Wizkid — much to the delight of devoted Beliebers everywhere (except those who are still salty about the missed Super Bowl opportunity).

Following his Coachella festivities, which also included sharing an adorable PDA-filled moment with his wife, Hailey Bieber, per TMZ, Justin was spotted returning to his hotel in Hollywood, according to Backgrid. Unfortunately, the pop crooner's disheveled appearance has sparked concern from his most observant fans. As you can see above, Bieber –—who sported grown out, shaggy hair, black sweatpants, and a white and red hat with a skull logo — looked way differently than fans are used to seeing him. Beyond his attire, Bieber looked visibly exhausted and a little zoned out as he approached his hotel, although it's impossible to know why. However, fans have started sharing their theories.

Justin Bieber's fans speculate about his appearance

Justin Bieber's surprise Coachella performance sent his fans, who've been clamoring for him to go on tour or release new music, into a total frenzy. However, the excitement about Bieber's surprise comeback didn't exactly do much to distract the internet from Bieber's super casual, grunge-inspired look, and some of the conclusions they've drawn have been less than flattering. The mild end of the spectrum had fans from The Shade Room joking about Bieber's double life. "I feel like Bieber has a second job in the warehouse basement and we interrupting him with these concerts," joked one fan.

And while some fans expressed worry about Bieber's health, another compared him to the late Aaron Carter. "Justin Bieber is giving Aaron Carter .... Hollywood really ruins ppl... he literally looks homeless," wrote the fan. Unfortunately, several more fans speculated about whether or not Bieber was using substances. "I hope he is doing okay.... The dr**s [are] making him look unwell," commented one fan underneath Bieber's Instagram. Ultimately, most of the comments were supportive, such as one urging fans to be positive. "I'm sooooo happy for Justin especially with all he's been battling health wise. I'm just happy to see him doing what he passionate bout. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS NEEDED," wrote the fan.

Despite the concern, there's no evidence to suggest that Bieber, who's spoken openly about his history of substance use, is using again or going through a health crisis.