Kimberly Guilfoyle Completely Crosses The Line With Retired Showgirl Look

The internet is not impressed with Kimberly Guilfoyle's latest look, and their reactions are absolutely brutal. On April 30, Guilfoyle took to Instagram to post about attending a Havana Nights event at The Club at Admiral's Cove. The Fox News host showed off her all-white look, consisting of a short, white mini-dress with lace sleeves and a hexagonal, beaded overlay. The dress also featured a sheer fringe at the hemline. Guilfoyle rounded off the look with long, highlighted layers, dramatic eye makeup, and metallic platform heels. As seen in the snap, Guilfoyle posed with several other attendees, who were also wearing all-white looks, although hers was arguably much more risqué, and definitely off theme.

Given her smile and confident demeanor, it seems that Guilfoyle was happy with how her look came together. Social media, on the other hand, had a much different reaction. Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, Ron Filipkowski reposted her photo to his account with the caption, "Havana Night!" Users on the platform rushed to comment about their distaste for Guilfoyle's look. "Imagine having unlimited money to spend on your physical appearance and THIS is what you come up with," tweeted one user. "Are the stripper platform shoes [necessary]? LOL," tweeted another user. Meanwhile, another user questioned her religious values, writing, "Is this how good Christian women dress?"

Of course, this isn't the first time Guilfoyle's outfits have garnered intense backlash.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has a choppy fashion history

Judging from Kimberly Guilfoyle's Instagram account and her endless public appearances, she's always leaned toward the more adventurous end of the fashion spectrum. And though opinions may differ, it's not really surprising given her past as a model. Unfortunately for Guilfoyle, the internet doesn't seem to appreciate her willingness to push the envelop with her fashion. For example, Guilfoyle was taken to task over the outfit that she wore to her son's prom in late April. They were just as critical of the dress Guilfoyle wore to support Donald Trump on the campaign trail earlier in the month. It's not just the internet, however, as Guilfoyle's fashion choices have also been dissected on live television.

In November 2022, "The View" discussed Ivanka Trump's decision to crop Guilfoyle out of Tiffany Trump's wedding photos. Unlike the rest of the women in the photo, who opted for lighter dresses in similar tones, Guilfoyle wore a black evening gown, leading some people to question if that's why Ivanka cut her out of the fray. On "The View," the hosts held a variety of opinions. Alyssa Farah Griffin, however, sided with Ivanka, saying, "It's a Florida wedding, in November. All the women clearly knew what the palette was, what the look was, and she was dressed like she was going to a MAGA funeral or something" (via the Independent). She continued, "I'm going to be honest, I probably would have cropped her out too."