Kristi Noem Can't Escape The Rampant Plastic Surgery Rumors

The following article includes discussion of animal abuse.

Despite Kristi Noem's powerful position as the governor of South Dakota, her personal life has consistently overshadowed her politics during her time in office. In March 2023, Noem posted a video of herself climbing a set of stairs "Rocky" style as she announced that she had struck down several bills. "The 5 bills I VETOED were not right for South Dakota — and I'm glad the legislature agreed with me!" she wrote on X, formerly Twitter, at the time. However, people were less focused on the bills, and more concerned with Kristi Noem's physical transformation. "Was this before or after your plastic surgery on your lips and nose?!" an X user replied to the video. Scrutiny over her appearance only increased as Noem's relationship with Donald Trump evolved.

When Trump visited South Dakota in September 2023, Noem officially endorsed the presidential candidate. Just a few months later in February 2024, Trump confirmed that Noem was among the names on his shortlist for potential running mates. Following that announcement, Noem endured some major political setbacks (more on those later), and the noise about her rumored plastic surgery only increased.

While making the media rounds to promote her new book, Noem posted a clip from her "Face the Nation" interview on May 5. "The plastic surgery is too much," one X user replied. "My advice to you is go for another round of plastic surgery ... and then pretend to be somebody else," another user crudely commented. The mockery arrived on the heels of Noem's befuddling video about her dental surgery.

Kristi Noem sued over bizarre dental surgery video

The shady side of Donald Trump's possible vice presidential candidate was revealed when Kristi Noem posted a video to X on March 11, 2024. "I love my new family at Smile Texas!" she tweeted in a five-minute video that appeared to be a blatant advertisement for the dental company. Immediate backlash ensued as X users started attacking Noem's appearance. "Grifting and drowning in Botox and plastic. How proud you must be," one replied. "Will you be doing ads for your Botox and filler doctors?" one person snarkily asked. Noem was compared to another prominent Republican figure who was rumored to have gone under the knife. "You are starting to look like [Kimberly Guilfoyle]," they wrote.

Besides the comments about Noem's seemingly altered appearance, some users wondered about the legality of the governor endorsing a company while in office. Days later, Travelers United — a consumer advocacy group — filed a lawsuit against Noem on March 13. "This is a misleading and deceptive advertising case," the suit read, per the New York Post. "She did not let her followers know when [she] is advertising on behalf of a brand."

A month later, Noem was under fire once again when an excerpt from her forthcoming book was released in April 2024. In the excerpt, Noem admitted to killing a 14-month-old dog on her family farm. "It was not a pleasant job, but it had to be done," she wrote (via The Guardian). That led to even more people doubling down on bashing Noem.

Kristi Noem's dog-killing admission brought more insults

Kristi Noem went even further under the microscope after an incendiary portion from her book "No Going Back: The Truth on What's Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward" was made public. On April 26, 2024, Noem took to X to defend killing her dog, Cricket, and then writing about it. "We love animals, but tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm. Sadly, we just had to put down 3 horses a few weeks ago that had been in our family for 25 years," the South Dakota Governor tweeted. Predictably, Noem was crucified in the replies. "A better person wouldn't have to admit to savagery and an inhumane act against a defenseless puppy. You're trash," one incensed X user commented. Several others used the incident as an opportunity to discuss Noem's potential vice presidential bid. "You and Trump are meant for each other. Both vile," another user replied.

During an interview with Spectrum News on May 7, Donald Trump was asked about Noem's public image taking a hit. "I don't want to comment on anybody on the [vice presidential candidate] list. But she had a rough couple of days, I will say that," Trump said.

A day later, PETA took a shot at Noem for her story about killing a dog by advertising a Halloween costume based on the governor. "[D]og lovers everywhere can strike terror in their friends as the most ghoulish monster at their Halloween party," PETA wrote on May 8, per The Guardian.