Video Of Kimberly Guilfoyle's Clueless Behavior Seals The Deal For Her Haters

Kimberly Guilfoyle's new interview with Roger Stone, a long-time supporter and former advisor of Donald Trump, has given her haters more ammunition to use against her. Guilfoyle, who's engaged to the former president's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., had Stone as guest on "The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show" amid the (supposed) billionaire's ongoing legal issues to, assumingly, contribute to some positive commentary about her future father-in-law. But if that was Guilfoyle's goal, she definitely missed the mark, as she kind of zoned out during the exchange. As Stone spoke out about ways in which the legal system had been unfair to Donald Trump, Guilfoyle looked wholly uninterested, and seemed more focused on tugging at her hair, messing with her lashes, and looking down at her phone.

Granted, the clip, posted to Ron Filipkowski's account on X, formerly known as Twitter, has been heavily edited to highlight Guilfoyle's distracted nature. For those who care to look, the full Rumble interview proves that Guilfoyle had plenty more moments when she actually engaged with the topic at hand. For example, the avid Trump supporter hit various talking points, including criticizing Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, and applauding the turnout at one of Trump's rallies. However, social media doesn't care about that. Since the clip went viral, the Republican's haters have unleashed a barrage of insults her way, criticizing everything from her attention span to Guilfoyle's rumored plastic surgery usage.

Brace yourselves, because social media was absolutely ruthless.

Social media trashes Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle's haters were laser focused on her appearance during her interview with Roger Stone. "I'm sorry, I hate to be critical (but I'm gonna) ... Why would someone go to a plastic surgeon and ask them to make her look like she has permanent scowl ... or maybe they put her lips back on upside down," tweeted one user on X, formerly known as Twitter. A second user commented on Guilfoyle's makeup. "Her attention is as fake as her lashes, nose, and balloon lips. She's wearing as much makeup as Mimi from Drew Carey show did," they tweeted. Another user wrote, "I'm surprised she didn't pull out a mirror to check her makeup." As hard as it may be to believe, these comments were much milder than some of the other comments floating around.

Some users also criticized Guilfoyle's interviewing skills, while others questioned her personal political allegiances. "Is she aware it's a split screen? She seems to [be] operating on the assumption she's currently off-camera," tweeted another user. Meanwhile, one spectator theorized that Guilfoyle's lack of interest stemmed from her not actually believing that Donald Trump is innocent. "She looks like she's sick and tired of not only hearing these lies one after another, day after day, but also pretending that they're true and pretending the guy charged with 88 felonies did nothing wrong. It's even more exhausting to see damning evidence and pretend it's not," they wrote