Taylor Swift's Ex Joe Alwyn Roasted Over Disastrous Hair En Route To Cannes Film Festival

Joe Alwyn has certainly been dragged by Taylor Swift's fans for some time now, so maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that when he landed in Nice for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, he looked a little like he'd emerged from a bush. Then again, it's possible his locks were still acclimatizing to solid ground, post-flight. 

As Cannes enthusiasts will know, Alwyn's latest project, "Kinds of Kindness," is in the running for the festival's prestigious Palme d'Or. It's no doubt a pretty big deal for the actor, so it was probably exciting for him to be papped and asked for autographs at the airport. However, given just how much Swift's fans can't stand Alwyn at the moment, he couldn't escape some criticism. In particular, he got a ton of flak for his gravity-defying hairdo. As one Swiftie wrote on X, previously Twitter, "He looks homeless ijbol." For the uninitiated, IJBOL means, "I just burst out laughing." Another X user was significantly more blunt, posing the question, "What the f*** is going on with his hair[?]"

Granted, Alwyn hasn't exactly let Swifties' anger stop him from living his life in the past, so he probably isn't fazed by the latest round of snarky commentary. That, and the fact that there's a possibility it wasn't that bad IRL. 

We'll chalk this hairstyle up to the wind

While Joe Alwyn's hair certainly was a little on the wild side in some pictures from his arrival in Nice, it seems as though those were snapped outside the airport. In pics from inside the building, his hair is significantly more tame, and looked more like an homage to James Dean's signature look. As such, we'll say the windswept vibe was an authentic one, rather than an attempt by Alwyn at spearheading an eccentric new hair trend. No word on whether that means mother nature is a disgruntled Swiftie, too — but we wouldn't rule it out. 

For what it's worth, not everyone hated Alwyn's airport ensemble. On the contrary, Vogue actually lauded his look, and even mused that it was a sign of him, ahem, shaking off his breakup from swift and the rage aimed his way ever since. Sure enough, it's been more than a year since his split from Swift, and Alwyn is apparently back in his "Lover" era, so perhaps he's ready to reinvent himself as more of a style star in his own right. 

That said, we can't guarantee Swift's fanbase will go lightly on him as he treads this new path. Again, all signs point to Alwyn being unbothered. However, if there is any lingering fear of further reproach, we'd suggest monitoring the wind before heading out of buildings, just until the hype of "The Tortured Poets Department" dies down.