Signs Meghan Markle Is Dying To Join Taylor Swift's Inner Circle

Meghan Markle snagged a royal title, while Taylor Swift reigns as pop royalty. They might not have rubbed elbows during Markle's Hollywood stint, but rumor has it the Duchess of Sussex is now hunting for an "in" with Swift's exclusive girl squad. Is this perhaps her attempt to replace the celebs she's no longer friends with? Or is she just a hardcore Swiftie dying to be BFFs with the singer?

It's curious why Swift isn't more buddy-buddy with the royals. After all, her circle includes celebs like Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Ellie Goulding, all of whom have close friendships with some royals. Word on the street is Swift even turned down an invitation to perform at King Charles' coronation — not that anyone could blame her, given that she was in the middle of a large-scale world tour when she received the call. She did, however, perform at a gala hosted by Prince William back in 2013, and even managed to charm the future king into doing an impromptu performance of "Livin' On A Prayer" with her on stage along with none other than Bon Jovi.

Now the streets are saying that Markle, too, wants to be on chummy terms with the "Cruel Summer" singer. Some accounts even say that she's "desperate" to get into her clique. There's no way of verifying if this claim is true, of course, but to be fair, her actions definitely hint that she's eager to join the squad.

She invited Taylor to be a guest on her podcast

Meghan Markle can't exactly text Taylor Swift for a girls' night out, so she went for Plan B: inviting the pop icon to guest on her podcast. "Archetypes" has already pulled in heavyweights like Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling, and even Paris Hilton, so naturally, it made sense for the duchess to aim high and invite one of the world's most powerful women. The Wall Street Journal reported Markle even made it a point to pen a heartfelt letter to Swift to show her sincerity, but sadly, Swift declined — not even personally, but through a representative. Ouch!

According to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, Markle only invited Swift in an attempt to overhaul her image. Like Swift, Markle reportedly wants to leave her "Reputation" era — the phase where she's one of the most hated celebs on the internet — and transition into a more likeable public figure. "Meghan is desperate to be Taylor's friend", Schofield told GBN America. "I think she wants to be like Taylor Swift marketing wise. Taylor went from villain to hero and I'm sure Meghan is looking at that transition and thinking, 'how can I do something similar?'"

True or not, Swift might never get the chance to guest on Markle's podcast since "Archetypes" didn't snag a second season on Spotify. Maybe they can team up on another project? Guest vocals on a future Swift album, perhaps?

She reportedly danced her heart out at The Eras tour

Despite getting the cold shoulder from her would-be bestie, Meghan Markle didn't hold a grudge against Taylor Swift, so there's absolutely no bad blood there. Instead, she decided to channel her inner Swiftie by attending a stop on the wildly successful "The Eras" tour with a gal pal. According to People, Markle let loose, danced to most of the songs, and even made the unprincess-like move of jumping out of her chair to belt out "You Belong with Me." How fitting! Is it her and Prince Harry's song?

But Kinsey Schofield had a different take, claiming it was another publicity stunt from Markle. "Meghan attended the Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles, but she made sure that People Magazine knew she attended," she said. "It was important for Meghan to release to gossip sites here the she was there, she wanted people to know."

Curiously, there were no fan sightings of Markle in the audience, which is unusual given the celebrity-spotting frenzy at Swift concerts. Typically, fans flood social media with photos and videos of stars at the shows, and some even exchange friendship bracelets with them! Let's just imagine that Swift extended Markle the courtesy of a private room to enjoy the concert away from the crowd and that they exchanged bracelets backstage. Hey, a Swiftie can dream!