Lara Trump's Zebra Print Dress Disaster Is Her Cheapest Fashion Look Yet

Lara Trump may lean to the conservative side of the political spectrum, but her fashion sense doesn't scream traditional. While there's certainly nothing wrong with showing skin or flaunting figures, there's a reason that the "Fashion Police" used to be one of E's most popular shows. Risky fashion choices don't always pay off, something Lara, who's been caught wearing many inappropriate outfits over the years, probably can relate to. Recently, Lara, who's married to Eric Trump, wore a dress that took inspiration from one of the animal kingdom's most majestic creatures: the zebra. Yet, her green and white striped dress definitely didn't seem worthy of being compared to the gorgeous, striped beast.

Lara wore the glitzy number during an appearance at Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit on June 8, 2024. The organization posted a photo of the some of the speakers, including Lara and her fellow conservatives, Candace Owens, Alex Clark, Megyn Kelly, and Charlie Kirk. Despite the controversial histories attached to many of these women, most at least fared much better than Lara in the style department. The other speakers looked well-put together while Lara's attire seemed to indicate a lack of appreciation for the event's formal theme. Unfortunately, this isn't the only of Lara Trump's outfits that didn't work.

Lara Trump's fashion often warrants debate

First things first: It appears that Lara Trump really loved the zebra print dress she wore for Turning Point USA. During a clip of Lara's introduction, reposted to her Instagram, she happily waltzed out onto the stage and even danced a little to the music. Lara also engaged with the crowd and seemed overall pleased with her outward facing look. And while self-love is great and all, it's still hard to get excited about this particular look. That said, Lara is certainly no stranger to donning frocks that warrant strong reactions. And while the internet has been pretty quiet about Lara's zebra print look, they've already said plenty about her other daring fashion choices. 

For example, Lara's dramatic, purple ball gown for The Conservateur went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, in May 2024, and users couldn't wait to spew their snark. "What the h*** is going on here?!? Hahaha! What do you call this new style of fashion?" tweeted one user, who added the hashtags, "Is this a joke" and "Let's play dress up." Commenters swarmed the post, further criticizing Trump's formal attire. "The real question is how many people are hiding in that dress?," quipped one user. Another critic tweeted, "Coffin liner couture." Meanwhile, another delivered an unapologetic burn. "Its called "too full of herself in an ugly dress," they wrote.