Travis Kelce Boasts About His Baseball Skills After Spicy Olivia Dunne Collab & We Smell Trouble For Swifties

Travis Kelce boasted about his baseball skills after his flirty collab with gymnast Olivia Dunne, and we think this could pose trouble for the Swifties. 

Kelce's team-up with Dunne to promote Accelerator Active Energy Drinks put us and Taylor Swift's fandom on high alert. The video racked up over six million views and thousands of comments speculating about how Kelce's boo, Taylor Swift, feels about the spicy collab. Now, Kelce has randomly started bragging about his baseball skills, too. "[Baseball] was always something in the back of my mind that I knew I had a chance at if I wanted to give it a run," Travis said on the "New Heights" podcast. "You know, I think my size and my athleticism, as well as the fact that I could throw a baseball."


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While athletic versatility is important, the Kansas City Chiefs star's decision to boast about his baseball acumen as the internet is frantically buzzing over his collaboration with Dunne definitely raises an eyebrow or two. Why? Well, Dunne's boyfriend, Paul Skenes, who she's been dating for several months, is a professional baseball player, so even if it's unintentional, Kelce has weaved yet another thread to connect him to Dunne. The first one, of course, was the chemistry oozing between them in their advertisement. And the Swifties definitely do not appreciate the optics!

People are speculating about Travis and Taylor's relationship

Given the buzz Travis Kelce and Olivia Dunne generated for Accelerator Active Energy Drinks, their team-up was obviously a great marketing choice for the brand. So, kudos to them for securing the bag! Unfortunately, their partnership has inspired rumors about Kelce's relationship status with Taylor Swift. And even though there's nothing to suggest that anything romantic is actually going on between Kelce and Dunne, the internet is already spinning narratives that will definitely have Swifties in protective mode over the next few months as Swift continues to dominate the international leg of her Eras tour.

For example, one Reddit user felt this collab served as proof that Kelce and Swift are done-zo. "This really makes me think they broke up," commented one user under a thread discussing Kelce and Dunne. Unfortunately, they weren't alone in their thinking, as over 830 other netizens liked the post. One user agreed. "I think so, too. When was the last time Taylor and Travis were even seen together?" they commented. Another Reddit user accused Kelce and Swift of being PR, a rumor that's plagued the couple since Swift accidentally became queen of the NFL last fall. "Well, yeah. I meant their PR relationship has come to a close, or it's nearing its end," they wrote. Meanwhile, another fan is already predicting that Swift's next album will include a few football references — for obvious reasons.

For all the trouble it caused, this better be the best energy drink of all time!