What Jake Paul Really Blames For His Past Beef With Brother Logan

Celebrity sibling feuds are practically a Hollywood staple. Famous siblings fight all the time, and a lot of the time, they air their dirty laundry for the world to see. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears had a social media showdown that spanned years, Liam and Noel Gallagher's relentless beefing literally ended Oasis, and Stephen and Alec Baldwin had a falling out due to clashing political views. And apparently, internet celebrities aren't any different. Jake and Logan Paul used to have a highly publicized beef, but according to Jake, the root of their fight was something they'd both rather forget. 

The Paul brothers started as micro-celebrities on the now-defunct social media site Vine. After amassing millions of followers, they ditched their Ohio roots for sunny Los Angeles to chase their online stardom dreams. "There was real-life opportunity to make a career for ourselves, for the rest of our lives," Jake told The New York Times. "We were working with brands and advertisers. I was, like, 17 years old, making more money than my parents." Jake became a Disney star, and Logan's following skyrocketed even more. At the same time, the competition got fierce — to the point that they started dropping diss tracks about each other, turning their sibling rivalry into a public spectacle. Things got so heated that Disney decided to drop Jake altogether.

Jake himself admits their feud was all on them, and it all kicked off when they landed in La La Land.

Jake said the 'Los Angeles madness' got in the way of their brotherhood

Some folks might think Jake and Logan Paul's past feud was just a PR stunt, but those in their circle swear it was the real deal. Jake's former business partner, Nick Crompton, even feared the brothers would be each other's downfall. "It got, for me, scary at one point because they kept one-upping each other," he said in "The Enemies of Jake Paul" documentary. "I was just like, 'when is this going to stop?' There was a moment there where I was like 'what is going on right now?' I was worried that they were just going to destroy each other."

Fortunately, the feuding simmered down, coinciding with Logan finding himself in the middle of a YouTube scandal that rocked his reputation. But looking back, Jake realized that he didn't really harbor any ill feelings towards his brother, only that the competitive nature of their profession got into their heads. "He hated me, but I didn't necessarily hate him," he told Entertainment Tonight, noting that they both got into the realization that they're better off as partners, not enemies. "We got sucked into the Los Angeles madness and it got the better of us, and we had to realize, like, look, we're brothers at the end of the day. That's more important than any of this other stuff that we have going on and once we figured that out, we have worked together to take over a lot of industries."

The Paul brothers are now back to being best friends

After their petty beef, Jake and Logan Paul are back in business and tighter than ever. "It's just been five years since we've had any sort of beef. And we don't have beef... Some things we just see eye-to-eye and some things we don't," Logan said in an appearance on the "Flagrant" podcast.  "I f***ing love Jake, we decided after we both went public with our little disagreements to have no more public s***, it's so stupid — he's my little brother, I love him."

Jake shared the same sentiment, telling "The Journey" podcast that they are now each other's biggest fans. "We're best friends and we squashed a lot of that beef from 2017," he said. "He lives literally right across the street from me so we get to see each other every single day, the relationship is better than ever. I couldn't be more proud of him with Prime." And speaking of Prime, Jake rode on the coattails of Logan's business success with the sports drink and kickstarted his own venture. He launched a men's skincare line called W, which stands for winning. "Me and my brother are like the testosterone Kardashians," he told CNBC, noting that they both intend to reach for even more success in various industries. Because why just make up when you can also build an empire together?