Everything Jelly Roll Has Shared About His Rarely-Seen Son Noah

Jelly Roll is a dad of two, but while his daughter, Bailey Ann DeFord has opened up on many occasions about her upbringing, the same can't be said for his son, Noah DeFord. However, every now and then, the tatted up country star and his wife, Bunnie XO, share insight into their relationship with the youngest DeFord kid.

The first time Jelly Roll ever spoke about his son was in 2016, when he announced his birth via Facebook. The sweet post saw a newborn Noah in hospital, and the proud dad captioned the pic, "Welcome to earth." In the days that followed, he shared two more pictures — first of him holding his son, and then of him, baby Noah, and Bailey. In the latter, he gushed over how much he loved seeing his eldest child thrive as a big sister. "I've seen it all and nothing compares to this!" he wrote. Who started chopping the onions?

It's worth noting that in the years since then, Noah hasn't been seen quite so often. That said, that has nothing to do with how close he and his famous dad are. Quite the contrary, Jelly Roll has made it clear that the only reason we don't see more of the youngster is because his mom prefers it that way. And, far from being spicy about it, Jelly Roll is totally on-board with his youngest kid's mom's stance.

Jelly Roll has nothing but respect for Noah's mom

In a 2023 interview with Taste of Country, Jelly Roll explained that keeping Noah DeFord out of the limelight was something he did out of respect for his co-parent. "I try not to get in the way of what she is building over there, and I never want to step on her toes, with what she's doing with him ... I want to just respect that boundary," he told the outlet. 

Even so, he and Bunnie XO have gone on to share some more snippets of their time together, on the odd occasion — something Jelly Roll credits his wife and Noah's mom with. "He always goes on vacation with us, and we just always try to shoot around him ... and my wife was like, 'I'm just gonna hit her up and tell her I wanna post,' and she was like, 'Yeah, totally cool," he told Taste of Country. 

As for the vacation video in question, that saw Bunnie XO interview the youngster for her TikTok. In it, he revealed a number of details about himself, from his favorite color (red), to his favorite sport (soccer), and, cheekily, his favorite between his dad and sister (Bailey Ann DeFord got the top pick). Sure enough, though, in sticking with what Jelly Roll told Taste of Country, Bunnie XO made a point of noting that Noah's mom had signed off on it before she posted anything. "Always mama approved first," she wrote.

Jelly Roll's son is super shy

Other than what he's revealed of the parenting arrangement with Noah DeFord's mom, Jelly Roll seems to prefer keeping most details about his son fairly mum. And, we have a feeling Noah himself doesn't have a problem with that. After all, in his solo (sort of) TikTok debut, it was pretty clear that the youngin is a little on the shy side. 

In a super-sweet video Bunnie XO uploaded to TikTok, she "stepped away" so Noah could do his thing in his very own video. And, while he was certainly excited, he seemed to freeze up when it came to speaking. Luckily, the kiddo wasn't afraid to voice his shyness — and even asked his audience to bear with him as he was still getting used to being on camera. "This is my first time doing a video, so ... I don't really know what to say, that much, but can you take it easy on me?" he asked. Again, those onions are potent

We'll have to sit tight to see if Noah decides to follow in Bailey Ann DeFord's footsteps and take up a more active role in his dad and stepmom's content as he gets older. However, there's no question that between Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO, and his mom, he'll get a ton of support no matter what.