The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kristi Noem Has Ever Worn

Kristi Noem loves to bust out her inner cowpoke whenever possible, be it for a suitable occasion or not. This often results in Noem beating even Kimberly Guilfoyle in the inappropriate outfit stakes — which, let's face it, is quite an achievement. The Governor of South Dakota never misses a chance to showcase her adoration of ridin', huntin', and fishin', and the right to bear arms, regularly posting videos of herself on Instagram, hunched down and grinning next to freshly slaughtered animals. Not to mention her unapologetic and highly controversial puppy shooting.

Given her right-wing ideology, self-professed commitment to making 'Merica great again, unwavering dedication to the Second Amendment, and vehement opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory in schools, it's little surprise that Noem's relationship with Donald Trump is tight and that she's a frontrunner for his 2024 campaign as vice president.

Noem's staggering MAGA transformation is quite a sight to see. She's traded the minimal makeup and Kate Gosling chop 'do, Rachel cut, and all-business-style bob for long, flowing, wavy brunette locks, heavy eye shadow, and sparkling white teeth, morphing into the typical Trump-ite look of the day so beloved by Melania Trump, Margot Martin, Guilfoyle, and Alina Habba, amongst others. And, just like all of the former, the politician's been slipping into more than her fair share of unbefitting outfits. We're checking out some of the most inappropriate outfits Noem has ever worn.

Kristi's orange dress and old gringo boots

In June 2017, Kristi Noem attended a meeting with doctors and students from the American Optometric Association at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Noem was all about business from the knees up in a round-neck, short-sleeved orange fitted dress with a flared skirt. However, from the knees down, she was ready to rodeo in a pair of well-worn leopard-print Old Gringo cowboy boots. According to the manufacturer's website, the $310 Yippee Ki Yay Leopartido boots are "sure to be an attention drawer" and are "perfect to pair with jeans or shorts." No mention of orange dresses.

Noem's ensemble made for an unusual combination, especially as the other attendees wore regular shoes, sandals, and pumps. But one thing's a given about Noem: she loves to stand out from the crowd. And another thing's for sure — she loves her cowboy boots.

The South Dakotan loves them so much she's even willing to risk being sued — again. On March 12, Travelers United slapped Noem with a lawsuit for allegedly violating the Consumer Protection Procedures Act by creating a bizarre advertorial video for Smile Texas, which she posted on X, formerly Twitter. Still undeterred, she was right back in the advertorial saddle again just two days later. "We are at Fit My Feet in Rapid City and these guys are amazing. They have totally built me inserts for running, separate ones for my cowboy boots," Noem announced in an Instagram video.

Kristi's ill-fitting pants

Before her major MAGA makeover, Kristi Noem favored more of a PTA-attendance soccer mom look. The Governor of South Dakota was clad in some dull brown flats, mushroom-colored pants, a dark gray top, and a short black blazer to meet the press with her fellow Republicans in the Capitol's Speaker's office in March 2011. The crew was together to discuss forcing a potential government shutdown. The shutdown was, thankfully, averted, although it reared its ugly head again in October 2013, costing the U.S. $24 billion.

Sadly, Noem's inappropriate outfit snafu was most definitely not averted, as her ill-fitting pants resulted in a decidedly unflattering, crotch-hungry look. However, they did appear to have been appropriately budget-friendly, like they were purchased as part of a JCPenny sale special.

The politician dresses way more glam and stylish these days — well, she wears better-fitting pants at least — but she still loves to save a buck or two when possible. "Just realized I'm wearing a shirt from my senior year of high school....I won't tell you how old it is," she teased her Facebook followers in June 2020, perhaps to prove her self-professed dedication to recycling and environmentalism.

Kristi's denim mini dress and boots

Kristi Noem kept it characteristically casual for South Dakota Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden's 65th birthday in February 2024. Rhoden chose a jacket, shirt, and tie, but Noem was in a button-front denim mini with knee-high cowboy boots. And, long before she faced a lawsuit for allegedly violating the Consumer Protection Procedures Act, she was seemingly flaunting the rules by wearing a pair of freebie boots and giving a shout-out to the donors. "Happy 65th birthday to SD Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden!! Bryon and I are wishing you a wonderful day! (Also... thank you @stetsonusa for the amazing boots!)," she captioned a pic of her standing next to her second-in-command posted on Instagram.

South Dakota News Watch conducted a poll among the state's residents, and nearly half of the participants "said they have an unfavorable view of the second-term Republican." And Noem's polarizing personality is noticeable in the photo's comments section. 

Plenty gave props for the (freebie) footwear. "Boots are hot. I admire you woman. cheers to a fabulous governing of you're [sic] state seriously," One commenter wrote. Others weren't so thrilled by Noem's casual ensemble. "You need to get someone to design your clothes better," wrote another.

Kristi's neon pink dress and pearls

Kristi Noem really does like to be the center of attention, even when it's at her close buddy's birthday party. The politician posted a photo of herself with three girlfriends on June 6, and to ensure that she stood out from the crowd, she wore an inappropriate neon pink dress while everyone else dressed in black. "Happy Birthday to the leader of the squad!!! Love you so much @missjodihunter @bombshellbeautysf – you are amazing and inspiring!! Now let's get you married off so we can go hunting!!" Noem captioned the photo she posted on Instagram, being sure to name-check her makeup artist.

Noem was also wearing a pearl necklace, likely another freebie from a past donor she promoted. "I'm always wearing pearls," she posted in December 2023, along with a bizarre mix of photos showing her flashing pieces of jewelry interspersed with pictures of her holding dead fish and gators and posing in full camo. 

"People comment on my jewelry often...say nice things like 'I like your earrings' or 'pretty necklace' ... and it opens the door to me telling them about my beautiful friend @pearlsbyshari and why I am always wearing a piece of pearl jewelry." Noem continued recounting how she and her buddy bonded over their mutual love of Jesus and how Shari explained how pearls are a testimony to God. "Don't miss opportunities to encourage others," she advised. "And tell people about Jesus. Thank you Shari for your heart."

Kristi's border visit bright top and jeans

For somebody who loves to dress in camo so often, Kristi Noem wore one of her most inappropriate outfits when she visited the National Guard at the Texas-Mexico border. "The SD National Guard is helping to build the wall in TX on their FIFTH deployment to our Southern Border! I want to thank our brave soldiers for serving our country and defending our national security," Noem posted an April 2024 photo on Instagram of her posing in the middle of armed civilian soldiers clad head to toe in camo while she stood out in a bright red T-shirt and electric blue jeans. She did make a concession, though, perching a camo cap on top of her long MAGA curls.

Noem's standout look didn't go unnoticed by commenters. "Target practice," sniped one. Another denizen made sure to bring up her puppy scandal. "You are a poor example of a human. That dog deserved better," wrote another.

Still, proving how polarizing she is, there were plenty of commenters who were totally here for it. "Kristi is a hawt lady and intelligent =sexae," gushed one. "Heroes. Even the soldier in the blue jeans and red top! (Never surrender your weapon)," another opined.