Rose Hanbury's Look Drastically Changed After Her Marriage To David Cholmondeley

In making the jump from model to Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury's style changed dramatically. We can't say we're shocked by that. After all, laid-back it-girl vibes don't quite go with the aesthetics of Houghton Hall. 

That Hanbury caught the eye of now-husband David Rocksavage isn't exactly surprising when one takes into account that he spent many of his bachelor years hanging with supermodels. (ICYMI, Kate Moss happens to be one of his closest friends.) In addition to being a model herself, Hanbury's personal style in the early aughts was pretty on par with the rest of the fash pack of the era. Think belts slung around the hips of outfits that didn't need them (the very definition of "fashun" at the time), denim jackets over mini-dresses, and those omnipresent full-sized handbags. 

In 2009, she and Rocksavage married, and her social rank changed considerably. Sure, there were still elements of Hanbury's party girl self (exhibit A: pairing a glitter maxi with a leather jacket in 2018). However, for the most part, her looks seemed to tie in with the vibe of the stately home she acquired through her marriage. As Kate Moss once told Financial Times of Houghton Hall, "It's a dream house." And as the lady of said house, Hanbury has gone on to reflect that through her style, which now reads very dreamy — and dare we say, a little fairy-like.

Rose Hanbury went for full-on ethereal vibes

If there was one way to sum up Rose Hanbury's aesthetic since marrying David Rocksavage, it would be ethereal. Several of her looks since becoming the lady of Houghton Hall have given serious fairy princess vibes. 

For one, there was the floral evening gown she wore to welcome the now-Prince and Princess of Wales to Houghton Hall for a gala evening in 2016. In addition to the floral dress, Hanbury even had her hair pulled back in a flowy, unstructured half-up, half-down look. A few years later, she rocked another fairylike look for a state banquet at Buckingham Palace. This time, she opted for a silky white dress, complete with draping detailing. She completed the look with dewy makeup and a chignon. It's definitely not what one would normally expect for a royal event, but it was certainly true to the marchioness's personal aesthetic. 

And then, of course, no discussion of Hanbury's go-to style would be complete without mention of the sweet snap shared to stylist Violet Naylor-Leyland's Instagram back in 2021. In the pic, Hanbury and daughter Iris Cholmondeley roam through the gardens of the Hanbury family home. Hanbury is in a vintage white lace dress topped off with silky floral kimono — and tbh, it's the perfect example of her personal style. 

Rose signature style does look 'off' in some royal settings

Unfortunately for Rose Hanbury, her preference for ethereal fashion doesn't always translate into the polish we're used to from royals. In fact, it often feels as though her attempts at more structured outfits just don't work. Take, for example, the coat dress she chose for the 2022 service of thanksgiving for Prince Philip. Though totally in line with her personal aesthetic, the fabric ended up looking just too unstructured. We do give her major props for the black botanical pillbox hat, though — it was absolutely in line with her style, while occasion-appropriate. 

Hanbury's biggest fashion fails, however, have come from the times she's strayed into territory that simply doesn't align with her style. Think the coat, scarf, fur hat and tights combo she chose for the first service of the year for 2020 at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. In that particular look, there were no ethereal elements, and it ended up aging her, and making her look a little too much like a mafia godmother. 

It's possible that there have been times the marchioness has felt pressured to step out of her comfort zone to avoid the press, who Hanbury already has a fiery relationship with, picking on her any more than they already have. However, we're hoping she'll embrace her whimsical side more for official events. It's clearly her vibe, and it's perfect for her.