How Kate Middleton's Bangs Sparked Wild Conspiracy Theories Before Her Cancer Reveal

Prior to Kate Middleton's heartbreaking cancer announcement, the world was all abuzz with bizarre theories over where the princess was. One particularly ridiculous theory? She'd stepped away from public life so that her bangs could grow out.

The bangs conspiracy theory began after one X, formerly Twitter, user took to the platform in early February 2024 to quip, "My Kate Middleton theory is that she got bangs and she's waiting for them to grow out." Never mind the fact that Kensington Palace had made it clear from the start that the Princess of Wales was recovering from surgery and would probably only resume public appearances after Easter. The joke soon caught on. In fact, one popular X post featured a clip of Selena Gomez seemingly sharing some hot gossip with Taylor Swift began doing the rounds, along with a particularly ludicrous faux subtitle. The subtitle included theories that if wasn't bangs keeping Middleton in hiding, she may have gone for a BBL or simply got lost at the failed Wonka experience.

In fairness, the video seemed to poke fun at just how absurd some of the conspiracy theories were. Nevertheless, we wouldn't be surprised if this particular theory angered Prince William — and possibly even upset Kate Middleton herself.

Kate Middleton's bangs were actually very popular

Part of what made the hubbub over Kate Middleton's bangs so bizarre is the fact that from the moment she debuted them, her new lewk was actually incredibly popular. We're not exaggerating, here: outlets from Glamour to Harper's Bazaar lauded it — and Vogue even recommended it for anyone looking for a refresh.

Even more interesting, though, is that one of the haircut's biggest selling points noted by the outlets was that it would grow out fairly painlessly. So ... why would she hide away to avoid anyone seeing the bangs she'd already worn out to a number of official occasions: From engagements with her patronages to the 2023 Royal Variety Show and even her annual Christmas carols event? 

As it turns out, some conspiracy theorists took things a step further and suggested that the future Queen of England had decided to trim them. As one X user wrote, "Leave Kate Middleton alone she cut her own bangs and is waiting for them to not look like s***." We guess that makes a little more sense, but the commenter probably should have stopped at leaving Middleton alone, period.

Kate Middleton has endured far worst conspiracy theories

All things considered, jokes about Kate Middleton's bangs mishap are far from the most ridiculous rumors out there. In fact, if anything, it was a relatively lighthearted theory. That said, in light of her undergoing preventative chemotherapy, any comments about the Princess of Wales' hair are incredibly sensitive, and may even have come as a blow to her. Here's hoping the widespread public guilt over the treatment of Kate Middleton means quips along those particular lines don't resurface. 

Unfortunately, though, we wouldn't put it past the most fervent conspiracy theorists out there. After all, even after Middleton's devastating video announcement, some have continued to ask where the princess is. Even more disturbingly, others took to making creepy accusations of body doubles when Middleton appeared at this year's Trooping the Colour. We're not kidding: the theorists behind these accusations pointed to her teeth as a giveaway that she's been replaced by a lizard. Cue "The X-files" theme.

Hopefully, human decency will prevail in terms of the specific theories being floated — and that Instagram fact-checkers are quick to dispel the more ridiculous rumors. In the meantime, we're sending our love to the Princess of Wales and her family as she continues her treatment.