Times Kate Middleton's Killer Legs Had The Internet Buzzing

When it comes to Kate Middleton's style, there's no denying the Princess of Wales tends to go for more modest looks. In fact, often, some of her risque (by royal standards) dresses are actually tailored to cover up a bit more. That said, every once in a while, she's opted for something more daring — and on the occasions where a thigh high slit or shorts have entered the mix and put her killer legs on display, she's set the internet abuzz.

Starting with the most recent example, royal fans will likely remember that in November 2023, Middleton re-wore her red Catherine Walker bow dress, along with a matching cape (and hat, but we're not talking about millinery right now). The all-red lewk wasn't the only thing that made this a stand-out ensemble, though. While the oversized cape could easily have drowned the princess's frame, a split in the cape and coat dress revealed a whole lot of leg when she got out of the car. So much leg, in fact, that the future queen all but broke the internet.

Social media users couldn't help but gush over the bold move, with one Instagram user on a fan page commenting (alongside several fire emojis), "These legs wow!" Online news outlets were quick to report on the look, too, with News.com.au acknowledging it being outside of the strict rules royals usually follow, but a sure sign of her fashion icon status.

Kate Middleton's navy polkadot dress came with a split

In another instance of an otherwise modest look that came with an unexpectedly leggy twist, in 2019, Kate Middleton rocked a navy blue, polkadot button-down Alessandra Rich dress, complete with a sweet, sharp collar. Said collar was buttoned right up to the top — which made for the perfect opportunity to show some skin elsewhere. That came in the form of an unbuttoned lower half of the skirt portion of the dress. 

In most pictures of the outing, Middleton's dress stayed put. However, while walking in a breeze, the dress lifted ever so slightly to reveal the then-Duchess of Cambridge's pins — and unsurprisingly, that garnered a ton of online chatter. Cosmopolitan lauded the lewk, and even pointed out that it was pretty risque that no one on the senior royal's team sewed on any additional buttons to avoid it happening. To be honest, we're of the mind that Middleton and her team were in favor of the slit, and this was far from a royal wardrobe malfunction. Especially since, with the high neckline and sleeves right down to her wrists, no one could really refer to the outfit as being overly revealing.

It's also possible the now-Princess of Wales wanted to put a spin on the dress. As many may remember, she'd actually worn it before, in the official 70th birthday portrait for King Charles. Whatever the rationale, we'd venture to say this is one of Middleton's best looks to date. 

A bold green dress also put Kate Middleton's legs on display

As with the red dress and the navy polkadot frock, a summer 2023 style choice also saw Kate Middleton's legs make the news. This time, it was a green dress by Suzannah London — and like the other two instances, button placement played a role. 

She Finds was quick to note that the dress may have raised the late Queen Elizabeth's eyebrows, as that daring split probably wasn't royal protocol-approved. However, staying true to form, split aside, Middleton's look remained decidedly demure. Styling certainly had a lot to do with that. After all, the Suzannah London website notes that the dress was inspired by 1940s silhouettes, and Middleton took things even further with an homage to that period in her shoe choice. That would be, a pair of retro-inspired Mary Janes by Alessandra Rich. 

Things didn't feel too costume-y, though, as along with her loose, flowy waves, the slit brought the dress into the century. Plus, we have to say that even with the slit, there's no question that this look is downright regal. Middleton may have to wait some time before she becomes consort, but in the meantime, she's already the queen of striking that delicate balance.

Kate Middleton has also opted for a side slit, intentionally

Button-down dresses aside, Kate Middleton has also opted for a very deliberate thigh-high split in the past. In fact, when she attended the 2016 premiere for the film, "A Street Cat Named Bob," she had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment. 

Though the dress was stunning in itself, many a royal watcher was surprised by this particular choice — and a number of publications noted that it was relatively racy for the then-duchess. Granted, the fact that there was a slit in the dress was far from the only reason the look made the news. Funnily enough, as was reported by Glamour at the time, none other than Paris Hilton donned the same dress the next day. The two women aren't usually lumped into the same category, style-wise, which made the twinning moment even more surprising. But, in a testament to just how gorgeous the gown was (and, y'know, the fact that both Middleton and Paris could pull off potato sacks), both looked incredible. 

Hey, Paris's sister Nicky Hilton married her husband, James Rothschild at Kensington Palace, AKA Middleton's turf. That means they're basically family, right? Who knows, maybe Middleton loaned it to Hilton after wearing it, herself.

Kate Middleton has stunned in shorts, in the past

Dresses aside, Kate Middleton has also put on a leggy display in shorts on more than one occasion. Suffice it to say, fans of hers have been impressed (and maybe even a little jealous!). 

For an appearance at the 2022 Sail Grand Prix, Middleton chose a blue and navy striped sweater, white shorts, and sneakers. Taking to the Instagram comments of Getty photographer, Chris Jackson, many were quick to point out that she rocked the look (but not the boat, because ICYMI, Middleton is actually a brilliant sailor). "Duchess of Cambridge looks amazing ... those toned legs are to die for!" wrote one user.

It wasn't the first time the princess opted for shorts, mind. A few months prior, she'd opted for a khaki pair for a regatta while on royal tour in the Bahamas. Unsurprisingly, people were just as impressed then. Once again commenting under one of Chris Jackson's photos posted on Instagram, some fans pointed out how youthful the princess looked in the outfit. "Catherine looks like a young woman of 40 love her shorts," one chimed. Another quipped that it was nice to see the couple in shorts together, and even made them think about what the couple must have looked like in their university days. Middleton's glam has changed over the years, but she's always rocked a sporty look!

Kate Middleton's tennis look demonstrated how muscular she is

For another sporty engagement, Kate Middleton teamed up with Roger Federer for a pre-Wimbledon 2023 training sesh with the tournament's boys and girls. Naturally, the Princess of Wales was perfectly kitted out for the occasion, in a white skort, sleeveless polo neck top and matching tennis jacket. Aside from getting a whole bunch of fashionistas suddenly interested in tennis (and even a nod from Vogue), once again, royal fans couldn't help but mention what great shape Middleton was in

Taking to the comments section of the video from the session shared to Wimbledon's YouTube channel, one fan marveled over how athletic she looked. "Amazing Princess Catherine! Those arm and legs Wow she so fit," they wrote. Over on Instagram, people were just as complimentary. In response to a slideshow posted to the Prince and Princess of Wales' Instagram account, one commenter wrote, "Wow! Kate is a pretty muscly, strong woman." Another also pointed out that being tall and toned was clearly a Middleton family trait. As the Instagram user said, "Just look at her mother sister brother. All slender. Tall. Leggy."

Now, we're not expecting the princess to rock a micro mini for a more formal engagement any time soon. However, it's safe to say Kate Middleton isn't afraid to bare her legs on the odd occasion. With those pins, we can't say we blame her!