Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie Xo Has Been Open About Plastic Surgery Makeover

The following article includes references to domestic violence.

Bunnie Xo has little need for privacy. If her fans want to know something about her life, she will give them an honest answer. That includes everything she has done to her body. While Bunnie is known for using plenty of makeup to enhance her looks, she has also undergone several plastic surgeries. From getting breast implants to cheek, lip and eye fillers, Jelly Roll's wife has been open about her transformation. That's unsurprising to anyone who knows her.

Bunnie has been candid about much more sensitive topics. In March 2024, she went into detail about her decision to leave sex work behind in 2023. She answered questions from curious fans who wondered why Bunnie stayed in the industry for seven years of her marriage. "I have always worked & made money on my own, when I married J I refused to give up my independence & rely solely on him. And to be honest he never once asked me to," she explained in a Facebook post.

Her decision to retire stemmed from the success of her brand, Bunnie Xo, which she started in 2018 and was making her as much money as she made as a sex worker in 2022. Bunnie has been just as open about the tragic details of her life, from being abandoned by her mother as a baby to suffering abuse at the hands of her stepmother. Tackling her cosmetic procedures seemed easy to do in comparison. Let's take a look at what Bunnie has said about her plastic surgeries.

Bunnie Xo has done — and undone — cosmetic procedures

Bunnie Xo isn't afraid to go under the knife — or needle. She routinely retouches her fillers, something she attributes her youthful looks to. In August 2022, she posted a video to TikTok showcasing black eyes from getting injections. "I don't know why I get work done to my face right before we go on tour or I have a photoshoot or I have to film something," she said. Bunnie didn't hold back when a user commented that she was beautiful as is and should hold off on future procedures.

"There's a reason I'm 42 & don't look my age. It's just tiny upgrades," she responded. Bunnie has also discussed her breast augmentation journey, which involved getting implants in 2006 and then removing them in 2019. "Say goodbye to Cheech & Chong — they served me well the past 13 years. See you guys on the lighter side tomorrow with my C cups," she announced on Facebook. On her YouTube channel, she gave her reasons for choosing explant surgery. Her main motivation was aesthetics.

She felt her current body and mindset were incompatible with DD cups. But there was another reason. While Bunnie wouldn't say she had breast implant illness, she wondered if the implants were exacerbating her chronic anxiety and other symptoms. She seemed more convinced they had negatively impacted her health after she saw the mold they had accumulated. "No wonder why women are having so many complications," she said on TikTok.

Bunnie Xo has tragic reasons for some facial procedures

The following includes descriptions of domestic violence.

Before Bunnie Xo started her whirlwind romance with Jelly Roll, she was in an abusive relationship for more than four years. Her ex often hurt her physically, which caused severe harm to her face. "I've had to get work for the damage that he's done to try to make myself feel better and just put that in the past," she said in a YouTube Q&A in 2019. But her former boyfriend's attacks did more than physical damage. The abuse came close to ending Bunnie's life.

"He strangled me so bad one night that he burst all the blood vessels in both of my eyes," she said on the "Sofia with an F" podcast in 2022. "He broke my orbital bone. He cracked my larynx." Afterward, he tried to prevent Bunnie from seeking medical help. But she found a way, and only then did she learn the extent of what she had gone through. "The doctor said to me that he's only seen injuries like that in somebody's eyes that have been strangled to death," she told Jelly Roll on the "Dumb Blonde" podcast in 2020.

Even after what he did to her, Bunnie still tries to rationalize his reasons. She doesn't believe he is a bad person. Instead, she believes he is a product of his abusive upbringing — much like herself. "It was just two people who had f***ed up childhoods who came together," she said on "Sofia with an F."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.