Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Hallmark's Lacey Chabert Wore

Lacey Chabert might make fetch fashion choices most of the time, but the "Mean Girls" star occasionally stumbles and sports outfits that would have The Plastics booting her from their lunch table. However, she shouldn't feel too bad about suffering a fashion flub from time to time — even her former Hallmark co-worker Candace Cameron Bure has a few inappropriate outfits in her style archive.

Interestingly, Chabert's job as a Hallmark heroine often calls for her to dress inappropriately — but not in the way you might think. It's not like she's playing a Toaster Strudel heiress who embraced the aughts-era Paris Hilton style of dressing after graduating from high school. "Typically, [Hallmark movies] are shot in the summer, and you're in coats, scarves, gloves, and cashmere, and it's 110 degrees outside. You're sweating and trying to act cold," she told Entertainment Weekly. Sadly, Chabert doesn't get to bring her own Regina George to work with her to encourage her to show a little skin.

Chabert has brought that cozy Hallmark signature to her own clothing line for HSN, telling E! News that some of the items in it are reflective of her personal style. "I feel like my closet has become 5% dressy clothes and red carpet styles, and 95% loungewear," she said. Unfortunately, it's when she tries to trade comfort for style that she's most at risk of wearing something worthy of a Burn Book entry.

On Wednesdays we wear weird boob flaps

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by a wonky piece of material randomly tacked onto a dress. For a March 2019 appearance on Hallmark's "Home & Family," Lacey Chabert wore a fitted little black dress with a respectable below-the-knee hemline. Her outfit would have been so appropriate that it would have been dull if not for the asymmetrical neckline and odd flap of fabric folded over her chest on one side of the garment.

Chabert and her co-star Brennan Elliott were on "Home & Family" to promote their Hallmark Mystery movie "Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For," but Chabert's puzzling outfit probably distracted some viewers from what she was saying. Perhaps they even found themselves trying to think of a 14-letter phrase for a sartorial mistake.

It's as though Chabert suddenly remembered it was Wednesday, chopped off a corner of one of her daughter's princess pink sheets, and super-glued it onto the garment to create an avant-garde knockoff of the black-and-pink minidress that Lindsay Lohan wears in "Mean Girls." There's just one problem with this theory — Gretchen Wieners' weekly dose of pink came one day too late, as her interview was conducted on a Thursday. Regina George would surely revoke her pink privileges over such an egregious violation of The Plastics' dress code.

She made her shirt look like an exposed bra

In 2004, Lacey Chabert hit up the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet ahead of the Golden Globes. At the event, celebs were served all sorts of free promotional swag, including clothing. Lorena Bendinskas, one of the masterminds behind the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffets that used to be held throughout the year, explained to Adage why brands were willing to shower the stars with stuff at her gifting suites. "For some it's a great source of PR through photos and the opportunity to put their product in the hands of celebrities. It increases their chances of getting into the weekly magazines," she said. While the hope of most fashion labels participating in the events was that celebrities would later be photographed wearing their designs out in the wild, Chabert posed for photos at the "buffet" while holding up multiple pairs of Kasil jeans.

The "Party of Five" star was also rocking a pair of low-rise jeans with a style of top that was all the rage at the time: a camisole that resembled a sexy, shortened chemise. Hers appeared to be made out of flesh-toned chiffon with ivory triangles of lace on the bust. Over it, she wore a blush, wrap-style sweater. The gauzy sweater's neckline was deep and wide, and when combined with the cami, it looked like she was exposing her bra at first glance. Perhaps the sweater felt so out of place because it was possibly another freebie.

Just call her Lace-y Chabert

In 2015, Lacey Chabert appeared on the "Home & Family" holiday special with a number of other famous faces. They included Danica McKellar, who would later become one of the actors who defected from the Hallmark Channel to join the Great American Family network. But in the project she was promoting, Chabert was working with an even bigger star: her fellow Queen of Christmas contender Mariah Carey.

The "All I Want for Christmas Is You" singer had directed Chabert in "A Christmas Melody." Don't let the musical title fool you — Chabert doesn't play a failed musician in the movie but a failed clothing designer. If her character was selling apparel like the black dress Chabert wore on "Home & Family," it's understandable why her Hollywood boutique was a bust, forcing her to return home to rediscover the true meaning of the holidays and fall in love with a local hunk.

Instead of rocking a festive color like McKellar chose to do, Chabert opted to wear the color of mourning. Her dress was also a major nod to her moniker, as it was overloaded with multiple different styles of lace. The dress appeared to have a nude lining, so the segment of matte fabric that covered the front of the garment from the waist down like a censor bar felt unnecessary. Further contributing to the very merry mayhem was a row of silver eyelets down the front and a ribbon tie at the waist.

How she helped Hallmark save a buck

Lacey Chabert treats just a small part of a wedding ensemble like a revered holy relic in her "Wedding Veil" franchise, a series of Hallmark films inspired by "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." But when it came to her own wedding dress, she sort of cheapened its sentimental value by re-wearing it in "A Royal Christmas." Explaining the move, she admitted to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "I wore it partially for selfish reasons. I really wanted to try it on one more time!" Just imagine how delighted the Hallmark wardrobe department had to be when she revealed that she was willing to recycle her bridal gown — that had to make their budget a lot easier to work with.

Chabert doesn't talk much about her actual marriage. However, she did tweet a photo of her wedding gown after she tied the knot with David Nehdar in 2014. It had an A-line silhouette with a sweetheart neckline and a jeweled belt.

"A Royal Christmas" premiered the same year that Chabert's wedding took place. It had to be a bit weird for Nehdar to watch his wife walk down the aisle onscreen in the same dress that she married him in — but with a prince waiting for her at the altar. Chabert's designer gown also made the wedding attire worn by Prince Leopold (Stephen Hagan) lackluster by comparison — it looked like a budget knockoff of Prince William's red ceremonial military garb.

Lacey Chabert's deconstructed suit ensemble

"Mean Girls" got some much-deserved recognition at the 2004 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards when Lindsay Lohan took home the awards for best movie hissy fit and best movie blush. Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert should have been counting herself lucky that "Fashion Police" was still years from premiering. Photos of the outfit that she wore to the event have become an antiquated time capsule of early aughts trends. There was the white, fitted button-up shirt and cropped pinstripe dress pants. She had a pair of open-toe heels on her feet, and a striped necktie belt was loosely looped around her waist. Her pants had the mandatory low-rise fit of that era, and she wore her top tied up to show off her stomach. Oh, and the cuffs of her sleeves were unbuttoned and flipped back, obvs.

Chabert tried experimenting with too many fleeting fashion fads at once and the result was what you might get if Gretchen Weiners was tasked with turning one of her father's suits into an outfit that would meet with Regina George's approval. At least Chabert didn't go and make things even more complicated by going all Avril Lavigne with that tie — she told Seventeen that she was once a fan of wearing them Sk8tr Boi-style with a pair of Doc Martens. But still, her ensemble somehow became the visual representation of the word "grool."