The Clear Signs Christina Hall's Reputation With HGTV Fans Has Soured

HGTV fans are a loyal bunch, but once they jump ship, it's pretty hard to earn their views back. Although Christina Hall, who starred on "Flip or Flip" for the better part of a decade, is HGTV royalty, her reputation with some of the network's fans has soured in recent years — and it's not because she hasn't been a constant fixture on the network. "Flip or Flop," which Hall hosted with

her ex husband, Tarek El Moussa

, ended in 2022, but she has since moved on to "Christina on The Coast" and other special projects, with more episodes are on the horizon! "@thechristinahall is back with all new episodes of #ChristinaOnTheCoast on Thursday, July 11 at 9|8c," the brand posted on


in June.

While some fans are excited to see more of Hall's DIY expertise on screen, many more have objected to Hall's presence on the network. "Why does HGTV insist on trying to make her a thing?" commented one fan under the post. Her ship has sailed!" wrote another fan. Another user claimed that someone else should take her slot. "No thanks. There are more talented people out there that deserve a show!!" they posted. Meanwhile, another user's disdain spanned not only her show, but her commercials too. "I even mute commercials that she's on. No way would I watch a whole show. Find something better HGTV," they wrote.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the backlash Hall is facing from HGTV fans.

Fans have been over Christina Hall for awhile

Surprisingly, Christina Hall doesn't seem all that popular with HGTV fans who use Reddit during the network's commercial breaks. Dozens of fans gathered in 2023 to discuss how much they'd rather not have Hall in their lineup. Underneath a post titled "I'm looking for go tf away!!" fans shared their unfiltered opinions about Hall's television presence. "I can't stand this woman. There is not a thing that is genuine about her, she's as fake as faux fur," wrote one fan. Another fan questioned Hall's home decor skills. "Honestly, I don't know why HGTV still keeps her. She's annoying and all 'Her Designs' are just whatever the generic basic b***h trends are that month with no effort," they wrote.

Fans have also expressed annoyance about how she promotes products. In a Reddit post centered around Hall promoting a gambling app, fans absolutely tore into her voice. "Her delivery is also cringe and embarrassing ... You would think she would have taken vocal lessons by now," wrote one user. Another fan agreed, commenting, "I know — the cadence of her voice drives me absolutely up the wall. The way her voice goes up after every phrase and then down so we know she's finished a sentence..." Several more fans speculated about Hall's motives for promoting a project outside of the home renovation space. That said, one fan defended Hall for making as much influencer money as she could.

What Christina Hall thinks of online trolls

Unfortunately, it seems that HGTV fans are just as deflated about Christina Hall's new show, "The Flip Off," which will feature her and Tarek El Moussa gunning to see who can make the most profit from their home reno projects. Their respective spouses, Joshua Hall and Heather Rae El Moussa, have also signed up for the ride. Recently, Christina and Heather leaned into the competitive nature of the show by lip-syncing to Big Sean's "I Don't F*** With You," as they nearly came to blows in a parking lot. As you can imagine, the Instagram comments weren't very flattering about the former couple's strange reunion. "This is stupid. I know all of you are chasing fame and money. That's not lost on the rest of us. But this is just plain STUPID. #sorrynotsorry," wrote one fan.

In case you were wondering, Hall is very aware of her public perception. As for how she copes with the harsh words? "I allow myself a little time to be upset, and usually the things that upset me are when people make direct statements about things they have no idea about," she admitted to People. Sometimes that'll really irritate me and then I'll talk to [my husband] Josh about it." Fortunately, Hall revealed that maturing has helped her to better field the scathing social media takes. "I'm approaching 40 in a few months and what I've heard is, in your forties, you're the most confident and comfortable in your own skin," she added. If that doesn't work, Christina can always clap back at her haters.