Times Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Dance Moves Have Given Her Haters Fuel

Taylor Swift has dealt with plenty of haters throughout her career and there's nothing that gets them more riled up than her sometimes awkward dance moves. Over her career, Swift has taken on many labels: a good songwriter, a hitmaker, but a professional dancer? Not so much. The "Karma" singer first caught people's attention with her moves while attending award shows.

You may have seen that viral clip of her at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards completely off-beat as gal pals Hailee Steinfeld and Zendaya danced nearby. Or maybe you caught glimpses of her at the 2014 American Music Awards dancing to Jessie J's "Bang Bang" that made you hover in embarrassment. Either way, Swift's moves have made headlines and not for the best reason. Still, the noise around her terrible dance moves doesn't seem to bug the Grammy winner. She once shared with fans, "When I'm at award shows, I have, like, the best time dancing when people are performing." Swift has even seemed to poke fun at her own moves in several of her music videos, as many will see in her dance performance for the "Delicate" video.

Still, as much as she may try to "Shake It Off," the way she moves is still ammo for her critics and has become part of the countless media moments Swift can't erase. The Eras Tour has only heightened the backlash as her haters have pointed out some of her cringeworthy dance moves.

Taylor Swift couldn't swivel her way out of this embarrassing move

Taylor Swift caught people's attention when a video of her performing at the Edinburgh stop of the Eras Tour went viral. In the clip, shared on TikTok, Swift can be seen dancing to her famous track "You Belong With Me." During an instrumental break in the song, the musician began to shake her hips in her gold flapper-style dress before waving her arms back and forth in an awkward motion. Swift's facial expression only made the moves even more cringeworthy as she smiled while sticking her tongue out. Plenty of the musician's fans saw this video as just Swift having fun on stage, but others found it unbearable to watch.

Many online users took to social media platforms to take jabs at the musician for her terrible shimmy on stage, making it one of Swift's most uncomfortable moments. One person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "the second hand embarrassment... how can you stan this." With all the dancers available to her, many were left in disbelief that she hasn't seeked professional help. Another user wrote, "I don't understand why they don't hire someone to teach her how to move properly." Ouch! Talk about a low blow! Clearly, Swift's moves at the Edinburgh stop did not impress her haters as the backlash continued.

Haters are never ever ever going to let Taylor Swift live this dance break down

There's no shortage of entertaining moments when it comes to what Swifties will see during the Eras Tour, but for Taylor Swift haters it's entertaining for different reasons. Her dance moves have taken center stage throughout her time on tour, as they have been picked apart by the internet. One particular moment during her show down under caught the eyes of her critics.

As Swift was performing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," she pranced on stage, seemingly looking like she was making up dance moves on the spot. From stomping on the ground to pointing her hands in the air, it all seemed uncoordinated. The video was made viral by a critic, who posted the clip on X with the caption, "can't believe people pay money to see this." The tweet garnered over 60 million views with 15 thousand retweets and 44 thousand likes! So, the online user wasn't the only one who felt this way, and many chimed in with their harsh takes about Swift's dance moves.

One person used Swift's dancing abilities to poke fun at the musician's backup dancers, writing on X, "it's probably easy AF being her background dancer hold on lmaooo how much they pay?" Another person shared, "swifties enjoy the bare minimum." Shot after shot was made toward Swift, and they'll never ever let her live the moment down.

Swifties' MJ comparisons sparked backlash against Taylor

Swifties weren't "...Ready For It?" when Taylor Swift received more backlash for another video of her dancing on stage. The fan-recorded clip showed Swift performing the "Reputation" track, "...Ready For It?" during one of her Eras Tour stops. The musician was attempting to hit the choreography, but completely missed the mark. She waved one arm back and forth in front of her body before moving her hips awkwardly around. She then bounced from one foot to another before putting her hand on her knee and pushing her butt out to move it from one side to the other.

The video of Swift performing eventually hit the internet after a Swiftie captioned the performance, "Put her in a cage against Michael Jackson and she'll come out as winner bc she really knows how to DANCE." Whether the Swiftie was joking or not, it opened another wave of criticism from those who can't stand the singer's dance moves.

One person on X (via Reddit) compared Swift's dance moves to that of a toddler, writing, "She dance like a 2 year old with a full diaper." Others were left in disbelief that one would even compare Swift's moves to Michael Jackson. A Reddit user shared, "Calling Taylor swift a better dancer than Michael Jackson is just plain disrespectful, I'm not saying she's a bad dancer or anything but whereas Michael is known as a dancer, it's kind of just something Taylor does during her performances."

Taylor Swift's choreography is not up to haters' standards

Taylor Swift is performing on stage at the Eras Tour for three hours — well, three hours and 15 minutes to be exact. To put on a whole production can be difficult for any musician, yet this still isn't impressive to her haters. Instead, they chose to focus on her lack of dancing skills, and she can't catch a break either way. To her cynics, she's either doing the most or she's not doing enough.

A video of Swift performing "Bad Blood," which is famously about her feud with Katy Perry,  hit TikTok after a Swiftie praised the choreography during the song. In the video, Swift stuns in an orange two piece as she walks toward a certain point on the stage before swaying her hips with fierce attitude. Compared to other points in the show, the choreography isn't as difficult as other songs, but it's still choreography, nonetheless. However, Swift's haters don't think so.

One user commented on the TikTok, "Uhhhhh what choreography." A handful of comments shared a similar sentiment as they felt that Swift wasn't really putting on a performance. Swifties came to the musician's defense, but her critics still took shots at the "Karma" singer." One person wrote, "Same. She always looks awkward to me." Even when Swift isn't going full out, people still find a way to critique her.

Swifties think Taylor's moves have improved but others doubt that

The backlash about her dance moves doesn't seem to matter to Taylor Swift, who continues to boogie on stage. One TikTok post showed the musician getting down to her track "Cruel Summer" while on stage at the Eras Tour. Swift appears to improvise a little body roll that her fans couldn't get enough of. A Swiftie even stitched the video to share her take that Swift has had impressive progress on her dancing abilities over the years. They said, "If you've been seeing videos of Taylor Alison Swift dancing this tour and you know how she used to dance, you know that the person who taught her how to dance needs to reveal themselves because they could fix climate change, they could cure world hunger, they could bring upon world peace." This die-hard fan and many other Swifties swear the musician has gotten better at dancing, but her haters think differently.

After seeing the stitched video of Swift dancing to "Cruel Summer," combined with the comments of the Swiftie, it all seemed a bit extra to her skeptics. One person wrote, "The overreach of the century." Others couldn't help but think that Swift could use some more work on her moves. One person shared, "That is fixed?" Swifties and her critics certainly don't see eye to eye when it comes to the Grammy-winning musician, and as long as she keeps dancing, the backlash will probably never stop.