Celebs Who Can't Stand The Real Housewives

When it comes to The Real Housewives stars, you may love 'em or hate 'em — but you definitely can't ignore them. Many cast members of the long-running franchise, who are outspoken and talented in their own right, have made names for themselves by simply being controversial. So, it's not surprising that, over the years, they've attracted a lot of haters (many of whom also happen to be celebrities).

But let's be honest — we're totally here for all of it. In fact, when the titular housewives stir up drama in Hollywood during their off-season, that means we get even more entertainment than we bargained for. Reality competition shows like Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars help bridge that gap between A-listers and reality TV stars, often pitting them against each other in challenges that reveal their true personalities ... for better or worse.

So, what do some of today's top celebs really think of the stars of The Real Housewives? Don't go anywhere, because we've done a little digging to reveal some of the biggest celeb vs. housewife feuds.

Nicollette Sheridan exchanged fighting words with Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna dropped a huge bomb on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in February 2019, sparking the ire of actress Nicollette Sheridan. It all started when Rinna's co-star, Denise Richards, brought up the fact that her then-boyfriend, Aaron Phypers, was waiting for his divorce from Sheridan to be finalized before they got married. 

That's when Rinna spilled the tea. After dishing that her husband, Harry Hamlin, was previously married to Sheridan, she then alleged that Sheridan once cheated on Hamlin with Michael Bolton (via The Daily Dish). Obviously, Sheridan didn't take kindly to the accusation and tweeted: "FAKE NEWS! Harry and I ended our marriage nose to nose in Canada ... Michael was a long time friend that was invited to our wedding ... Happy Harry found happiness with housewife @lisarinna."

But it wasn't over. Hamlin himself later doubled down on the claim, tweeting: "Re Fake News! What's it called when your wife of one year suddenly goes to bed with a pop singer? ...two weeks after your mother dies?? I did a lotta stuff with my wife 'nose to nose' but ending our marriage was not one of them!" In response, Sheridan wrote, "Do you really want the truth shared? ... the end of our marriage had nothing to do with anyone other than us. Sad you still can't own your part."

Needless to say, it sounds like Sheridan would be a very interesting addition to the RHOBH cast! 

Vivica Fox slammed Real Housewives star Kenya Moore

Actress Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have a rocky history that goes back to when they both appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2015. Just when we thought the dust had settled, however, they kicked it back up again. On an episode of RHOA three years later, Moore went to see co-star Porsha Williams perform in the play, Two Can Play that Game, in which Fox also starred. In addition to commenting on Fox's appearance (saying "her face looks terrible"), Moore added in a confessional interview, "Vivica's performance is the same performance. It was just 20 years ago — and 20 surgeries ago."

Fox fired back in a since-deleted Instagram post (via Baller Alert), writing alongside a clip of their explosive Celebrity Apprentice argument: "Did #ToxicTrick really think I 4got?? U didn't even see me that nite of the play as u were in your seat watching me work but TRUST I always got something for ya! And let's not start about acting receipts and other thangs! Mkay MissUSA1993." Afterward, Fox seemed to have a change of heart, and tweeted in part: "Desperate times call for desperate measures! I deleted that negativity off my timeline!! At some point we have to grow up & make better choices and I choose not to do that with that one!"

As lovely an ending as that looks like, knowing these two, it's probably not over!

Did Sofia Vergara snub Teresa Giudice in front of cameras?

When asked about her best and worst celebrity encounters at a panel discussion called "Gettin' Real with the Housewives," it seemed like The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice couldn't wait to unload her story about meeting a certain Modern Family star at a media event.

"Sofia Vergara — ugh, I can't stand her, sorry," Giudice admitted to the laughing audience. "I hate to say it, because, you know, I'm Italian, she's Colombian, she has an accent ... you would think she would be nice? You know, like she's an immigrant ... I'm just saying!" Giudice then stood up to continue telling her story, explaining that they were asked to take a picture together. However, when she posed for the photo next to Vergara, the actress stepped in front of her right before the camera snapped. The audience roared as she recruited another housewife to re-enact the alleged incident.

As if that weren't enough, Giudice then claimed that a friend of hers overheard Vergara complaining to her publicist: "[Imitating a Colombian accent] Why you make me take that picture with that woman?" Yikes.

DWTS judge Len Goodman called Erika Girardi's dance 'too raunchy'

Frankly, the judges of Dancing with the Stars should have been prepared when they cast The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi (a.k.a. Erika Jayne) on the show's 24th season. At one point during her DWTS tenure, the reality TV star/pop singer did a sexy salsa number with her partner, Gleb Savchenko. However, DWTS judge Len Goodman didn't care for the performance, saying (via Refinery29), "I know the salsa's sort of a sexy type of dance. For me, it was a little bit too raunchy, but I'm what I am." 

Girardi later responded to the criticism in a blog post written for People and framed his comments as sexist. "[Goodman is] totally entitled to his opinion but I didn't feel that was the case and I'm also allowed to disagree," Girardi wrote. "I thought there was a lot of sexy in the entire lineup last week. Look at Bonner and Sharna's routine! The crowd was going crazy for it." She added, "But that's the price you pay for owning your sexuality and not being afraid and being fearless and being yourself as a woman. You're held to a different standard and judged differently than men. But that doesn't mean I'm stopping!" Mic drop.

Real Housewives alum Bethenny Frankel didn't get along with Martha Stewart

Ever since Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York fame appeared on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, it seems that she's continued to butt heads with the decorating diva. In fact, Frankel once claimed on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she doesn't think Martha Stewart ever liked her.

"She's always been like a parent that I've always tried to get them to like, love me? But I gave up on that a couple years ago when I had my own show," Frankel told Meyers. "She just never misses the opportunity to say something negative about me or my products. And so I think she should be a housewife ... She could get paid to rip me, you know what I mean? ... That's good for drama." 

Indeed, when Frankel interviewed Stewart on her talk show, Bethenny, in 2013, the host asked about the rift between them, beginning when Frankel came in second on Stewart's Celebrity Apprentice. "It was such a big moment in my life ... I wanted to know what you were feeling," Frankel said. "It felt like you didn't like me, to be honest with you." Stewart responded with, "Well, you weren't so likable then ... You were a pest ... You were so out there in front of everybody." Frankel then gestured to the audience. With a laugh, Stewart added: "And now you can be that. You're the host!"

Naomi Campbell may have asked Bravo to fire Kenya Moore

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore stopped by Watch What Happens Live to dish the dirt with Bravo's Andy Cohen, a viewer called in to ask her about an allegation in the host's book, The Andy Cohen Diaries. According to the New York Daily News, Cohen claimed: "The [Met Gala] dinner was pop culture theater ... Naomi [Campbell] came over to me three times in the course of the entire evening screaming, 'Keep Porsha [Williams]. DO NOT FIRE HER! I CAN'T STAND KENYA!'" 

Back on WWHL, Moore clapped back with, "Well, which is why she's not a head of a network." As Cohen mentioned during the interview, Campbell's supposed comments came on the heels of a RHOA reunion show, in which Williams stood up and lunged at Moore, who had been taunting her with a scepter and megaphone.

Since then, however, Williams seems to have softened her stance against Moore. The Daily Dish reports that the two have bonded over motherhood, and have even vacationed in Greece together. Maybe the reconciliation between these two new moms will be enough to make Campbell have a change of heart, too.

Star Jones accused Real Housewives star Lisa Rinna of harassment

While Lisa Rinna of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on Celebrity Apprentice, she apparently didn't get along with Star Jones. According to a source cited by E! News, Rinna was reportedly "furious she was kicked off so early and blamed it all on Star." 

The insider went on to claim that the RHOBH star started sending nasty emails to Jones, who collected them all and handed them over to NBC's legal department. Rinna also allegedly made fun of Jones in since-deleted tweets, which the latter apparently captured and included with her legal claim of harassment and as "evidence of [Rinna's] instability."

The matter was eventually settled, as Jones told Inside Edition: "The NBC executives and the legal team took care of it, they took care of it to my satisfaction. And that's the way I handle things."

For her part, Rinna later told Anderson Cooper that while her appearance with Jones on the reality competition show was "the worst experience of [her] life," she decided to take her then-11-year-old daughter's advice and go on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars to make things right again. "And guess what?" Rinna said. "I had the time of my life ... I got to turn it around. How often do you get to do that in life?"

That time Star Jones shut down NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kept it real on The Wendy Williams Show when she was asked how she got along with her Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Star Jones. "I'm not feeling Star Jones, I'm sorry. I gave her a chance when I first got there, I did," Leakes replied (via The Daily Dish). "But Star... Star is a trip — like she is very special. No seriously. I wouldn't spit on Star if she was on fire."

When asked to respond, Jones told Life & Style magazine (via Essence), "I did Celebrity Apprentice to raise money and awareness for a charity that has been instrumental in my life, not to see it reduced to a cliche where black women attack one another for publicity's sake." She added that she hoped Leakes "would remember that we all participated in this show for charity and not as a vehicle to promote ourselves and such hatred."

Leakes later backed off and said she no longer had beef with Jones, telling Essence, "I'm not so in a rage that I can't say hello and I can't stand in the same room as Star. I don't hate her, I don't know anybody that I hate." The TV personality added, "Star is Star. I wish her all the best."

The ladies of The View were 'not kind' to this Real Housewives star

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes appeared on The View, she didn't seem to gel too well with the panel (via The Daily Dish). After Leakes pointed out that she thought "lots of girls would like to imitate the NeNe Leakes brand," co-host Joy Behar compared her attitude to Donald Trump, quipping: "She's modest. No wonder you're friends with Donald Trump. I get the connection. She loves Donald." Leakes fired back, "I like Donald. I think he's very true to who he is. I didn't say I was voting for him, honey. I said I liked him."

Leakes later shared how uncomfortable she was on The View during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. "I felt like they were not kind to me," Leakes told Andy Cohen, adding, "Joy definitely was throwing a lot of shade. But there was someone else on the panel that threw shade, as well, as far as looking me up and down." She eventually hinted that she was "probably" referring to panelist Raven Symone, whom Leakes claimed had looked at her "real nasty-like."

In an interview with E! News, Symone apologized to Leakes, saying, "I feel sad for her. She came to my house party. I don't understand what happened, but that's her right if she felt that way. Just like our opinion, that's her opinion. Sorry, girl. My bad."

Martha Stewart dissed the Real Housewives' Luann de Lesseps

Many of us would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at a 2015 dinner party attended by both The Real Housewives of New York's Luann de Lesseps and Martha Stewart. Page Six reports that a Qatari ambassador held the event and got into conversation with the countess about her turn on the hit Bravo series, before expressing his interest in appearing on it. According to a source cited by the media outlet, Stewart was reportedly quick to whisper to him: "You don't want to do that. It's lowbrow, very B-list." Ouch.

The insider went on to claim that de Lesseps immediately confronted Stewart, first saying, "Martha, I can hear you." While referring to Stewart's stint in prison for insider trading, she asked, "Should I tell him about your past?" Stewart reportedly claimed her comments were all in jest, after which the seemingly undeterred ambassador apparently told de Lesseps that he'd still love to make his RHONY debut.