Inside B. Simone's Relationship With DaBaby

Back in 2019, comedian, actor, and rapper B. Simone staged an all-out pursuit of North Carolina rapper DaBaby. Instantly, people showed interest in her flirting and as it grew, so did questions about whether they'd be a couple one day. After all, it's not every day that people see a celebrity court another famous person in such a public way, so fans were highly invested.

For this one, we examine all angles of Simone's dealings with DaBaby. Like what she had to say about him while expressing her love and the drama she eventually faced for it. We'll also detail what DaBaby thought of her attempts at getting his attention.

But before we go any further, it's important to note that Simone's flirting with DaBaby came before he was nearly canceled for making disparaging remarks about the LGBTQIA+ community in 2021 at Rolling Loud Miami. This meant a lot of people supported her romantic gestures and wanted him to be her man. So now that we've explained, let's travel inside B. Simone's relationship with DaBaby, because there's a good deal to unpack.

B. Simone offered to be a stepmom

Sometimes in life you just have to go for it. That seemed to be the philosophy that B. Simone used in October 2019, when she expressed her deep affection for DaBaby. Not only that, she offered to become the mother of his children.

"Man y'all already know WTF going on ❤️ Jesus i ask you for patience," Simone wrote in part in a now-deleted Instagram message captured by theJasmineBRAND. "I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls 😢 ... He prolly wasting his time with a girl that don't even like kids while I'm over here ready to be a step momma. I been practicing and everything."

DaBaby later responded with laughing, waving, and peeping eyes emoji, which shows at the very least that he got a big kick out of the post. Per HotNewHipHop, Simone's message was a response to the "Baby on Baby" rapper sharing a since-deleted video of female fans screaming for him after he rolled down his car window. Clearly, Simone wanted those fans to know that their admiration for the rapper was nothing compared to how she felt for him. But remember, she's a comedian and a businesswoman, so while her stepmom offer could've been real, it also may have been tongue-in-cheek.

She dressed up as DaBaby's bride

Creativity isn't something that's usually associated with someone shooting their shot at a love interest, but B. Simone used it while courting DaBaby. What did she do you might ask? The multifaceted entertainer dressed up like his bride for a Halloween party that she threw in 2019. But Simone didn't stop at a white gown, she also carried a cardboard cutout of the southern artist that showed him wearing a black suit and a neck full of chains.

Then Simone dived even further into the wedding concept by tossing a bouquet of flowers to a group of women at the party. There are also photos of her beaming while showing off a ring, just like a real bride. And get this: Just for good measure, she referred to her and DaBaby as the Kirks (the rapper's last name) in one of the captions.

He eventually responded to the costume and said all those interested in him should use Simone as an example. "If she don't love me like [B. Simone] love me I can't f**k with her," DaBaby wrote on Instagram, which was later captured by The Shade Room. If there's one thing for sure, Simone can't be accused of not doing enough to get DaBaby's attention.

B. Simone and DaBaby finally connected

With B. Simone bringing her social media followers along on her courting of DaBaby, she seemed to build hope in them that she'd meet the "Suge" rapper one day. Well, it finally happened in 2019, much to the thrill of those followers and fans. HotNewHipHop wrote that Simone and DaBaby's first-time meeting took place at a nightclub. One publication identified that venue as OAK Atlanta in Georgia.

At the time, a video of their meeting made the Internet rounds and it showed them looking quite comfortable with each other. Simone can be seen holding DaBaby's head while posing for a photo, and he rests it on her shoulder. In the comments of that clip, people expressed joy at Simone finally meeting her dream man. Some also gave her credit for going after what she wanted. But on the flip side, others accused Simone of doing too much for DaBaby's attention. The people who expressed that opinion seemed to be in the minority, however.

Many wanted to know if they were a couple

Considering that B. Simone went on an all-out campaign to express her admiration for DaBaby, then seemed to get along with him after their meeting, many wanted to know if they were dating. But the questions also had a lot to do with a photo that Simone posted in March 2020 that showed her hugging a mystery man who was grabbing her backside. The guy's face can't be seen in the pic, but fans quickly recognized the hand tattoos and knew it was DaBaby. And it wasn't just Simone's fans who reacted, so did her famous friends.

One who commented was former star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" NeNe Leakes, who asked Simone what she was doing in the photo. Singer Sevyn Streeter said she had to call the "Holiday Heartbreak" star after seeing the pic, and popular marketing person Mary "Mz. Skittlez" Seats sent Simone a message and was impressed. "Welp this is what manifesting get you!!" she wrote. "Let me get my copy of the book."

But in the end, there was a good reason for Simone posting the risqué photo and her efforts would get a kind message from DaBaby. Keep on reading and we'll explain.

B. Simone and DaBaby may have fooled everyone

Now, about the photo that caused so much attention. You know, the one where DaBaby and B. Simone are snuggling like an actual couple. It turns out the image was to promote DaBaby's 2020 song "Find My Way," a single off his "Blame It on Baby" album. Simone plays Bonnie to his Clyde in the over 10-minute clip, while they rob and steal together.

Once the real reason for the pic was revealed, DaBaby suggested in a now-deleted Instagram post that he and Simone weren't a couple. He called himself the greatest marketer of all time, per HotNewHipHop, to just rub people's faces in their assumption. The "Rockstar" rapper also had kind words for Simone, calling her the marketing queen for promoting the "Find My Way" video, according to Hot 97.

The two can be seen interacting in behind-the-scenes footage as well, which Simone posted. But there isn't any romance or hanky-panky going on in the clip. They both appear focused on making the edgy storyline seem realistic. For example, in one scene of the behind-the-scenes shots, DaBaby is seen reminding his on-camera love interest they're supposed to be living out of their car and shouldn't be dressy. The question is, however, did they keep things strictly business after the video shoot? Because that was never fully determined.

B. Simone wanted a marriage proposal

In a 2020 episode of "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out," DaBaby and B. Simone were awfully flirty with each other. It was seen while they were playing a popular game on the show called "Kick 'Em Out The Classroom," where people freestyle rap and get eliminated if they can't deliver an impromptu line. When it was Simone's turn, she rapped about fighting another woman over DaBaby. Later, the controversial rapper said that he wanted to kiss her.

Elsewhere in the episode, it appeared that Simone was getting exactly what she wanted: A marriage proposal from DaBaby. It was during a segment of the show where men give pick up lines to a woman who's wearing a wedding dress. But when it was DaBaby's go, Simone came running with her own dress on and demanded the rapper propose to her.

It didn't happen, however, because after DaBaby dropped to one knee and asked Simone to tie his shoe, he coldly walked away, which made the actor and comic drop to the floor. But that wouldn't be the last time there'd be a lot of chatter about Simone, DaBaby, and "Wild 'n Out." There would eventually be more headlines about the rumored couple and the show, since the mother of his child implied that DaBaby was messaging Simone behind her back.

She dissed DaniLeigh over DaBaby

As we mentioned, B. Simone doesn't only tell jokes on stage, she also delivers song lyrics as a rapper. One time, she used her lyrical skills to diss Miami singer DaniLeigh, who is DaBaby's ex-girlfriend and has a child with him. In the cut, Simone suggests that she doesn't want DaBaby, despite everything she's said about him in the past. She told DaniLeigh to keep quiet after that and called her baby mama number three. Per The U.S. Sun, DaBaby has four kids and not all of them are with DaniLeigh.

The Florida artist responded to the song after it was posted by The Neighborhood Talk, and she seemed confused why Simone released it. "I never said anything to this girl and she really went to the studio to write this weak ass song. Ok," wrote DaniLeigh. Now, one could easily think that since DaniLeigh is a singer, perhaps she'd respond in her own song, but that wasn't the case. Yet, the drama between these two ladies over DaBaby was far from over.

B. Simone was removed from Wild 'n Out because of the rapper

In September 2022, Hollywood Unlocked ran a story about DaniLeigh demanding MTV producers remove B. Simone from an episode of "Wild 'n Out" that she appeared on. Simone has been on the show for several seasons, but she didn't appear in that episode. "It is true," she said on "Tamron Hall" about being taken off the show. "But we're going to have grace for that situation. I don't agree with it but I understand it. Especially, you know, she's not that mature. So, we're just going to have grace for her and move forward."

At first, DaniLeigh brushed off the accusation on social media, but she later came clean. Well, sort of, because although she admitted to influencing producers to keep Simone off the show, she said it was merely a request. "It was never a demand," DaniLeigh explained on video. "That wasn't the case. 'Wild 'n Out' asked me ... Me and B. Simone are not cool, so, my team asked if it's cool she doesn't do the episode that I do, respectfully ... I'm protecting my peace, I'm protecting my heart on the situation. It wasn't petty. She was actually there, so I'm sure she got paid. It wasn't to take away money from nobody's pocket." 

DaniLeigh also brought up Simone's diss song about her. Moreover, she claimed to have seen text messages between the comedian and DaBaby when they were still a couple. 

She was accused of giving up DaBaby for Meek Mill

Not all crushes last forever. Not even the ones that may have been based on self-promotion. In October 2020, B. Simone was accused of moving on from DaBaby after seeming to show interest in Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. She did it after seeing Mill's response to a social media comment about babies' mothers.

"If a dude has 2 baby mommas what goes through y'alls mind wanting to be the 3rd," someone wrote, which was posted by The Shade Room. "They say the third bm's be the one lol," responded Mill, who, as of 2022, has three children with two women. That's when Simone chimed in — per HotNewHipHop — and said she'd be the third baby mother if she can be the first wife. It is possible, of course, that she was just sharing her thoughts on the topic and wasn't shooting her shot at Mill. 

There's also a chance that she's friends with the Philly lyricist, seeing the way he stood up for her when she was accused of plagiarizing her book "Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want" that same year. Either way, it did appear at the time that Simone's crush on DaBaby, whether real or not, was diminishing.