The Untold Truth Of DaBaby

Like other buzz-worthy stars in the music scene, DaBaby has no trouble stirring up headlines. You likely heard about his politically-focused claim that fellow rapper Kanye West has won over his vote for the 2020 presidential election, and you may have read about the fact that he "found his female doppelganger running the drive-thru line at KFC," according to News Break.

However, DaBaby is also unlike other rappers. In fact, Complex declares in an arguably indisputable way that he "is one of a kind in every sense of the word." Frankly, he "walk[s]" a "dumb/great line," Stereogum notes while pointing out his appearance at 2017's SXSW when he "became a minor internet sensation just by walking around 6th Street in an adult diaper and nothing else." On top of that, in 2019, he spent his time releasing videos and, at the same time, "finding new ways to make himself look ridiculous." Whatever you think about his attention-grabbing antics, music lovers are undeniably into his tunes, and by August 2020, Variety reported that DaBaby's "Rockstar" had become Spotify's Top Song of the Summer.

While that kind of popularity may make you think you're familiar with DaBaby, here are a few facts that you likely didn't know about the quirky rapper.

DaBaby has changed his name more than once

Would DaBaby be as popular if he went by another name? We may have been able to answer that question if the rapper had opted to stick with one of his earlier monikers. The future star was born as Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, which is a perfectly respectable name, but it doesn't quite give off the kind of vibe that the performer was apparently aiming for. However, it turns out that DaBaby didn't immediately go with the name that helped him find fame.

"In December 2014, Kirk made a quick decision to become a rapper, taking the name Baby Jesus and issuing his NonFiction mixtape a month later," AllMusic explains. Although he started "making a name for himself with his visceral live performances," he ultimately decided to "[change] his name to DaBaby, going so far as to explain the 'political reasons' for this decision in the lyrics to 'DaBaby (Intro),' a short introduction to 2016's God's Work Resurrected, his first mixtape under the new moniker."

"My last name K-I-R-K, Kirk / You know how I rock behind my daddy," he raps in the song, later adding: "You know how I step, you know how I rep, you know about Baby." We certainly do now.

University turned DaBaby into 'a grown man'

If you are a former student of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, then there's a chance that you once took a class with DaBaby. That's because he also once studied at the post-secondary school. Although he left before he graduated, according to The Guardian, he did make it through two years of his studies.

While DaBaby felt like he stuck out like "a sore thumb" at what Rolling Stone explained is "a predominantly white school," he doesn't seem to regret his time at the university. "It had me in a different environment," he recalled in 2019, adding, "It was something I had to adapt to. At first, I'm like, 'What the f**k am I doing here?' I did what I did for two years, and then I went back to the city. I came back a grown man."

After leaving school behind, DaBaby spent his time "in the streets." But he isn't necessarily willing to open up about what he was doing during that period. The Guardian notes that "what he did between dropping out of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and starting to take rap seriously" is among the "things that DaBaby deems off-limits in interviews." You'll just have to let your imagination — or his sometimes seemingly suggestive lyrics — fill in the blanks.

DaBaby has faced serious legal issues

He may be a music industry success story, but DaBaby also faced his fair share of legal issues. For instance, "DaBaby was detained and questioned ... in Miami in connection with a robbery investigation," NBC News reported in January 2020. The rapper "allegedly robbed the victim of $80, a credit card, and then doused him with apple juice," per a police report (via TMZ). "The rapper also allegedly took the victim's iPhone 7" during the "dispute [that] occurred after DaBaby felt the victim — a concert promoter — had shorted him." NBC News reported that he arrest happened "after authorities discovered [DaBaby] had a warrant out of Texas," which TMZ described as being related to "organized criminal activity" and and attack on "an employee working a food stand" at the The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. 

Prior to that, TMZ notes that he was "arrested ... in Charlotte, North Carolina after he ... was cited for marijuana possession," and faced charges "in early 2019 for an alleged attack in November 2018" when he "got into a fight with a man inside a Walmart, and the altercation resulted in a man [19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig] getting shot and killed." Eventually, the related gun possession charge against DaBaby was dismissed, however, those weren't the only legal troubles he faced. The star was also "convicted ... of carrying a concealed gun" and "was sentenced to 12 months of unsupervised probation and 30 days in jail ... but the jail sentence was suspended."

DaBaby is rich, but could be richer

Thanks to his hit songs and thrilling performances, DaBaby has made a fortune over the course of his career. As of writing, he has $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And the "Money" rapper isn't afraid to enjoy his fortunate financial status. "You gotta show the money when you become a rapper," he told Billboard, adding, "I can't wear a hoodie every day and act like I don't know no better, you get what I'm saying?"

At the same time, DaBaby is generous with his funds. He proved that in 2019 when "a homeless mother named Amanda, with her young child in tow, approached DaBaby at a clothing store and asked him if he would buy some of her hats," per XXL. In response, he "hand[ed] her $1,000 in cash for her hats. DaBaby then [gave] back some of the hats and [told] her to sell them to someone else."

However, the rapper also has a lot to lose. In April 2020, he talked to BigBoyTV about the coronavirus quarantine, saying, "If it goes to July...I've already missed millions for sure." How many millions? Well, he said, "I'ma hold up how many millions I think," and then flashed five fingers while someone off-camera suggested it was around $7 million. "No bulls**t. Tour alone, you know," DaBaby noted. And who knows how much he may have lost from other void income streams. Hopefully, he'll be able to get by with the millions he already has.