The Truth About Chanel West Coast's Black Paper Towels

In a March 2020 interview with In Touch WeeklyChanel West Coast showed off her stunning home – that woman knows good wallpaper! She took viewers on a tour of her enviable closets, her makeup counter, and even offered suggestions for fans who want to become influencers.

West Coast first shared her living room and admitted that she spends a lot of time there, listening to music and writing her own songs. It looked like a beautiful space for creativity and inspiration.The Ridiculousness star then led fans into her kitchen, which was lovely and tasteful, but what we are most curious about was the sighting of black paper towels. What? West Coast started laughing and wasn't a bit surprised that the camera narrowed in on the paper towels. She explained, "Everybody is so intrigued by the black paper towels. It's a custom designer paper towel holder and these are the most expensive paper towels. So they're just for show. And when somebody comes over here and tries to use it, I instantly pull out the white [paper towels] out of the cupboard."

West Coast seems to love a black and white aesthetic and uses the look in surprising ways. Her sink is black and so is the interior of her fridge. She explained that the darker color is really helpful in keeping her house clean because stains don't show up as much. 

After showing off her first floor, the rapper then guided the tour upstairs.

Chanel West Coast's home is a California dream

Once on the top floor, Chanel West Coast proceeded to give In Touch Weekly a tour of her glam room and we are drooling! She had a vanity with drawers filled with makeup, a wall of wigs, and a wall of shoes. However, she was careful to specify that they were not "all of her shoes." She also showed off a cute, orange outfit and said it was what she wore when she opened for Cardi B. Adorable! West Coast also had a rack of her clothing line, LOL Cartel. She said she "always has a few things on deck," so she can give items to friends and influencers.

Up in her bedroom, which had a tropical vibe, Chanel pointed out the neon sign above her bed, which quoted Biggie Smalls: "It was all a dream." She said the quote is very important to her because her dreams also help her career. "I will dream and have visions for music videos, dream and have visions for songs."

West Coast also showed her ring light and said it was necessary for anyone who wants a social media presence, noting, "You're not going to always have someone around to take your picture." She said her ring light came in what was called an "Influencer Kit" from Best Buy!

The rapper concluded her tour by saying that a tough background doesn't mean a person can't have an amazing life. She said, "You just have to work really hard and you can get it!"