The Surprising Items Chanel West Coast Uses To Energize Her Home

Our girl, Ridiculousness host Chanel West Coast, knows a thing or two about maintaining positive energy at home and the importance of keeping objects around that inspire happiness. On an awesome house tour with In Touch in March 2020, Chanel showed off her sweet California digs and gave fans an inside look at the space where she gets creatively inspired, restored, and rejuvenated. 

To give fans some insight, the house boasts some awesome and totally unexpected features, like black paper towels in the kitchen and a fully-equipped glam room, complete with wigs and more makeup than one person can use in a lifetime. What's more? The decor is was elegant and colorful, with velvet furniture and vibrant, tropical wallpaper. Not to mention, there's an inviting pool in the backyard and outdoor lounge space, too.

Chanel's kitchen had a Cooking with Cannabis cookbook on the counter, and we already know that Chanel uses CBD products to help her relax, which she highlighted in a sponsored Instagram post from 2019. She captioned the post, "Whether it's after a hard workout or a long day at the studio, or just having a lil anxiety and need to chill, I use CBD to help me stay relaxed and focused to take on my next project!"

So it's obvious that good vibes and peaceful energy are really important to Chanel.

Why Chanel West Coast's dining room means so much

While giving a home tour to In Touch, rapper Chanel West Coast brought fans into her dining room, a space that's decorated in the same elegant style as the rest of the digs but with a punch of tropical flair. The dining room is a special place in her home, as it's where she hosted Christmas dinner with both her mother and father for the first time. She shared, "It was great to finally have my mom and dad together in the same house at the same table for Christmas. So, this table made that all come together."

Fans of Chanel already know that she lived a bi-coastal childhood. According to her personal bio, Chanel lived in North Hollywood with her mom and New York City with her dad. Obviously, the West Coast has meant a lot to Chanel (hence her name), but she shared that it was in New York, with her father, where she came to experience music fully. Chanel's dad worked as a DJ and brought her to clubs when she was as young as eight, explaining,  "I've always been around music, and I knew it's what I'd do for the rest of my life. I didn't have a choice."

So it's really special Chanel had both parents together in one place.

Chanel West Coast trusts one particular item to bring good energy

Chanel West Coast's dining room is significant for another reason, too. When showing off her lovely home to In Touch, Chanel pointed out a special shelf in her dining room that's loaded up with memorabilia. The shelf holds her awards, including the BET award she won with Young Money in 2014, as well as her YouTube award for her first 100,000 subscribers.

Chanel then highlighted a lower shelf covered in crystals, stating, "I'm a very spiritual person. I can sense energy so much." She added, "I believe a lot of that has to do with crystals."

Elaborating on what these gems mean for her home, the MTV star explained, "Crystals bring certain energies into your life and I have all sorts of crystals here that bring all types of different energies – all positive energies – we don't want any negative. I like to have as many as possible in my house because I really feel that they give me good energy." 

These crystals seem to be working as Chanel's house gives off nothing but happy, positive vibes!