The Truth About Chanel West Coast And Tyga's Relationship

There's been a lot of speculation over the years about Chanel West Coast's relationship status. The rapper, who also co-hosts MTV's Ridiculousness, seems to spark romance rumors the minute she sits next to a guy. As such, fans have wondered about her romantic connection to Rob Dyrdek. (Turns out Dyrdek is happily married and he's just really good friends with West Coast.) There have also been rumors that the MTV personality has dated her co-host Sterling "Steelo" Brim. (Again, it turns out they're just really close pals and Brim proved he'll always have West Coast's back.)

Needless to say, when rapper Tyga was the guest star on an episode of Ridiculousness, it caused quite the stir. Tyga visited the MTV set in November 2019 and hung out with Brim, Dyrdek and, of course, West Coast. Romance rumors weren't totally off the table since, especially since Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been over for quite some time now.

So did Tyga and West Coast come together as the ultimate rap romance? Keep reading.

Will Tyga and Chanel West Coast work on a song together?

Tyga appeared on MTV's Ridiculousness in November 2019 and seemed oh-so comfortable with Rob Dyrdek, Steelo Brim, and Chanel West Coast. First, they talked about Tyga's song, "Rack City," which Dydrek had asked him about. "I did the song in like 10 minutes. I was just playing around at first." Tyga said he just wanted to try something new.

Since the topic landed on songs, Dyrdek and Tyga fell into a conversation about collaborations. Tyga said, "Collaborations aren't supposed to make the song," noting that collabs should be the "cherry on top." As Tyga answered, he turned to look at West Coast, who nodded in agreement.

Tyga said that he had been listening to West Coast's mixtape in the dressing room. He smiled at the Ridiculousness co-host and said, "That's why I was looking at you." Dyrdek proudly pointed to Chanel and said, "This young lady is signed to Young Money, as well," adding, "I think a collaboration with Tyga would be incredible."

West Coast said, "It would be perfect! We're both west coast. We gotta do it." Dyrdek chimed in again, saying, "I'm going to call it a guaranteed hit!" He even offered to sing on it. As of this writing, Tyga and West Coast haven't jumped in on that collab, but who knows what could come! It sounds like an amazing idea and hey, we could even hear Dyrdek sing.

That being said, it seems like Tyga and West Coast are more of a match made in music heaven than an actual match.