The Big Bang Theory Marriage You Never Knew About

Even though the CBS hit series The Big Bang Theory is about a bunch of quantum physics-loving, socially awkward nerds, (spoiler alert!) the group of best friends all get married by the end of the show's 12 seasons. The members of the tight-knit group found love with each other with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco), and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg) pairing off one by one. While the main characters all find their soulmates in the end, one of the supporting characters of the popular show also seemingly got hitched. 

According to Reddit user ImMabin123, there's a "throwaway line" that eludes to a character from the earlier seasons of the show tying the knot. During a Reddit discussion, the user pointed to a Season 10 episode titled "The Allowance Evaporation" — which is centered on Raj and his relationship with his father — as proof that a wedding happened right under viewers' noses.

Check out what the avid fan came up with, and how they figured out who might have tied the knot off-screen. 

Did Priya get married off-screen?

Who doesn't love a deep, in-depth conversation about our favorite television shows? In a Reddit discussion posted in July 2020, user ImMabin123 mused: "Even though we don't hear much about Priya after she and Leanord (sic) broke up [in Season 5] in S10 E16 Raj's dad says to raj that out of his 6 children 5 of them are married which means Priya is married i don't know if people noticed this." 

That being said, another user, ltnbogdan, pointed out that the "show has its own share of plotholes," adding that the "directors sometimes change their minds about characters' (sic) and don't notify the viewer." To further their point, the user examined the seventh episode in Season 5 titled "The Good Guy Fluctuation," in which Priya and Leonard seemingly broke up. 

"[The directors] did however have Priya mention her ex boyfriend, maybe her ex fiancee," they wrote. "In the episode where Leonard told her via videocall that he kissed another. Priya said she f**ked her ex boyfriend or fiancee." In the following episode, Leonard notes that he's single. The real seller of the theory was user babysueyi, who pointed out that "[t]here may be a photo of Priya's wedding on Raj's fridge." 

Needless to say, all of this is speculation, as the cast — or showrunners, for that matter — has yet to confirm the (big bang) theory. However, if true, that's one heck of an Easter egg!