Who Is Eric's Ex-Girlfriend Nathalie On 90 Day Fiance?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is no stranger to conflict with her exes. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star has gotten into it with her exes and even her exes' exes. When she first appeared on the show, it was as Colt Johnson's fiancée. Their relationship was mercifully short-lived. They had many problems, but chief among them was Larissa's suspicion that Colt was cheating, which became a theme in all her other relationships (Colt's too, TBH).

After they broke up, they both earned a spot on the cast of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? where Colt started dating a woman named Jess Caroline, and Larissa found love with Eric Nichols. Like just about everything else in Larissa's life, the relationship was at once complicated and also the essence of great TV.

Larissa and Eric briefly broke up in Season 5, and when they reunited, she found texts from a woman named Nathalie on his phone. Because she's Larissa, instead of just asking Eric, she went straight to the source and gave Nathalie a call. Nathalie told Larissa that she and Eric dated, and claimed that Eric shared personal details about his sex life with Larissa and badmouthed her to just about anyone who would listen, per ScreenRant.

So, what's the deal with Nathalie and Eric now? And how does Larissa feel about all of this anyway? Read on to find out.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima doesn't trust Nathalie

Miraculously, Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols moved past the Nathalie issue, and all seemed well... until the Season 5 reunion rolled around. If 90 Day Fiancé was a competition, Larissa hands-down won the Season 5 tell-all, and that's saying something, considering that Jess Caroline revealed she'd secretly gotten married, and Angela Deem told her long-distance husband via Zoom she'd be undergoing drastic cosmetic surgery in a few weeks. All eyes were on Larissa, though, when the host brought out Nathalie to talk to Larissa and a horrified-looking Eric face-to-face... well, Zoom-to-Zoom, but you get the idea.

For context, Nathalie spent months bashing Eric via social media. In a since-deleted Instagram Story, she shared screenshots of private conversations and insisted she would never date a man like Eric, even advising Larissa to run as fast as she could. "I don't associate myself with women-bashing a**holes like [Eric]," she reportedly said, per Monsters and Critics. Adding, "[Larissa] blink twice if you need to be rescued from that snake of a 'boyfriend' you're with."

When Nathalie made her reunion debut, though, she learned firsthand how wrong she was about Larissa needing help. The reality TV vet wasted no time in calling her out and standing up for herself. "You cannot do s**t, Nathalie," Larissa screamed, per TV Insider. "You are nobody." Larissa recently announced she was leaving the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for good. We speak for everyone when we say she'll be sorely missed.