Why Clare Crawley's Date With Jason Foster Made Her Scream On The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley already has countless reasons to scream on The Bachelorette, considering how dramatic her season has become. In fact, the drama started before Season 16 even began shooting. 

Just hours before Clare was set to meet her suitors, production was halted due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Once her season started filming at the La Quinta Resort & Club in California, reports leaked that Clare had fallen in love with contestant Dale Moss, quit the show, and would be replaced by Bachelor Nation alum Tayshia Adams.

While viewers have not seen that suspected drama unfold...yet, there have been plenty of cringe-worthy and downright shocking moments on Clare's season so far. During the premiere, she had to sit down two men who were arguing over direct messages on Instagram. In the second episode, Clare was forced to put her foot down as she confronted the men on their group date because no one made a move to pull her aside for precious one-on-one time. Then, she had to send contestant Brandon Goss home because he only listed Clare's looks as the reason for wanting to be on the show.

Finding love has not been an easy ride for Clare. Fortunately, she was able to let out some of her frustrations. Here's why Clare Crawley's date with Jason Foster made her scream on The Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley & Jason Foster didn't hold back on their date

Contestant Jason Foster was the lucky recipient of Clare Crawley's first one-on-one date card on Season 16 of The Bachelorette. The date was intense. At one point, Jason and Clare sat by a fire divulging their inner demons. Prior to the date, Jason admitted he was nervous for the intimate conversation. "To open up and share your deepest darkest secrets, that's when I get scared," he said (per People). "I don't like that."

Clare seemingly made it easy for Jason to open up to her, though. After explaining a bit about her past and how she copes with it, the Bachelorette gave Jason the option to take some deep breaths or scream it out. "Let's go right to screaming," he answered, and off they went, howling into the night sky. Clare and Jason agreed the scream made them "feel better" and helped facilitate their intimate conversation. They spent the rest of the night releasing their concerns and hurt from their pasts and opening up about what they want in the future.

Jason's vulnerability paid off: Clare said it was "the most successful first one-on-one ever" (per Entertainment Tonight), and Jason happily accepted a rose. Who knew screaming could be so romantic?