Maddie Ziegler Lives A Seriously Luxurious Life

Known for reality series Dance Moms, Maddie Ziegler had her first brush with superstardom after appearing in eccentric pop star Sia's 2014 viral music video "Chandelier." The vid has racked up more than 2 billion YouTube views to date, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for Ziegler. Since then, she's collaborated with Sia on a slew of hits, amassed notable licensing and merchandising deals, dipped her toes into the acting pool, and launched her first makeup collaboration with beauty giant Morphe.

Phew! It's safe to say Ziegler has gone all-in on the next phase of her career post-Dance Moms. And with all this early success under her belt, the teen already boasts a substantial social media following and an impressive net worth, which Celebrity Net Worth estimates to be around $5 million.

Despite her youth, it's clear that Ziegler is living the seriously luxurious life of a seasoned A-lister. Here's a look into her high-end lifestyle.

Maddie Ziegler's family upgraded their house after Chandelier

Shortly after Maddie Ziegler appeared in "Chandelier," TMZ reported that Ziegler's family had cashed in on her newfound success by "upgrading to a huge, million dollar custom-built home." The extravagant house allegedly included a dance hall in the basement (for Zieger to hone her craft, naturally), as well as a pool and personal shoe closet.

In 2017, the Dance Moms alum gave fans an inside look at her Pittsburgh digs on YouTube, taking them through her spacious room with its massive vanity, en-suite bathroom, and walk-in closet. While discussing her "very organized" vanity with cabinets "full of lots of things," Ziegler picked up a bottle of perfume, telling viewers, "This is my favorite perfume at the moment... It's Si by Giorgio Armani." 

In a follow-up 2020 YouTube video, Ziegler opened up about her life in quarantine, once again referencing the luxurious scent — which, according to Armani's website, retails for a cool $126! If Ziegler's been using it since 2017, it's safe to say a lot of money has been poured into her perfume collection alone.

Maddie Ziegler has expensive taste in makeup and clothing

With expensive taste in perfume, it makes sense that Maddie Ziegler would also gravitate towards luxurious makeup, clothing, and skincare products. Following her newly-launched Morphe makeup collaboration in 2020, Allure released a promo video detailing Ziegler's makeup routine. In it, she stresses that makeup "isn't something to put on every day" but an activity that she "takes so much pride in doing." This became clear after she'd applied a host of pricey products (including a $48 Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin spray and $77 Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation) to her face — proving that gorgeous makeup often comes with a hefty price tag attached!

Ziegler splurges on skincare, too. In 2017, she walked fans through the step-by-step evening skincare regimen that she claimed had cleared up her acne. One of the featured products was a moisturizer by celeb-approved brand La Mer, which sells for over $300. "My mom gave this to me as a present," Ziegler told the camera, explaining that she hadn't purchased the La Mer moisturizer for herself. "It smells luxurious," she added, taking a whiff. "If you're willing to spend your money on a moisturizer, it's amazing."

Of course, Ziegler's investments in beauty and skincare call for a wardrobe worthy of a star — and she definitely looks the part! Over the years, she's worn plenty of high-end designer items, including Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, and Stuart Weitzman (via Teen Vogue).

Maddie Zeigler is no stranger to receiving pricey gifts

Sometimes, it pays to have Sia as your mentor. For Maddie Ziegler's 16th birthday, the pop star pulled out all the stops and gifted her protégé with a white Audi Q3 truck, a luxury vehicle which reportedly starts at $32,900 (per W Magazine). To celebrate the milestone birthday, Sia shared clips of the pair dancing on the hood of the car, followed by a photo with a caption that wished her "most special noonoo" a happy birthday. Ziegler also took to Instagram to document the extravagant gift, writing that she couldn't believe the car was hers.

Though Sia might be the biggest celeb in Ziegler's orbit, Ziegler is no stranger to expensive gifts. Back in her Dance Moms days, she received a pair of pink, custom-made tap boots and a $5,000 shopping spree from Abby Lee Miller on the show's Christmas special. In 2013, her 13th birthday was reportedly one for the books, as TMZ reported that the teen racked in high-end presents including an Apple Watch and diamond stud earrings.

Maddie Ziegler has partnered with luxury labels

In 2018, Maddie Ziegler joined forces with iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. to take part in their "Believe in Dreams" campaign. In a behind-the-scenes video, Ziegler — who got to wear some of the brand's most coveted pieces for the shoot — gushed that "this is a dream world, and I just happen to be living in it." She also rocked a stunning mixture of Tiffany T cuff bracelets and silver rings in a separate video plugging the Tiffany T collection.

In the past few years, the teen has only continued to build on her lucrative collabs, recently throwing her talents behind actress Kate Hudson's activewear brand, Fabletics. As reported by Us Weekly, Ziegler first released a line of Fabletics workout clothing in 2019, which was quickly followed by a second line a year later. Ziegler and Hudson met on the set of Sia's film Music, which is when Hudson asked her to design a collection.

"Kate and Fabletics have already designed amazing things for Fabletics in the past, so I kind of took their pieces and put my own spin on it," Ziegler told Us Weekly. "I love color and I kind of wanted to bring my own personality to the clothes."

It's worth noting that with pieces retailing for over $200, Fabletics doesn't run cheap! Still, we wouldn't have expected less from Ziegler, who's proven that she certainly leads a lavish lifestyle.