Why Chris Harrison Had To Send Zach Johnson Home On The Bachelorette

During the Oct. 27, 2020 episode of Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette, things took a turn for the worse when it came to uncomfortable encounters. The new season already has some fans thinking Clare is an awkward lead, with Bachelor Nation taking to Twitter to vocalize their frustrations after each episode. And now, after a very cringe-worthy interaction with Yosef Aborady that resulted in Clare ghosting the guys and Chris Harrison having to step in, almost everyone can't stop talking about this supposed train wreck of a season.

But wait — that's not all. During the same episode, a contestant got sent home by host Chris Harrison, and a lot of people are worked up about the confusing situation. As for the suitor? Spoiler: Look no further than cleaning service owner Zach Johnson, who was left packing his bags without an explanation from Clare. 

Scratching your head about what went wrong? Keep scrolling for more information about the dramatic moment.

Clare Crawley did not want to discuss the situation further

Chris Harrison sent Zach Johnson home after Clare Crawley felt triggered by a failed kiss attempt. Throughout their one-on-one, the vibe was off, with Clare admitting in her confessional she was "getting this very weird energy from Zach," while speculating it might be a result of her strong feelings for frontrunner, Dale Moss. However, what really sent Zach packing wasn't how she felt about Dale, but instead an uncomfortable moment at the hotel pool.

Clare was reminded of her past after her and Zach's uncomfortable failed kiss. PopSugar stated Clare went in to kiss Zach, but he didn't reciprocate, explaining, "at that point, she pulls back, embarrassed, and she tries to get out of the pool. Zach grabs her neck and tries to hold her back, saying, 'No, why did you stop? I was right there... What happened?' She tries to brush it off and move the date along to the dinner portion, but he keeps pushing for answers about the missed kiss and trying to hold onto her physically.

Ultimately it was this mix-up that caused Clare to refuse to meet with Zach any longer. She tells producers that "this is not something that needs to be discussed." PopSugar pointed out that Clare has been open about being in an abusive relationship in the past; as she said in the episode, she's spent the "last few years on healing [her] traumas." Chris then met with Zach to share the bad news that his Bachelorette journey ended.

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